Three years of why We

Three years of why We are now into the how The how is the bit that really matters The how bit is what we should really be paying attention to so far its not exactly the how we were presented

DeborahMeaden England Three years of why? We are now into the how? The how is the bit that really matters. The how bit is what we should really be paying attention to... so far it’s not exactly the how we were presented. Star of Dragon’s Den, Strictly Come Dancing Contestant and Murder In Successville Side Kick..and just a bit of Business...actually quite a lot
JacquelynGill Maine, USA "I don't believe in ice ages! It's far too hot for glaciers to ever have covered Long Island, let alone been miles thick! The Earth has always been exactly the temperature it is today, even when palm trees grew north of the Arctic Circle!" See how silly that sounds? Ice Age ecologist in a warming world. Associate Professor at @UMaine’s Climate Change Institute. Host of @ourwarmregards. #TeamMuskOx
MeTV How far is it from Mayberry to Dodge City? Memorable Entertainment Television
AngelaM03781953 @chunkymark A country of MUGS !...lol.. Boris is pointing to his Tory working class voters...lol...This is all so very sad but all so very true...Even our royals want to jump in that taxi with you..How far are you going ?..Please don’t tell me it is not a real Taxi!...lol.. I love..Life..Family..Friends and kind people.. I really hate Narcissistic and Racist people.. I do not hate silly people but they are annoying...lol...
CareemPAK Pakistan @am3r_s Hey there, Amer! How's the day going so far? Please accept our sincere apologies for the trouble caused. We completely understand your concern and it is on top of our list to educate the captains in this regard. Please always report such a trip so we can be notified of these 1/2 Driving smiles across our cities! Download, book and ride stress free 😉 Chalo, let's go!
i_WanderingSoul The third pole - Himalayas Accounts have been suspended for tweets far less offensive, how is that targeted harassment tweet from Shaifali Vaidya still on Twitter? Please report the tweet instead of retweeting and amplifying it. Storyteller | Now covering #ClimateCrisis | Words & images in BBC, AlJazeera, The Hindu, Indian Express etc. | Insta:
Barney010Stinso Where I'm at.. @JackReg31454571 You know how it is, Favourite day of the week, a mug of strong n black (don't start😁), day so far?... Whatever you do in this life, it's not legendary, unless your friends are there to see it.
huacayamatata London Exactly this - people want to do the right thing but need to look beyond over simplistic views on what is “good” and what is “bad” in environmental terms. How far has your food travelled and how was it grown? See also almond milk... Feminist. Bears grudges. Quite cross. My pronouns are me me me
VagabondScribe Deception Bay, Queensland @Suffragentleman @CHSommers @northern35s How does your puerile and bigoted nonsense keep appearing in my TL? I don't follow Wankers who are frightened of women. I'll do you a favour tho', I'll edit your BS Bio. Use this, it is far more believable. Retired Senior Editor - I am old, very old, but technically literate. I watched computers & digital electronics develop. I am traveling and still writing.
MrBearHands The phrase "Aight, bet" has so much chaotic energy behind it that hearing from my friend is actually keeping up. What are you gonna do lil homie? How far will you go? Part time human being who dabbles in writing works of fiction. Gamer, observer, complainer. all around ok guy. On a never ending search for internal peace.

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