White House pushes back on

White House pushes back on claims Biden wants to steer Americans off meatJust say that its false Do you not see how you are part of the problem This is how the far right launders misinformation through mainstream outlets Jesus F-ing Christ

ParkerMolloy Chicago, IL "White House pushes back on claims Biden wants to steer Americans off meat..." Just say that it's false. Do you not see how you are part of the problem, @JenniferJJacobs? This is how the far right launders misinformation through mainstream outlets. Jesus F-ing Christ. Wife of @KaylaPekkala, editor-at-large at @mmfa. Opinions my own, tweets self-destruct.
HenshawKate worldwide When will we address the rampant corruption in the Electricity Sector?? Is it a bottomless pit with trillions put into it and countless committees? How has it not sunk in that a Nation without regular power supply is lagging far behind its peers? I believe in the father, son and holy spirit. Sapiosexual. Intrepid
rogbennett New York City Arsenal legend Ian Wright on the Super League: "Is this how far we have fallen where we are getting into competitions... we are not good enough to get into, so to the detriment of the English game, we are getting a seat at a table we have no right to be at? It's shameful" 🙌 NBC Gent, co-host of Men In Blazers, proud purveyor of Sub-Optimal Radio. (Tweets sent may be used, shown on Men In Blazers worldwide) & #SuccessionHBO Podcast
QiMgBmS8jjxyUle 280. Don't you think it is rather cold for October? 281. How far is it from here to your school? 282. It's all over with us now. 佐々木高政著 和文英訳の修業 暗唱500文をランダムbotします。1日1題本文の例題を取り扱います。⭐︎Youtubeにて英文読解特集を組んでおります⇨
TamirTiko2110 China Happy Tuesday Everyone 1/3 of 2021 is almost over How would you describe it so far?? #trading #StockMarket Full-time Dad , Husband Swing / Day Trading based on #Fibonacci My tweets are Not Advise $SPX $SPY $QQQ $IWM #SP500
ZeeFooty @HarrisonMorny @KhalyMYK @rossleexo @IucaCFC Who cares? Why are you so defensive about him? Literally everyone knows Messi is far ahead of Mount it's literally just a fun and interesting stat that was shared with no additional comment/opinion provided about how good either of those players are. The stat is interesting waddup
picchialabisso L'abisso Estate I'm no expert on this stuff but I think this video is worth a view-- now question is... is this going to last? It doesn't have a lot of views for how big of changes they appear to have made happen so far What do you guys think? Abyssal Noble-born Slug Girl Live2D: @Kobi_tr Rig: @Cha0sVermillion #vtuber #smoltuber #PicchiArt #PicchiArtnsfw ☕
NielsANielsen All Swedish regions are at the top of the list wrt Covid-19 cases in Europe. Regions just across the borders to Finland, Norway, Denmark are far down the list. How is that possible if the national strategies don't make a difference? It's not. The Swedish authorities are to blame.
CatMcGeeCode Originally 🇮🇪 Currently 🇩🇪 @dhh I just don’t get how far this goes. Remember when Hey wasn’t allowed on the Apple store? That’s political. Could you guys at Basecamp talk about things like that, what that means for capitalism? Or is it just social ‘woke’ issues? That’s a very hard line to draw Javascript nerd 🤓 Digital nomad ✈️ I love music, travel, and crypto💰 Previously @aaveaave 👻 Tweeting developer career tips and building in public 🚀 she/her
Prison_Health Honolulu, Hawaii Drug Decriminalization in Oregon: How’s It Going So Far? ...She is no stranger to jail. She estimates she was arrested no fewer than 15 times, starting at the age of 18 and continuing throughout her 20s MT @MorganGodvin @Filtermag_org #DrugWar #cjreform Jail, Prison, Criminology, et al. HT = Heard Through. (Me: I'm tired, mostly) As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases
johnmcghee90 Belfast, Northern Ireland @JustinRose99 @Zurich_Classic @MorganStanley @LamkinGrips @Bonobos @Zurich @Mastercard @Axis1Golf DC: “and the princess lived happily ever after” JR: “That’s great David but how far is it to the pin?” Sport fanatic. Thinks of himself as a golfer. Work in Hospitality.
_richardblack Berlin @SimonLLewis @JamesGDyke The challenge to @JamesGDyke & others who contest validity of #netzero is: what is your theory of change? Hand-waving “we need to go faster” doesn’t count - it must answer the “how?” question. It’s always far easier to decry what’s there than come up with a realistic alternative Climate, energy, science, politics, cricket. Sen Assoc @eciu_uk, Hon Fellow @ImperialCollege, ex Env Corr @bbcnews. Share b'day w @GretaThunberg, all own views
theBlack_Ingwe South Africa I love how Ethiopia is silently kicking Covid's ass. Economy completely open, population as of 2019 112 million. Total cases this far around 250k and only 3570 deaths. What is it they are doing? So much anger yhuuu please direct elsewhere
alanalovestae she/her • 15 — bu: @K0YABEAR7 ༄ - ̗̀お前が俺の多幸感の原因だ ♡ ́-̖ • dm always open • call me lana • ily♡ ❀ nadu • zanie • seoni • nini • ali • van ❀ good afternoon besties, how is it going so far? 🥰 #김태형: physically attracted to kim-taehyung ♡// - ̗̀LOML♡: @taellndy • @K0YACOR3 • @seoyeonkookie • @taekooknina • @koovantelvr • @glowiekoo
PragneshPandy16 Mumbai @bbkmotolove @furioushivam @Randomthiswayy @RahulGandhi Hahahaha what a logic?Bro. Aren't u feeding ur family too? I don't know which country u belong. As far as India is concerned the cow meat is banned so how it can be popular? Pragnesh Pandya
LeMaitreDesMots Saint-Martin-de-Londres You're clear about everything ? Be careful, the wind is turning; and i don't believe into "What goes around must Come down". Run your shit clean, this is how you see it right? Manage things to be my way, her way, anyway by any mean necessary to get... You're gone too far with it. Le monde est monde car depuis que l'homme est homme il est loup pour lui-même et le profit de l'un permet à l'autre d'en profiter un temps de plus. 🇫🇷🇭🇹 War
EducatingTrump2 @2RoadsLife @btwatkins @kayleighmcenany How many falsehoods can you get in one tweet? This lad is giving it a good go. 99.97% survival rate yet it has killed far more than that. Explain. How has it spread if not airborne? Did all of India have a mass orgy recently? Lockdowns reduced cases in every country. Patriot. Providing free education for those who clearly never received any. I will gladly delete any posts that are shown to be false or inaccurate.

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