Where is now Check this

Where is now Check this website with running numbers on how far it is from Earth how far from the L2 target point and more

BadAstronomer Boulder Where is @NASAWebb now? Check this website with running numbers on how far it is from Earth, how far from the L2 target point, and more. SCIENCE! I love this stuff. My Bad Astronomy blog: I use likes for bookmarks; no endorsement implied. He/him.
RealSkipBayless Los Angeles For those still in awe of Odell, I have a question: How is it COOPER KUPP is still by far the Rams' best receiver ... and that even without Robert Woods, Odell will wind up being the Rams' 4th option (behind Kupp, Jefferson, Higbee)??? Hmmm, maybe it wasn't all Baker's fault. Daily sports truth, hottest sports debate on TV, 9:30AM - 12:00 EST. Fox Sports 1, Maybe not what you want to hear, but need to hear.
tomhfh London I am genuinely angry at how incompetent this strategy appears to be. Either enact temporary restrictions before Christmas or don’t act. The current govt mindset is both going to kill more people /and/ restrict our liberties more afterwards. How on earth has it got this far? Political Correspondent & Presenter | Journalist, commentator, I do real news |Watch π“π‘πž 𝐁𝐫𝐒𝐞𝐟𝐒𝐧𝐠 𝐰𝐒𝐭𝐑 𝐓𝐨𝐦 π‡πšπ«π°π¨π¨π 0900 Mon-Fri @GBNews
stroppypanda @DavidLetts63 @lionelbarber It’s utterly depressing. I agree it’s devastating the lack of coverage too. The other issue is that ultimately the far right libertarians seem to welcome the chaos that this brings .Our problem is that they have no idea how we can mitigate any of it?No solutions.We need these now Pro EU pro human rights & peace LLM in EU & international law , loves NHS , experts not populists ,fairer sustainable society #NotEmbracingBrexit
SPQRBatman You ever just stop and question how far it is we've REALLY come? Our species seeks out new ways to be dumb as hell like it's its job 🀨 The Humanoid Typhoon | Got a Vonnegut punch for your Atlas Shrug | @ExombiesCodm: EXΓ˜Γ—maturin19
findtruthinside @Kiwi_in_DE @BarrennessBlack @AngryFleas @Kellyring @jimaw63 @lee_whiten @pelleggi @NatForTrump2024 @David4677484957 @srasberry1 @VinceGottalotta @Mer2SkiTeam @JonRFleming @A_quiet_rose @RobertVonB1 @EricR42 @jbizzy6969 @FrankGillilan13 @KD2NFC @MarkBatin @therealBFizzzle @Steve32540993 @marie745640 @CS8numbers @Annie20554592 @Charles15704403 @hrt6017 @ThereseOSulliv2 @trevors241 @theProgEqualist @Sumbua8 @LanyJennifer @Albatross101422 @justasimplema20 @sammk1964 @MikeTheAverage1 @Rwhite506 @Anti_MagatCult @al_ravenna @TruthisnotT @IKnowNo45915048 @Animalsdonthate @Shopdogg2 @TinyDancer1477 @young_bruce @waywardmegan15 @gmartinharp @lostandlovinit @CNN @MSNBC Your friend said how β€œserious” it is c19 is now 3rd leading cause of death. IMO medical error is due to negligence & far more serious. Where’s the uproar? To add, those physicians are pushing the vax. It’s not a stretch they could be in error. They do get paid for giving the vax just me
r_barath India @vijayarumugam @RaoDpk @softsignalout I have heard of heart related sideffects in M RNA vaccines. How far is it true ? In AZ / Covishield too, the blood clotting problem. You hear one off cases and then it creates doubts. Moderate nationalist. Views are of self only. Not affiliated to any political party. Interests national security, economy, sports, health, movies, songs,travel
GonzoRae On your screen @DainFitzgerald @Mike_Bonsall @Heghoulian @HeyPeterClarke Lavish space in Scotland? Depends how far North you go. Rich, public-excluding foreign settlers (lot of English) and the Highland Clearances have meant that there is a lot of space up there, it's just not accessible in some ways to the general public. Scottish writer and reader.
JeSuisKyle London, England @tonymartin82211 @NiceGuyAndy2 @sigmundsteph @Urban_Pictures How do you want the vermin killed then? Shot or poisoned? The fact it was made an event is what you object to. Hunting with dogs is a far quicker kill in most cases. Our forefathers would be ashamed. Favourite food: A pint
dadofthree12 some place else mostly from the other side. @stushurlock @KatyJayne101 so far we have a recorded testing of 390,226,137 tests, with out all the other test that haven't been recorded, how much do you think they cost, if it is Β£10 per test what does that come to. ?????? with out other tracing and admin/ staff costs. Happily Retired, This is to stir up those who trawl through you profile as they can't answer your argument. #FBPE people Just Blocked, stupidity helps nobody
BlockchainIndu4 @wealthytalkz @RainmakerGaming What is the real target of "Rainmaker Games' ? is it intended only for publications or could it also be implemented in contracts between people? How far do you want to take "Rainmaker Games' ?

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