Turns out AB had been

Turns out AB had been trying to force his way out of Oakland Question is how calculated was this and how far back does it go

LeviDamien Turns out AB had been trying to force his way out of Oakland. Question is how calculated was this and how far back does it go? #Raiders Editor In Chief/Lead Writer Silver & Black Pride of SB Nation Network. Line stepper. People pleaser.

GeneralHospital Monica wants insight into Drew that has eluded her so far. How far is she willing to go to get it? #GH is brand-new and starts RIGHT NOW on ABC! @lesliecharleson This is the official General Hospital Twitter account. WEEKDAYS on ABC

shannonrwatts “...how many dead Texans does it take for @GovAbbott to actually do something about the epidemic of gun violence sweeping his state? So far, no body count is too big for our governor, who seems determined to do exactly nothing.” #txlege Founder of @MomsDemand, grassroots army of @Everytown. The @NRA’s worst nightmare. Author of “Fight Like A Mother.” IG:
fakethedaytime @parfaitou Already?? You go! How is it so far? 😊 but the lows are so extreme

KlegeObed @GabbyDarko How far does it resolve the corruption and its perception in Ghana? It is on ascendency.

MUSTAFA_MOOSE_ @mmarcopoloo @bjpenndotcom @ColbyCovMMA @GamebredFighter @NateDiaz209 @MMAFighting @MMAjunkie @ufc Who in the top 10 want to fight this guy? No one. Why would they fight him. @ColbyCovMMA top fighters want to fight top fighters this is how it works... Even Bob Sapp is better than you..LOL to far? Bob Sapp would be embarrassed to fight you.. you need to just crawl in hole... I created this just to make fun of that little Irish pansy Conor. Nate Diaz & Khabib slapped him during a fight. I would not show my face if dat happened 2 me

Steve_Krembil @fenixlight how & where do I get ahold of you guys about my almost new PD36R light & the charging port cover not staying closed? Did I read right that the light is waterproof even without the cover? I mean I want it even for just the looks, it looks far better with it.

DiceNDinosaurs through the dungeon and I look at the minimap to check how far into the dungeon the group is and...wait! Those aren't npcs, that's the dungeon group! 3 people all from the same guild, RP walking through the instance! I'm confused but whatever it will just take longer (2/?) He/Him/His D&D YT content creator, Twitch streamer, Professional wrench thrower, 1st level Wizard. Business Inquiries: Mankylosaurus@gmail.com

bubbywoodz Irvine, CA I need to know 1, What Mia and Dev's ship name is, 2 how far it sails and does Dev save mia, 3 how much fun it was to play the role of Amber and three where Kayleigh and zac end up!?? @TheAListTV @BBCiPlayer @netflix Jesus, IVC, ScoobyDoo, ToonTownRewritten, Best Friend @brynnmia_ | I don't act crazy I am crazy. I just go normal from time to time - goofy

GazelleMonetArt “How many women can say that they’d kill for you & actually mean it? Call me insane but over here the grass is greener. We’ve got a mission to complete and so far this is just a dilemma, but wait for me now and you’ll see my love is scenic”. Mother of Earth. Daughter of love. Angel of death.

shane_themane Southern California I’m finally watching Solo and I’m liking it so far but that’s how he got his name? He signed up for the empire and he was just alone??? So that makes THAT his NAME?????? like wtf is that bullshit all this deep lore and that’s how Han became Solo?????? fuck off I can’t be further away from endless life. vegan. vocals in @NebuliumBand. he/him. im not tall.

Ino_4966 "Your scars aren't ugly. Be it your ear, your eye, or your body altogether. All of it is an important part of you. It's proof of how far you've come. Everything...is a treasure to me." ~Aoba, DMMd re;Connect This game usually makes me cry from fear and sadness?? Not this?? Try to take (insert thing I love) from me, I dare ya.

JSisyeon @yolleda @softyoonies @Jonginselbow Would you like to be compared to a mental disorder/illnes? As far as I know from my own experience, having one is THE WORST you could ever pass through in your life, how the fuck would it be ok to think as someone as a mental disorder and sharing that opinion?? Are u ok with it?? ♎22 💫Multi-stan 💞Multi-shipper 🐾Trying to write aus ~ 🌺90% kpop hoe 10% softie 🇪🇸/🇬🇧

ALCHEMlLLA [ OCRP / ENG / APT703 ] @kimdangel You too, Jez! How is it going for you so far?

