What is the mentality of

What is the mentality of big dressing rooms when titles are so far out of reach How can they stay focused on their goals Spoke to for some insight and compared it to Citys approach I think mentality is the least of the issues

SamLee Manchester, England What is the mentality of big dressing rooms when titles are so far out of reach? How can they stay focused on their goals? Spoke to ⁦@SamKotadia⁩ for some insight and compared it to City’s approach. I think mentality is the least of the issues Manchester City correspondent for @TheAthleticUK.
ShoaibDaniyal India What an insane threat to a state that gives far more to Delhi than it gets. Also, how insane is it that states are refusing to follow Union laws and Union is thinking of withholding food as punishment? We live in exciting times :) Tweets about history, politics and language. Writes for
6abcadamjoseph Philadelphia, PA Fuming How far do you push your tank before it's empty? There is both a thrill and nerves to the last moment of pulling into a gas station. Good news is, I'll make it for the late news without calling for help. All gassed up Meteorologist, partner, and father. Lover of cooking, running, triathlons, and landscaping. Take me seriously on the tube, but not in person. Living the dream
Craevibes2 I actually don't like what you people are doing to @__Mbah it is not nice sha!!! How far mbah shey that hair growth cream I give you dey work? Came to play here
e_eleam Lagos, Nigeria @madebycharles @ivy_okoye Everytime they come here, they always portray Africa as ugly and poverty filled, look at that post, how is her giving back? By flying all the way down and start dishing out toilet papers? There are people from where he comes from that need it far more, you want to do a charity Software Engineer, Python, Machine Learning and Deep Learning Engineer
SenseDispensary South Down Under @abcnews How far is it to Sydney? Devout atheist. Deplores tokenism. Disgusted by cheap, populist politics. Respect for those who speak to truth, not trends. You know who you are. Gen B. 😉
rdlln Outside The Overton Window How? How does school choice hurt public schools? Our public school classrooms have far too many children in them as it is. Less students in public schools equals better student teacher ratios for both student & teacher “Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech.” - Not @raif_badawi
bettiwettiwoo Sydney, NSW @kmansell33 @Booze__Hound Like I've said: I don't follow any kind of football. Even so, it is far from clear to me how AFL 2019 attendance figures of 7,517,647 (total) & 36,317 (average) is somehow more than 2018 7,593,554 (total) & 36,684 (average). Are those figures wrong? Link: The liver is evil and must be punished. No hugs! Happily married.
fallenstarmaker 🇺🇸🇧🇷🏳️‍🌈 “A bond between women is lovely, isnt it? No matter how long or how far you are separated from each other, the next time you meet will be like it was just yesterday.” YOU CANT LOOK ME IN THE EYE AND SAY WHITNEY IS STRAIGHT nova/estrela | 18 | “With our love, we will make the future as bright as the stars in the sky” 💖

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