Your maths are for

Your maths are for

_JoBlogz Liverpool City
@BidBadJohnny @captscorch @Oberhiem_Matrix @FredsBile @Delboy10BC @ThinkyTexan @UnCastellsMes Your maths are for ba…

shakaZOLO San Francisco
@DonaldJTrumpJr What’s most sad is that you think this is either funny or witty. Far from either, it just shows how…

JSurge967 New World
@_KingRaven @chrisbrown How is it so far?

BBCLancsSport Lancashire
"I see it like it is three points for us." Uwe Roslers feels tonight's result show how far @ftfc have come.…

BidBadJohnny Wellington, NZ
@_JoBlogz @captscorch @Oberhiem_Matrix @FredsBile @Delboy10BC @ThinkyTexan @UnCastellsMes Sure take your time. But…

CapriSuntana Your mum's yard
The illusion of what is is far too based on perception. Like for example how flat earthers see the Earth, to them it is undeniably flat

_JoBlogz Liverpool City
@BidBadJohnny @captscorch @Oberhiem_Matrix @FredsBile @Delboy10BC @ThinkyTexan @UnCastellsMes The ground is flat bu…

hudiraskin Manhattan, NY
@dexguff It's not so much about my EA experience per se it's more about my passion for everything @dexguff and how…

CEvansUKBabe Wolverhampton, England
@fvckingcevans @CEvansNews @ChrisEvans It really is how far we travel but sometimes never travel to cities or towns nearby.

lia_h_faith Georgia, USA
Allie: how far is Dick a tur Georgia? Me: what? Spell it. Allie: Decatur Me: oh Dee Kay tur

Dani3Rojo Colima
There's A Disney Fan Theory About Maui And Lilo's Parents And My Brain Is Rattling No one know how far it goes. …

We are Celtic. Best team by far in Bonnie Scotland. Hail Hail.This is how it feels to be Celtic.

HartCarrie Oz
@jbouie It is edifying to look at the brutality of the ancient world (till 1950, say) and realize how far we've com…