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CREWcrew Washington, D.C. “it is becoming increasingly certain that the American people will—sooner or later—have a far fuller understanding of how Donald Trump conducted business. That is unlikely to go well for him.” CREW uses high-impact legal actions to target government officials who sacrifice the common good to special interests.

DetroitBORG It is amazing how far Apple has advanced ahead of chip makers, should use that skill on the Macs. Technology Assimilator

BBCSportsound Scotland On Thursday, Sportsound On The Road comes live from Dundee. Ahead of our visit, Jim Spence hit one of the most famous football roads in Scotland to see just how far it is from Dens to Tannadice  📻 Sportsound On The Road on Thursday at 6:30pm on BBC Radio Scotland. Sportsound on BBC Radio Scotland for all the football action and news from across the SPFL. Weeknights from 6:30pm and weekends on 92-95FM/810MW/digital.

BRayAnnMeier Peo, IL , USA. 1. Im pretty sure #SpiderManPS4 is one of the BEST video game adaptations I’ve EVER seen in my life. My favorite thing about it so far is how Miles reacts to the surrounding people at FEAST and how an atmosphere of panicked compassion is so thick I can taste it. Good fucking job #Markiplite #amyplier | I play the ukulele, keep a day planner(only use the month thing tho), super gigantic crush on good people and self aware assholes.

kunaicisive So please have tea andand don't dread the future. I believe that if we focus simply on doing the best we can do with what we're given, many things that seemed overwhelming in fact die down with the pressure of steady and properly researched effort. It is how we have come so far+ I like sound observations and photos of nature. 💜💚💜 Love yourself! I saw BTS at AMAs, I SSRB and love reflections and theories. #BTSMakesHistory 1stBBHot200

Jamesmiltonray Florida, USA @prageru Critics get blocked. I'm a critic of media critics, and BOTH @newsbusters & @AccuracyInMedia have me blocked on Disqus, as is their right. (They're snowflakes, much like the Google snowflakes ironically!) I'm not sure how to solve this problem. So far, they're both ignoring it... On Twitter I relentlessly troll the "news" media & celebrities & politicians. On Facebook, I'm slightly nicer. Only slightly. I like Bitcoin bc of who hates it.

YIhere Hsinchu County, Taiwan @catoletters I give Krugman credit for opposing the Iraq war, that took some guts. But he's been a one note melody on all things economic far too long. It is amazing how much economists can be consistently wrong and still bank a huge salary. Sarcasticus Nastius: A fictional carbon-based Earth-dwelling humanoid shitposter of the Cenozoic era. Just block me now and get it over with.

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