liked video How Far Away

liked video How Far Away

dandyburns Cider Country
I liked a @YouTube video How Far Away Is It - 2014 Update - Comets & Oort Cloud (1080p)

@lukewaltham @AMAs @BTS_twt How about buying a "vip" seat, is it so expensive ? A kind & generous soul could offer…

@ItsAndrewButch It's ok. But I'm little sad. How is your weekend so far @ItsAndrewButch ?

Wekilledgaming7 Alabama, USA
@modern_combat @iChaseUTube Not saying the fov is bad its ok but it could be better it should change the weapon mod…

Biggest test in life is seeing how far away from the toilet you can go whilst pissing into it

How long did it take to complete Wasteland 2? Was there any prediction on how far ahead Wasteland 3 is? via /r/Wasteland @GreenColoured …

@RichardsActor @jackdgrazer @Official I remember signing this when it didn’t even have 100 yet. I’m so proud of how far this is gone!❤️

The heat from my homeland is far hotter than the one in Japan; it’s a scorching heat. This is nothing compared to how it feels over there.

BillTzamaras Maryland, USA
"It’s not what happens to you that determines how far you will go in life; it is how you handle what happens to you." ~~Zig Ziglar

dunbdav Kanata
@ImmaculateEnahs @Iranian_from_NA @free_mind19 @themadsloth You have given the world nothing. Your ignorance is unb…

Patricia Piccinini