Whenever we see a traditionally

Whenever we see a traditionally male-dominated franchise flip to female leads someone somewhere says What if we made movie starring women with men huh How would you like that The answer is as far as any example I can think of It wouldnt make sense

Jenny_Trout Michigan Whenever we see a traditionally male-dominated franchise flip to female leads, someone, somewhere says, "What if we made [movie starring women] with men, huh? How would you like that?!" The answer is, as far as any example I can think of, "It wouldn't make sense." Writes filthy books as Abigail Barnette. Blogs about nonsense. Time Lady. Troutstanding. Use whatever pronouns for me, I'm easy.
RepAdamSchiff Burbank, CA According to Trump: 30 minutes before attack was launched, he asked about casualties. 150 deaths. Not proportionate. Not authorized by Congress. Deeply escalatory. How is it possible this could have advanced so far WITHOUT Trump knowing the likelihood of so many casualties? Representing California's 28th Congressional District. Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee (@HouseIntel).
kurteichenwald So far: @seanhannity was secretly represented by @MichaelCohen212 and hid it. We still don't know why. Hannity was going on stage with @potus for rally. He was in contact with Manafort after charges, constant contact with Trump. How the hell is this man still on the air @Foxnews? New York Times bestselling author.
Annette_theBoss @StandardKenya How is it that the PRESIDENT OF KENYA talks about kenya “hypothetically!? With phrases like I “I hope” and “I pray” and if only”. Is he not in charge of making these things happen? What results does he have so far in achieving this goals? This is a very hypocritical president😒😔 Sisi ni wale WADYANGARA #WOKE.
AlanDGaskell Smiths Lake, New South Wales This racing at Menangle today is plain brutal ! How far Lochinvar Art ?? Doesn’t it bring the old “SprintLane” discussion back to the fore ?? Feel for ya David Moran. Harness Racing Enthusiast. Newsreader. Roosters tragic. Political animal. Labrador lover. views my own
guerrerotanya Silang, Philippines @kathglasgow How is this season so far? Haven't started it yet. Kidlit Author. Book Nerd. Filipino-Spanish. HOW TO MAKE FRIENDS WITH THE SEA, FSG BYR, March 31, 2020. Repp'd by @WendySchmalz #roaring20sdebut #class2k20books
puppyprincekoo 🐰🐥 that is it for today! 💗 please tell me how the story is so far & if the plot is making sense? 🥺 i kinda feel unsure 👉🏻👈🏻 & if yall noticed, I wasn’t adding visuals to my updates before, but now do you guys like the updates with visuals too?? #JUNGKOOK: Let’s go baby 🥰 backup: @aquamarinekoo
DailyDosage3 Virginia @RaylaRimpson How is it so far? Never seen it born in the 80s, East Coast, Navy vet. Looking to make friends.
MxTolvo Like I dunno whenever I see people associated with this organization they tend to be very far right, posting just monstrous stuff. And in this it lists exmaples of pretty extreme racist views and defending lobster man and stuff. How is that only right leaning and factual? 26 / Lesbian Trans Woman / OCD / Disabled / She/Her / Leftist / My 18+ account is #girlslikeus
TomasSaunders4 Colchester, England @nymphaela How far is the distance currently? I’ve been with my girlfriend for the best part of a year and a half but she’s going to move to uni in September which will make it harder
EvaMerica1776 USA Tim Pool is far right? Fuck. It's amazing how stupid you are. If you are not a Liberal at 25, you have no heart. If you are not a Conservative at 35, you have no brain. 🇺🇸 #Massholeforlife ⚓ #NHLBruins 🏒 🇬🇷🏺
namasterthere @realsandpiper @AnnaBeginzzz Best guess we have so far is a modified co2 cartridge. But then how and why did somebody shoot it into the house?!? Artist/Gardener don't mistake my kindness 4 weakness, think 4 yourself "speak your truth even if ur voice shakes" Those who bash any Dem candidates blocked
DarkKnightNat25 @Matt_FOS @CapedJoel How did it not change the Bruce that we saw? This one seems to me, far more scarred and damaged than the traditional Bruce we know. Idk, I don't need everything to have huge story potential if it's character driven information. This Bruce, to me, is quite different from prime. Hey Guys! I'm a new content creator on YouTube developing comic book, movie, and pop culture content! Check the channel out below!
nyeomjoonie_ shh ****** okay how is it so far? any recommendations? comments? violent reactions? don't be afraid to talk pls hello, i am now nyeomjoonie_ (06/19/19) (matching icons with @nyamjinnie_ 💖)
picturesofgrrls ya like we get it but its just so amazing thinking about how far their cgi has come since the first toy story like the work these animators put into this is amazing please we realize disney is a billion dollar company with so much access but still like. yall see toy story 1 tho? acab
How far is it?
LoonaWore BBC’s Closet | Since 5/11/18 I now wonder, how far in advance LOONA’s stylist is told for a comeback? 😕 If they have a long time to start thinking, then I hope they do more than just matching outfits. Is that why it’s often plain? 😓 This took me 2 days (with long breaks) to do. Do they have less time? 🤔 🌕Turn ON Notifications! • OT12 • DM Requests! • In contact with fansites. • Use #OrbitWore if you bought something • Proper Credit = Ask If Not On Twitter
lakelasvegas775 @MadDom19891 @BernieSanders I didn’t say any of that. Where are you reading? Is ‘hysteria’ some kind of talking point keyword? I don’t see a problem with asking how legalizing all drugs will work out. So far you haven’t convinced me there wouldn’t be any problems at all with it. Currently retired & traveling. Like to stay in touch on social media such as facebook. Have written articles about traveling and using an RV to see scenic areas
voidstamp Vancouver, WA @TelescopingBolt @JLLVB @Tlong112068 @jcbagley @MrAndyNgo @IngrahamAngle Why aren't you answering the question? You've already said it's ok to shoot someone before they assault you, so how far before is ok? I'm asking what YOU think is ok, not what's legal. one man's trash is also another man's trash. it's all mostly trash. he/him