What Joe Biden has legitimately

What Joe Biden has legitimately FAR more baggage than Hillary Clinton ever did This is ridiculous The difference is gender and how media and public deal with it Spoiler badly

tomwatson New York What?! Joe Biden has legitimately FAR more "baggage" than Hillary Clinton ever did. This is ridiculous. The 🚨🚨🚨 difference is gender and how media and public deal with it. (Spoiler: badly). Journalist, author, consultant, Mets fan, guitar player, liberal. #Resist

NARAL Washington, DC How far are Republicans willing to push this LIE before someone is murdered because of it? How many lives of doctors and clinic staff is the “pro-life” party willing to put at risk for their cheap political points? NARAL Pro-Choice America fights to protect & expand reproductive freedom for all.

GrumpyOldRick I've lost my favourite grey flat cap and it's driving me crazy wondering where I've left it & it's weird how I can't concentrate on anything properly until I find it . I've been writing lyrics this morning & all I've managed so far is the title which is "Where's my bloody hat" ? Musician , Perpetual Weight Loss Failure , Senior Railcard Holder and Grumpy Old Man
how far is it
danversparkers she/her 🇲🇽🇺🇸 idk how i feel about the time travel in the mcu. like how far will the superheroes take it? i think it will become a matter of “just because we could doesn’t mean we should” imo. and their concept of timelines n stuff is kinda wack. idk i feel like it might be taken too far. someday we will be okay.

BrianWoods1976 Antlers America This is the DS9 reference from my earlier RT. Avery Brooks slays in this particular scene. Give it a watch. It makes you wonder how far have we really come? Proud member of the Choctaw Nation and the #Resistance, free thinker, Sci Fi fan, Father, Friend and Doggy Daddy. #Resist

ed_the_dumb @Guizinho_Maxado @MonsieurSabs do you understand that getting help does not end it? it takes years of attempting to get help to make even the smallest changes happen. this is not a unique case by far. this is just how all this stuff works just some kid from england with no grip on life. more british than marmite flavoured tea

prashantsinha68 New Delhi, Delhi @AMRUTCityGzb #Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam #GDA #GNN GDA is supposed to install traffic signal light on Dharma Marg sector-4 Vaishali.But nothing happened so long it will take time ? Director of a company

JackieBlue4u On the road again... @drvox @jimmystagger We don't know, really, if the problem is us or Russia. We know for a fact that it's Russia, but we don't know how much of it is Russia. And if hordes of us vote, can we topple Russia? IDK. I sure af hope so this time. So far, Russia seems to be winning. *glub glub*

popin19888344 @martycollins21 @MGRANT65 @ApairistDave @natasha_yann @Mannies3Y @LyleShelton @AuConservatives And your expertise in the field of mental health is? So far your solution is to dismiss them by calling them snowflakes. How is that helpful? How is that even Christian? Calling yourself Christian is not the only thing required. You are supposed to live it as well.

daniel_debunker @TakeDC @realannapaulina @mlemiller1151 @SenKamalaHarris Of course they're not owned by Soros, don't talk rot. It's explained in the article. What in the article is incorrect? You're the one making the claim, how about you back it up? In what way is she his aunt? Mother's sister? Uncle's wife? Or have you not thought that far?

LindyMaxims 4 Corners Of The Earth @ImpatienBastard How does one direct numerical energy upon another? Meditation & controlled breath? Or is it much more complex than this/out of league thus far? The City Is Built With Its Own Ruins.

olson_jessie South Haven, MI @aleeyun_nvaazun @VkilledtheRstar @Shpanky24 @DanFoc77 @50YearOldGamer @WhatAboutBob7 @weberj502 @SwettmanF @braun_fay52 @hrt6017 @JessieNOlson @GhostOfTick @diane_keniston @JackLamb1957 @us_poll @don85375 @carlvegaaa @esta_joy @joanne48640679 @brrider @TheJoshHarmon @GaryWWoody1 @weltergeist @TruthPipe @Shaun_Girk @Vncenza2 @lostandlovinit @A113Blue @chrisoplorable @EAGLESAurelius9 @Jdubsteg @JayTJay76 @brodymccain @enterprise1054 @dillzilla99 @MikeSchmidt62 @gun_ways @Brian_Kitchener @Kiwegapawa @SmelyDeplorable @TommyEnan @kann_van @tinkr333 @IVotedBlue @Diaper777 @Big_Chill53 @KJ54290723 @AgainstSage @TomFitton @JudicialWatch An absolutely ridiculous misstatement of what was said. In a world of limited resources though it is true that someone with far more than they will ever need and a limitless desire to get more must know that somewhere someone goes without. How much is enough?if you don’t want - ❄️🏳️‍🌈TheResistance Disabled Veteran Grandma Atheist Lesbian Socialist Feminist & Author working #Impeachtrump CHIHUAHUAS! #Ω

