think depends the comfort level

think depends the comfort level

R2: I think it depends on the comfort level of the kid. Some of my 7th graders are way more independent and mature…

Flashgordonv Rural New Zealand
How is it that the designers of the survey and those who approved it are so far removed from reality as to wonder w…

JamesThomas22 New Zealand
How far do you want to go in life? Are you willing to do what it takes to follow your passions? I am and life is…

RangersPanther1 Sydney
@the_red_heifer I have heard the outrage since he was signed.. It is a shame how far he has fallen

SteveJones_SU Louisville, KY
@TomNovelly @rodger_sherman The link about how far Lamar can throw it, which is like legit 100 yards.

JViSKnivio In my own world
@lavidaabella Come to space yacht!! Idk how far it is from you tho

textiles wanted