Will program get resumed any

Will program get resumed any sooner How far is in meeting IMF conditionalities What are the pending reformsWhy is it important to remain in IMF program Tried to cover these questions in my Oped today for

Abidsuleri #Pakistan Will #IMF program get resumed any sooner? How far is #Pakistan in meeting IMF conditionalities? What are the pending #anticorruption reforms? Why is it important to remain in IMF program? Tried to cover these questions in my Oped today for @thenews_intl Heads indpndnt #policy #thinktank SDPI. Former member #Economic Advisory Council (2013-2022). #Pakistan First.
RwandaInUK London, UK On elections, "@BBC is at it again, distorting our President's words. But why should this be BBCs or anyones preoccupation? Rwandans know how far we have come & where we are headed with @PaulKagame, & we know how to count. It's a Rwandan preserve, leave it with us"-@BusingyeJohns High Commission for the Republic of Rwanda to the UK, Malta and Embassy of Rwanda to Ireland. Follow our High Commissioner @BusingyeJohns
RepCasten After Uvalde, I read the names of the 665 children 11-years-old & younger killed by guns so far this year, unable to even make it through the first page. Today that number is 846. How many lives will it take before 50 US Senators have the courage to act? Proudly serving IL-06. Dad, husband, former clean energy entrepreneur. Climate nerd, gun safety & consumer advocate @ClimateCrisis @HouseScience FSCdems. He/him
philocthulhu @ThatGuyM88 @wired_dave @Raymond98114769 @PearSpheroid @JMichaelsonUT @DreadPirateDavy @polarisiskey @IEAffiliate @ken_caudle @surfpurzel @Xaquery1 @DaveEva13563384 @Freddie123110 @GloberZune @waydoomed @sly_sparkane @hombreingles @AndyAech @carlos_castillo @umfpt @ScamNayshYall @Bustersword40 @Gleno9999 @Grizzified2 @dripsince @Shrike_190 @motnevobrev @thesejustwords @LogicalReterg @NtHenning @PrismPrime @Brian314159265 @cmsj @AFC_JayT @TheNorthern0ne @GeddySanders @globe_4_life @fsqs_ @GoseboBig454 @jrcgarry @kmtildsley @Shared_facts @FlatMack @AustralisPiper @JohnnyD_cm @Alvaro_Marqu3s @earthisaglobe @Yura60095572 @ylcmeap32 @JoeEason1 Well how far away is it? And what is it made of if not gasses?
joecountry99 Houston, TX @DavidL01079131 @shoheisaveus How much clearer can I make it?? He’s good. Real good. Alvarez, so far, is better. That work? 🤘Born and raised in the great state of Texas. Astro’s, Texas Longhorns, Miller Lite, brisket, gumbo etc etc
Quackmiller they/she @E8Emma @CJLittlemore how is it monstrous to say “i don’t care if someone else has sexual function or not, it is their life to choose how they want their body to work”? you so far are relying on no argument. you don’t have a reason why you hate trans people besides your own personal prejudices. non-binary fiend and human rights activist, i enjoy arguing on twitter very much
Ostralopithycus Sydney NSW @Euchre_AFGC @Particle_Zen @FLEXPSG @yourfavjewgirl @picklesepic1 @WhackNicholson So if there were only TWO gun deaths in the US so far this year.. (ok... take per capita into account and say maybe FIVE gun deaths as equivalent)... you're saying that WOULDN'T be BETTER than what it is now? How is that 'nor working'. self-published Australian author looking for a sympathetic audience. First novel series available online, new series coming soon.
davariari @ambrosia_omG Jesus Christ!. What is she talking about? Because monkey pox is a curable disease. The mortality rate is really low(1 in3000 so far). What she mean? Why would he deserve to die for being sick?. It isn't a death sentence. Yes he acted selfishly but how she reach deh so? just a mom of two fighting the good fight of faith
TiggerTwo4 @ElijahJames2345 @betteroffhome23 How is it far from reasonable? Most abortions are done in that period anyway. I pick things up and put them down. Bird Law Expert. Am Israel Chai 🇮🇱 Go Birds 🦅 #FlyEaglesFly #JewCrew
FFChristopherRy Leaving Earth Soon @maggieNYT Yass queen. Go off. 🤦🏽‍♂️ This is why I unsubscribed from your work. It’s astounding how some of y’all made it this far into your career without realizing that your job is to report the news (not opinion). Are we that shallow as a society? if you’re poor, you’re dead. Human Rights advocate. Former republican, turned Democrat. Street Medic. he/ him #Transally #seditionhunter

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