Today Triple H turns 50-years

Today Triple H turns 50-years old Happy Birthday to the 14-time World Champion and the WWE Executive Head of Talent Live Events and Creative Love him or hate him its interesting to see how far hes come Who wouldve guessed WCWs Terra Ryzing would be where he is today

FanSidedDDT Today, Triple H turns 50-years old. Happy Birthday to the 14-time World Champion and the WWE Executive Head of Talent, Live Events and Creative. Love him or hate him, it's interesting to see how far he's come. Who would've guessed WCW's Terra Ryzing would be where he is today? @FanSided's home for #WWE, #NJPW, #AEW, #ROH, #IMPACTonTwitch news, spoilers, rumors & more!

AstroKatie Raleigh, NC 🌎 <- How far away is the Moon? . . . . . keep going... . . . . . . . . not there yet... . . . . . . . bit more... . . . . . o <- Made it! (a.k.a. Dr Katherine J Mack) astrophysicist/cosmologist, occasional freelance science writer, connoisseur of cosmic catastrophes

nadeeminc New Delhi, India BJP's idea for the empowerment of women is far fetched dream away from reality. The #TripleTalaqBill is just a glimpse of it. How will criminalizing Muslim men will embolden the position of Muslim women? Chairman,Minority Department,AICC. Media Panelist AICC, Former National President NSUI ,Former National Gen sec IYC ,Ex MLA.Tweets=Personal, RTs≠Endorsements!

IancuVladim The land of the free and brave @nowthisnews @AOC Sorry, am I supposed to fall for your stories as though you have never lied before? If it is true, I am sorry for your father; nevertheless, that's how far my empathy will go. #TRUMP, #MAGA, #PATRIOT, #CONSERVATIVE, #BLUELIVESMATTER, #MILITARY, PROUDLY FOLLOWING AND FOLLOWED BY @GenFlynn, @RealOmarNavarro, and @fordnation

kumdonghyun Non-dating. @ZHlEXIU Good day, Jisoo senior! This is Kim Donghyun from AB6IX speaking and I'd like to say thank you for liking my reply earlier. It's an honor to meet you! How's your Sunday going so far? RP / Here to bring the warmest salutation as an absolute artist wanna-be, living under the name of @AB6IX alongside the other four aces.

TjBodiford Arkansas, USA @BenjaminOscar77 How is Food Wars? I haven’t started watching it yet I have all the episodes so far on my DVR He/Him I’m a disabled millennial I have 2 cats, I’m a liberal a supporter of the LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈 community & I’m also a gamer my favorites are RPGs.

Soysauxce Tulsa, OK Ever think about how big the universe is and how it's infinitely expanding everyday and also how supposedly it'll reach as far as it can go before it snaps back together and reverses the big bang and all of us will cease to exist in a single blink? Bc thats where I'm at tonight Sad birds still sing

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