Youre welcome know how hard

Youre welcome know how hard

jayci310 Fredericktown, MO
@WhitworthMattie You're welcome! I know how hard it is to find a shade that matches. It's the best one I've used so far though

havanajaguar Brasil
Nobody sees, nobody knows We are a secret can't be exposed That's how it is, that's how it goes Far from the others, close to each other

yayagibbs Blue City in a Blue State
@riyasharma266 when black people are being shot by police for no reason it shows how far down the wrong path this country is going.

Everyone tells you how amazing your first year in university is but no one tells you how much it sucks to live so far from your best friends

Inky_Ash Virginia, USA
Someone is playing How Far I'll Go from Moana loud enough for me to clearly hear from my balcony. I am 90% certain it's the gas station.

88ejr88 Everywhere, USA
@scgrmom @ChrishewesHewes @guskuehne @Dstrang63 @DaleJr That's YOUR opinion! But 72% of Americans agree with me and…

coopmavs Dallas
It will be a MAJOR upset if they don't. Only question is how far they can go. Given emphasis on better defense, we…

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