When will we address the

When will we address the rampant corruption in the Electricity SectorIs it a bottomless pit with trillions put into it and countless committeesHow has it not sunk in that a Nation without regular power supply is lagging far behind its peers

HenshawKate worldwide When will we address the rampant corruption in the Electricity Sector?? Is it a bottomless pit with trillions put into it and countless committees? How has it not sunk in that a Nation without regular power supply is lagging far behind its peers? I believe in the father, son and holy spirit. Sapiosexual. Intrepid
Krobatz Illinois, USA @Vinny How you likin it so far? I just binged it myself and the story is just amaze balls!! Proud Father of 2 amazing daughters ‖ Poketuber ‖ Nintendo Enthusiast ‖ Streamer ‖
zephyrposi tweets once per hour! Helping each other is how we’ve made it this far as a society. Never feel guilty about needing to ask for help, you’re not a bother, you know that? ☁️ I swear I'm not a nerd // acc run by @nightshift_666 abt their OC from their comic ADVENTURE // he/him // some tweets are manual!
albrecht1968 Gulf City, TX @yourboyPat47 How many American people of color have castrated themselves to be pretty? As far as I know, one. Half black, half Thai, got the surgery in Thailand where it is common in the 70's. Love is the Law, Love under Will
CS_NorthNorfolk North Norfolk, UK Two games to go to decide the #Championship title between #Norwich & #Watford. But who will triumph? This is how #NCFC & #WFC's season so far compares with the previous winners since the #Championship came into being in 2004 - the year after Nigel W won it as Div 1 for City. #EFL Writer & contributor - Hello, glad you popped by - how are you?
FSekeleni Johannesburg. South Africa Learn to pray for yourself coz you don't really know the heart of men When God said it is better to trust a rock than a person you guys weren't listening?? Aniva inxaki yenu, keep on making your spiritual journey another person's responsibility, let's see how far that gets you. Blogger Television content producer Presenter historyza
jkbitcoiner London @shahin_n34 @iTweet14670008 @TreeburnerC @RyanSAdams I'm sorry man but he is right. You're looking far too narrow. Genuine q: how did you get into crypto? Was it through thinking the tech was cool? Or investing? Bitcoiners are here for none of that. We're here because Bitcoin has taught us the evil of central banking building the thiccest stacc of #bitcoin the northern hemisphere has ever seen
chlovol6 Syd; Aus @Lozzahh how far into it are they? is it still new enough you can just look like a concerned experienced pal without coming off as a bitch/jealous/whatever else | choose your words ‘cause there’s no antidote🌹| Burnt too bright, now the fire’s gone | All chaotic & twirly; & not in a good way |
databasescaling London, UK @TheRealRevK @PCBTrain How did you apply it with the stencil? It looks like somehow you've ended up with far too much paste. The good news is that you can wipe it off and do it again (with the same paste). Are the apertures in the stencil the same size as the pads or a bit smaller? Data | Strategy | Delivery ⇾ Technologist & Engineer. Data-intensive systems. Founder @RegDyn. Inhabits the void between hardware, software and users.
Tutini2 Doesn't matter who you are, what your reputation is, how many followers you have, if you fuck up & plough on because you haven't stopped to think, just fucking own it. None of us are above learning & re-learning-Far too much deifying & 'who me?' g'wan. Yes you/me. #ResistingHate Loves life, hates injustice. Perfectly flawed. Networking, sharing info & learning. Many interests. Values honesty, will block dishonest. RT doesn't = agreement
avindulla Hyderabad, India @AKevinChristop1 @jacobed25 @Siddharth_uk @lolvenger So, Tenet is worse than GvK right Just because tenet has earned less? If you wanna talk numbers then With a budget of 55 million it's making good number by far. It has already earned about 58 million by now and on par with how much GvK has earned during its inception. Human. Unemployed. DC fan since 2001. Cricket fanatic. Barcelona FC. Chelsea FC.
lesego_tsele i need to listen to josiah , how is it so far guys?
AnnafLH_ louis harry niall I used to spend the nights looking at the stars wondering how to get there, or is it just too far? I vote #Louies for #BestFanArmy at the #iHeartAwards All the lights couldn't put out the dark - she/her ◟̽◞̽