andrewp1979 Huntington Beach @Markgubicza The fresh prince of Orange County? HUD is somewhere laughing at how bad that was! Rojas didn’t even laugh at it! He giggles at all your bad jokes. Say “as far as” 500 more times! We play a drinking game over here with your terrible catch slogan. Go Angels!

dappertaetae taehyung/lalisa/jungkook ults~ @_onceludeo Do not bring your fight from instagram and NAVER here in twitter okay? No one is criricizing Sana here. And how sure are you that those are blinks? As far as I know it was from knetz. We had our fair share of those hate comments too. So do not drag our Lisa or our fandom to this. ARMYBlink Hybrid ° [formerly @smurf_tae]

StoneSculptorJN ⚡Near & Far ⚡️ Canada @Srl82Shawn @beachmagoo @VE3ZKS @laurelrusswurm @DavidHeap @KhazWolf @Polunatic @OhSheri1 @DianeMariePosts @RunoffTogether @legant66 @surveyorX @Keithpoore @kamorant @Nahanni_ @WPoziomka @ElvisDeane @SquirlyGirll @JustAGirlHere23 @JaimeFraser @cyclingzealot @SnarkyCyclistAB @markwright12002 @HaydenPJones @hydroqueen @tottenjimmer @ontariowilliam @TheBrenRG @DavidMerner @liberal_party @AndrewScheer How many provinces have voted on it? As far as I know it has only been in BC & PEI & that is a small fraction of our total population Political Pundit & Agitator/Geopolitical Analyst. Culture Vulture from the Forest. Media Watch Dog. Sculptor, Saw Operator, Tree Planter, Trail Blazer 🌲🌲🌲

jackox48 Albuquerque, NM Trump’s stonewalling of Congress is illegal. How far will he push it? visualization artist and creative director of Intermedia Projects Inc I am a Progressive and I am uneasy with Third-Way Corporate Democrats

thepoliticrat Washington, DC @Emerick_E44 I take it that you think the Democrats are too far to the left? Again, left and right in this sense is more a matter of economics...like how they define left and right over in Europe. Writer | Utilitarian | Bourbon Democrat | Market Liberal | Political Science Major & Denier | "Over his own body & mind, the individual is sovereign." J.S. Mill

whistlestopout bc canada @gtconway3d George I like you! You speak your mind however I know I couldn’t do it how to stay married with someone that is so far away from how you represent yourself? Interests HEALTH & FITNESS, HUMANITY, TRAVEL , POLITICS, GOOD FOOD and WINE

LastWave_ Freshwater Sydney Australia This has gone to far. How can any one be offended by me or you saying we love Jesus ! Is there a new law where it's a crime to say this ? For the first time i have to say my country Australia has crossed the line No one will or can tell me or you we cant say i love Jesus Dreams are like stars. you will not succeed in touching them with your hands, but you choose them as your guide to reach your destiny

Consertive1 North Carolina, USA @Mac4Vocals @BarbaraB9999 @RepJerryNadler @MJSodone There can be no collusion when there is no crime! As far as stupid goes how would u rate the idiot of the last 8 years if Trump is stupid and has the economy on fire? Best in 49 years! It will get better with free trade that is coming up! Talk about crap Joe Biden! Conservative who wants to see factories full and people off welfare.People that come here must want to be American speak English and leave their country behind.

