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AstroKatie Raleigh, NC 🌎 <- How far away is the Moon? . . . . . keep going... . . . . . . . . not there yet... . . . . . . . bit more... . . . . . o <- Made it! (a.k.a. Dr Katherine J Mack) astrophysicist/cosmologist, occasional freelance science writer, connoisseur of cosmic catastrophes
rossacrosswi Mad, Wisco Here’s how long 35 years ago is: @repvos hadn’t been married the first of 3 times he has been (so far!) & it was 30 years before he got a gag order on this second spouse preventing her from ever discussing their marriage. How come media haven’t asked him why he has a gag order? Research➡️Information➡️Strategy➡️Message➡️Communication➡️Action. Award winning pundit. 2015 #Ironham. Briefly head of @OneWisconsinNow. GenXer. Gemini.
michaeldweiss Los Angeles, CA All these easy-listening bromides about how this isn’t “the real America” and Trump is an outlier... I wonder what country you’re living in now. This has happened already in European social democracies, which were far to the left of us. Can it happen here? It already has. Senior Fellow, Institute for Strategic Dialogue. Co-author of ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror: Encrypt e: macspaunday@protonmail.com
GideonsMob Irwi @Timcast @BevPerth Yeah why does TALCUM X get a pass? Oh it cant be because he is a FAR LEFTY could it be @Jack ? @Twitter ? hmmm how does that work? Lead guitarist for Progressive rock band Gideons Mob! Check us out On Itunes, Amazon, Spotify,Googleplay! Film Composer, Comic Book,Star Wars fan + anglophile!
EaglesElatis MY land @nycus4 @aliwatson117 @TeenVogue 1- it's a DIET COKE ad not a young woman speaking her mind 2- Ali made it clear that she is NOT an elder 3- How F'n DARE you invoke #MMIW against a NATIVE WOMAN & mother like Ali? STFU- you already shoved your SLIME covered foot too far down your own throat Memes for NTVTWT & anyone who's sick of pretendians & other destructive factions out to harm Natives & our lands. Look at what they've already done to our home
DariusGA97 Cannot feel love or guilt. 🍂 @GSDOUBLEU @The2ndWright How far is it from here? Any recommendations there? 8'1"
LungeloM11 East London, South Africa @KunjaloD I get what he is saying but how far has this brother gone with his philosophy. If he has substance, where has it taken him? I'm a speaker, a retailer, a trainer and a radio presenter at KNR...
VoiceOfIslamUK London, England Where did it all start, and how will it all end? All that surrounds us, all that is us. How far back can we take the 'cause and effect' chain? Join us at 9am as we explore some of the theories put forward today and see how they align with what the Quran says. #VOIFaithInFocus News, Views, Discussion and an insight into Islam's perspectives of the World Today. Broadcasting LIVE 24/7 on DAB, online or via the app
CynthiaTrevizo5 Is it far fetched to say he’s the Jim to my Pam? Because I feel like we are living this scene in real life. Crazy how things have been panning out the way they have been! 😭❤️
SamaritansMumb1 Dadar, Mumbai Emotional pain is a heavy burden which hurts far more than a physical wound. Why then, is it ignored as if it doesn't matter? We understand how difficult it is to find acceptance and assurance in your times of difficulties. Helpline:+91 8422984528/ 8422984529/8422984530 between 3 PM and 9 PM(all days)if you cannot cope,are distressed and despairing. Email: talk2samaritans@gmail.com
davegoldman2 So. Cal @realDonaldTrump The far left says its OK for Illegal Mexicans etc to enter our country and take advantage of Our medical system etc. I say How Many is Too Many? 100,000, 1 million how about 100,000,000 illegals in our country. When is it Too Many?
cherio39 Florida @dimnd_cristo @hauntedlunch @Davjones2109 @BernieSanders How are all you leftist just condescending douchebags? Is there an online course you take? You self righteousness asshats all say the same thing. It’s funny because you don’t have a clue. Your assumptions are so far off it isn’t funny. I am not going to conform to your idiotic pc rules. Enjoy the Betsy Ross Flag in my profile. Conservative, NRA member, small business owner, deplorable
hezekiahkantor @dylanmatt It seems, since they call the conquest of the West our original sin, their answer is yes. If the answer is yes, how do they justify condemning far less brutal treatment to todays migrants? Or is defending your soil only wrong if you're European or white? Samizdat Public Servant... TradCatholic. Nationalist. Curmudgeon. Wrote a book on the SJW religion. DM if interested in publishing. Retweets/Likes≠Endorsement
Raphaelpichenot Île-de-France, France THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD BE ! This version is all you need. Belive me, by far the best cover you ll EVER eard ! ♥️ [OFFICIAL AUDIO] Can You Feel the Love Tonight? - Pentatonix via @YouTube I will find my way if I can be strong - I know every mile would be worth my while - When I go the distance, I'll be right where I belong
W0llyams England, United Kingdom How about they spend $70 million on an original TV series? @TobyWhithouse's Gormenghast is still looking for a streaming service to produce, as far as I'm aware. Seems kinda wasteful investing SO MUCH money on a stand-up comedy performance when it could afford hours of content...
rachelsanger Stockholm, Sverige @FiLiA_charity @moongirlmusing Very well done you, then, as far as it goes. Different times, harsher times. But I hope providing space and resources for childcare is still prioritised? You know how humorlessly uncompromising we 80s feminists were :-) (that IS a joke, I hasten to add) Socialist, libertarian, feminist, dancer, home ed mother. Living a privileged life in an unfair world I'd like to change for the better. RT not endorsement.