ape_thor @TeddyCleps I think you already had covid few months back? if so hopefully your plasma will save you further, only thing is we don't know how far it's immune in terms of days/months/year #bitcoin Crypto Investor, Trader #BTC, living life with $LINK army.. meme lover
274817069h @blinkwinkorg How’s @WINkorg777 going? Need it to pump! How far away is a Coinbase listing? .
hudoudou88 Hong Kong $GVT it started! How far is it from the highest in history +20X The madness of 2017 will repeat itself in 2021?@genesis_vision @HuobiGlobal Greater exchange is coming soon! Digital Currency Research Expert!#TRX#doge#Sol#gvt#zen#uni#Omi
ShiolayTan Zamboanga But how it is possible if I want to meet is in jolo and others are in far places? I can change the plan; if it's not working. but I would never change my goal.
AntiWoke75 Bristol, England @GroupMerton @ClimateMerton @MartinWhelton @Merton_Council @CyclingMerton @mccarthyluke @Streets4peepsS @JeniferGouldCH @DanHolden85 @HaydonsNorth @njoreillydebre2 @LMaufe How is that in any way safer? Cycling in general is far less safe than travelling by car, and that particular stretch of road has HGVs trundling along it
Drakimish Mumbai, India This is what victory must feel like it. How far away is India? Doctor. Patient.
LMcAtackney Århus Denmark (via NI/Ireland) @pmaceinri Yes it’s so important when researching experience that are so personal and intimate. How have you found this challenging with the far right? I find it difficult engaging with them at all as it infuriates me but trying to understand why people get drawn into it is interesting. Assoc Prof Archaeology & Heritage | Aarhus Uni | Studies institutions, colonialism, gender | she / her | Affiliated w/@ArchaeoBalt | Tweets own etc
Vhasetha_MRT Pretoria, South Africa How is it like living with strangers, people you met in cities or towns far from home because you share a flat or a house? Member of the PLK Society of Advocates l Father of Two l Someone's Son l Someone's Boyfriend and Sibling 😊
DarthElvira Partout Et Nulle Part @mellydarkeyes @Housemarque It does look stunning. How is it so far ? 🖤🐻 “People with no morals often considered themselves more free, but mostly they lacked the ability to feel or love.” ― Charles Bukowski, Women
DLSMUN Dr. Dayrit: “How do your organizational do it? My only answers is, we’re still not doing it…We have to create a system that is wide, its devolve, there are mechanisms that there is a good functional integration. unless we do that, I don’t think we’ll go very far.” This is the official Twitter account of the 7th De La Salle - Model United Nations (DLS-MUN).
JR66112852 In Your Dreams💭💭 @mikeyonman Good morning Mick! Thank you kindly! ☺ Hope the sun is shining brightly, over there in heavenly Gloucestershire! Can't wait to see photos of your pond. How far along are you with it? Justice!💓Honesty!💓Long Live UK without EU!💓Good Manners Matter!💓Generous with Praise💓Laughter + Music = the Best Medicine!🤣All Lives Matter!
KingDble_B Johannesburg, South Africa @M_Jay94 Hi how far true is it that Western Cape is regulating what invertors you use on Residential systems? Energy storage craze, politics spectator,
goatisdaddy Sit on me? Can I use your discharge for lemonade? Can I see it? Can I taste it? Can I feel it? Can you text me? Can I smell it? Do you squirt? If so how far? Or do you cream? You got cheese? Is it warm? Does it jiggle? If you need a portable toilet, my mouth is at your service. back up acc, follow my main @mysticthegoat
adie_shad @LUFC Out of interest how are we demanding the change, other than the boycott? Is the Premier League / EFL actually talking to Twitter (and others) about this? Why not just boycott until the goal is achieved? I think it's a good step, but does it go far enough? Yorkshireman living in Liverpool (send help). Dig good music, 60s garage rock & fuzz. Leeds United STH (Jack Charlton Stand - E L31).
JoannaF331FBPE Oxford @DoughtyLouise @hannahbeckerman Haha, did I say that? How to make your author feel really excited and optimistic just before their first novel comes out, eh? I never doubted you'd make it though, and a slow burn is far preferable if you want career longevity. Former publisher and Literary Agent to the stars, now writing and consulting in Oxford

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