Havingmysay2 Message for @mattjcan - Is there any footage of just how far inland and away from the 'reef' that the poposed @AdaniAustralia mine is? @abcbrisbane keep showing footage that makes it look right on the coast on top of some river / springs. That seems like fake news? Looking Forward to a New Year. Exposing Labor / Union Lies.
The_Americat @Sund96309169 @FrankDC17 @CaPalaniselvam @Tzeench2 @R0gu31tal14n @SpeakerPelosi @senatemajldr @realDonaldTrump @SenSchumer @GOP @immivoice @SIIA_US @GcReforms Your own IT Outsourcing companies caused the problem, not us. why is it fair to redistribute the backlog to ROW? hr1044 is an AMNESTY bill that will create far more problems and cause another even larger backlog for ROW FOR MANY YEARS. how is THAT fair? Fierce fighter to STOP HR1044/S386 from EVER passing. Protect US jobs & preserve diversity in skilled legal immigration. Co-creator site
JEngels21 Terracotta @sara_snacks Ok, we will make it work. We are Go festing Friday but will be out and about afterwards I am sure. How far is the drive from where you're at? ⚡⚡⚡ Instict in Orlando, Florida. I'm rarely ever serious, unless Im telling somebody not to use Aggron.

hannbananabread How is it I’m just now watching One Punch Man? Who let me go this far in life without watching it? Dogs are everything and people who don't like them can't be trusted

NikamehtnilugoM BAG @tellavision_ How come you cant compare him and Nicki? Yea i gave you that as far as nothing being weak, and times he dont exactly deliver. Madida Riddm was weak to me. He deff had a label issues which is why we got i think it was IYRTITL. Tbh Drake aint got many bars he be talking on tracks #GOONiEGraphics #MoriiMadeIt ——————————————————————— |¥B¥SAIA🔰| MUSIC|ART|LITerature|COOKING|Onika Tanya Maraj

jul13_48 Phoenix, AZ How are you liking your new state you live in? — I saw this 48 minutes after you sent it. Also, Arizona is the 48th state. And so far I love it here!!! I’m so! much! cooler! online!

Kangethe_Mb Nairobi, Kenya - Super City How does @SafaricomPLC explain this ? I bought 5gb data this morning. It tells me I've recovered 171 Mb from an expired bundle. V good So far Then it tells me my balance is 5120mb. Where is the recovered data gone? Wacha kucheza na akili yangu on labour day. Captain Thuraku 🐜 unapologetic right wing capitalist

altair6_librae Manila, Philippines @AirAsia i checked our booking for tomorrow and saw that u already assigned our seats but the seats of my nieces (7 & 3 y.o.) is far from our seats. I didn't reserve any seats when i booked. How did it happened? i don't know how to describe myself....^,^

VikingGamesLive Icon: @flaaffypizza @CrashDunning There's nothing set in stone that they only do NA every other year. That's just how it's fallen so far. Miku Expo TW is on May 11, HK in July. *could* be that, sure, but timing would be weird. What would they even announce at that point? frilly_carnival fan account.

aainodes @Raw2TheBone_ How far it is again? ARM🌸

unfortweetable1 LA Iight so for my gamers....how has #daysgone been so far? I want it but the way my time is set up rn U know wut I notice? | music af| 🇭🇹| creator of #7billionvoices | #7bv

LZrvll Wagga Wagga, New South Wales @trish_parkinson - transaction fees are good, you can price things effectively, accurately. nothing is free. we sell our information to make a google search. i can price how much it is to use bitcoin far easier than i can EOS. BSV is around $7 for 10MB from memory.. EOS is...? tokens x time? love alone heals all things

notryanz Levittown, PA Is there a reason that @soulsavers “It’s Not How Far You Fall...” on @SpotifyUSA or vinyl? It is a top notch record. #supportgreatmusic music, books, tv, movies, art, Steelers and such

bertiedav gods bathroom floor 󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 @katiemarx Omg every 30min!?!?! I'd go nuts! Its so stupid how exhausting it is but it's so difficult to get any sort of sleep in between doing drops/attempting to function. It's been all good so far tho 💓 emo nite is every nite • hi-tech. low-life.

Avsniper Frozen North @Avalanche How is it this fan base is so blind ( homers)? We've been out played for 35 minutes in our own barn. Sloppy mess so far. Turn over city. I was found under a rock at Newport Beach CA, then grown in a lab to maturity and auctioned off by Gov. Brown.

tommylivinglife New York, NY @msimons @MFigetakis That first photo is a really cool photo! It’s amazing to see how far this has come! And even more amazing and inspiring that all of this progress is due to amazing groups of student leaders and their teachers. Are you covering this in the book? an actor with a shellfish allergy

Brandon43552357 Georgia, USA @James_Holzhauer So how far do you end up going? Jeopardy isn't as serious as HIPAA is it? Sports fan