DarinColville GoodWood Galactic Headquarters ..unless I've gone feral @LJT_is_me @DavidLimbaugh @realDonaldTrump @POTUS It is far better to be thought a fool, than to keyboard some stupid shit on Twitter and confirm it... how the fuck is it not? LIFE - Epicure Hedonist DeadHead OCCUPATION - Grower, producer, purveyor, and consumer of fine #organic foods. #Resist #420 #WeAreThePatriots #SheHasAPlan

Paige2psu Tennessee @butchworley @BourbonGhost I agree that is different. How reliable is the forecast this far out? It was hot as hell when I went to the PSU/Bama game. The kickoff was late, but tailgating was all day. Alabama had AC port-a-potties! I went to Iowa for a game two years ago and they had free water stations. College professor, Penn State Alumna (PhD 2003). Also an Auburn and Penguins fan, so We are... and WDE! Let's go Pens! Momma to the #floofballs

Nicole75926664 Texas, USA @FaithfulGarden @chris_cpalmer22 @bourgeoisalien How is he responsible for how you perceive him? Yes, definitely rough around the edges as far as "PC," but there are a lot of people who prefer blunt, honest, no sugarcoating talk. This doesnt mean someone is racist, it just means you cant handle his personality. Mom, Wife, and a career in Criminal Justice. I am worried about the moral compass of our country.

ann5477 And President is absolutely right. Look how many illegal criminals from other countries traveled far away as Congo to go thru mexican border. These terrorists are right under our noses and it's time to clean them out of America. Are you looking for another 9/11 tragedy? Trust Him

MelanieCreane California, USA @hunnybb_ Well he didn’t know how to use his DSM V to assess me for autism either lol... I left him years ago but that’s preyed my mind & I’ve heard it again since too, oddly. I’m wondering if they’re saying THAT is a spectrum? Idk I’m far too literal for the way he threw it out there lol Business Management Grad #contentcreator | Startup to educate & advocate #autismawareness to law enforcement & judiciary’s | Law | Satire | Autistic | Parent |

AetherJoJo Morioh @TheRealMarDre FUCK YEAHH how is it so far? What if you..watch and read JoJos Bizarre Adventure...haha just kidding..unless...? Read Berserk. Stay hydrated bois

Messanger14 @TheQuQu @danwolfgang_ @JohnsonJeffro @FuturistDog Well first you said the far left controlled sff, then you said neolibs control sff. Now you are saying Trump has neolib tendencies. Do you see how you have such a loose definition of these terms that it is meaningless?

Blitzcat Los Angeles, CA Ops on the edit? Its NOT CLOSE TO DONE. But how is it so far?? call of duty editor

darkb1rd Nepal @itxFlickers @sujank14 How far have you gone? I found it interesting ali pachhi pachhi gayepachhi. Also have heard the manga is much better. The world wanted me to be Wonder Woman but I was too worried about the short dress!

cortles New York @UseTechForGood @hardenuppete @KateEmerson88 @simonahac @darlingcat @jommy_tee @parnellpalme @MsVeruca @sacarlin48 @ABCthedrum @Barnaby_Joyce It's not carbon free and nor is it 'reliable' - how do you think it comes out of the ground? And it's certainly far from being reliably safe. One thing you can rely on is that its waste will be around and radioactive for thousands of years. Soapboxes aplenty. Politics, religion, sex... that's what Twitter is for.

_Incognito_72 Scotland @AMacnevins @godFreeWorld @ValleyBrian @syllabub69 @TRej2011 Yeah it goes off to infinity. As for a supreme being - where did it come from? How old is it? If it is eternal, how far back can it remember? 😂 Don't use this much. Just for news and things.

cco8226 Canada How many Liberals does it take to change a light bulb? Zero. Because their collective heads are far up their a$$es they don't even realize the light is burned out. Husband, Father, retired volunteer fire fighter, karaoke junkie, amateur musician, camaro owner and car enthusiast.

ettapopek Who’s Afraid of Detroit? Can we talk about how @djwillclarke is moving away from the Dirtybird sound and into his own dark techno style??? This new EP is insane and my absolute favorite work he’s done so far🔥🔥🔥 killin it #NothingIsForever Techno Snob🖤, House Head🏠, Dirtybird Fam🐣,【=◈︿◈=】🎀🌸 ~ かわいい ~ 🧸♓️

ej_stewart7 Hesperia, CA @MJohnsonFTW Lmfao Do you not see how far away he is from the titans fan? He clearly was just being a dick. Obviously to throw the beer isn’t right but to act tag the nfl and act like it’s the end of the world is a bitch move. 🇮🇪

_meganjaay_ 🇯🇲 Honestly, medicine does have a lot of annoying and boring parts, but don't act like microb is not important. That just makes you look dumb and makes it clear that you don't understand how diseases, illnesses and treatments work. Monotonous? Yes. Irrelevant? Far from. 19 👑 • old account got locked • uwi med student 📚 • ig: @_meganjaay • sc: meggiennuh

InTimeOfLight Scotland @toffingham65 @Anime_Otaku2 @MartinJDocherty How come we always hear "the Scots hate the English" when in fact, as this kinda shite shows, the reverse is far more true? Who is it the English DON'T have contempt for?................. Still thinking here ........ Piano player and electronic synthesist for The Blue Nile. Proud Scot and (increasingly) embarrassed Brit.

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