This is the key question

This is the key question about the latest fundraising efforts for Butina The money is supposed to go toward helping pay her American lawyer who thus far isnt responding to questionsbut how can he get the money if its tied to a sanctioned individual

cjcmichel PDX - HOU - ex-USSR - NYC @IvanTkachev1 This is the key question about the latest fundraising efforts for Butina. The money is supposed to go toward helping pay her American lawyer, who thus far isn't responding to questions—but how can he get the money if it's tied to a sanctioned individual? Investigative Reporter, @ThinkProgress | Advisory Council @KleptocracyIntv, Former @HarrimanInst, @PeaceCorps Kazakhstan, @RiceUniversity

tribelaw How can Zuckerberg and Sandberg sleep at night? As if Brexit and MAGA 2016 weren’t bad enough, their insatiable greed blinds them to the evil they’re enabling in 2019-20 and far beyond. Or maybe they’re not blind but just shameless? Which is worse? "No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world." -- Robin Williams

MaElviraSalazar Miami, FL According to a new ranking, the #USA is not the world’s most competitive economy. Really? It is the third after #Singapore and #HongKong . Communist #China is 14th! Can you imagine how far back economically #China would be if it played by the rules? #USA #China #tradewar #Trump Former Republican Candidate for #USCongress #FL27🇺🇸 Award-winning journalist of over 35 years. Leading voice on #USHispanics, #Immigration, & All Things #Latino

JRock403 California, USA @JohnJohnDaDon @QueenzFlip If u think them Jumpn him after a 1 on 1 Scrap is Respectable then you must Respect whatever happens to @QueenzFlip afterwards; No matter how far he takes it...u gd with that?? That was weak AF!! That dude let QF up off the ground during their 1v1. Could've stomped him out Bless up!!

IDKFAbfg2 D town Tejas Okay anyway a lot of dudes I know have this and it all but the real question that keeps these women out of rotation is “how far you willing to go baby? Bc we some twisted MFs”. I like it raw. Yeah that’s me. President Trump’s theme song is Nas-Hate Me Now. Pistol gripping Tejan.

Enka7TTV New York, USA I just spent an unglodly amount of time trying to make something but it turned out to be homemade WordArt. How is your night so far? | twitch affiliate | comeback kid |

aj9mcc @lovelylippie21 Like, how far could the cart return possibly be? I know this is not an equal comparison, but the other day this woman looked at me and just left her shopping cart on the narrow walkway right in front of me and I couldn’t get by it with my giant pregnant stomach. Infuriating!! 🇨🇦 all views expressed on this account are my own. except for that cats are the best, because that’s a verifiable fact.

Sabya_K Delhi, India If Demonetization and GST implementation has one lesson, it is that the corrupt private sector has far more incentive to game the system than regulators have to prevent this. Its a problem that will hurt all reform initiatives. How do we correct this imbalance in incentives? Professor, IEG (Delhi Univ. Honorary Fellow, Manchester Univ (Interest: Politics & Economics

dootmydoot Canada @Sa74_00 Oh cool! How are you liking it so far? 😊 I worked at company that developed tax software for big businesses! It was an awesome experience, would totally recommend taking any kind of intern position you can find! Workplace is sooo different from classes 🤯 always down for a new friend

itsmeairugh Ilagan City, Isabela What is your favorite Disney movie? — Moana?? maybe bc it reminds me of "how far i'll go?" lols idk i like them all bc it has a lot of sing n its really my thing <3 faith • pray • work ✨ St. Uriel×St. Anthony de Padua '17-19 @SFC

monasaysthis Delhi NCR The state of #WestBengal, under the anarchic leadership of #MamataBanerjee, is on it's path to become Kashmir2.0... How far are we from the mob chanting of "Agar Bangal mein rehna hoga, to allahuakbar kehna hoga." ??? Since when do Bongs don't say "Jai Shree Ram?" Badass with a big heart.

BitzChiz Scotland, United Kingdom @hellonicola_ @HairyLeggdHarpy That's not ok, pls be careful. And it's NOT flirting as a previous comment stated. Men need to understand how horrifying this is to women, how the hell are we to know how far he wld go! Can you arrange to meet a colleague on your route? Adult Human Female ... Don't call me CIS

Digital_Pimp @nailedvision @kether521 @LibertarianBlue @RubinReport @KyleKulinski @davidpakmanshow @RealCandaceO @charliekirk11 @clairlemon @CathyYoung63 "There is a pretty standard definition used by the majority of the educated world." Really? Provide it & make sense of what I've shown above. How can four different ideologies from across the spectrum ALL be "far right"? It's a logical contradiction unless... Thinker. Husband. Father. Student of history, philosophy, economics. Philosophical anarchist. If reality is just a simulation, I'm a Russian bot.

AliciaRunai @The_GreatAshley Ali slowly nodded as she yawns a bit. "Sure. How far is it for the mansion?" She asked while hugging her back. Full Vampire. [Sister: @LemmyMix] Mother: @TheSwissDoctor #TheSkyDevil, V1: @1stWizardSaint_ #OpenRP
Find out how far it is between any two cities.
Sulaksh7 Sri Lanka @piumi_silva But you came that far. How many years more? 1? The thing is, life doesn't get easier, it just gets hard. So take your time and enjoy now. Be happy. 'cause nobody ever asks if you are happy, and nothing's worth it if you aren't. 🤗🤗 I’m here to avoid friends on Facebook.

Rena_erm United States @KyleKashuv @CalliNorton Softball is very big.. it's a shame you dis it so much. It may not be pro but how many womens sports are? Women still far behind in having major sports recognition than men... pretty sad really. Avid reader, researcher and writer of various topics, poetry and short stories. Novice photographer. Lover of life and Jehovah's wonderful works..

AletheiaAtheos Indiana, USA @BeadsGras How much? The plan is that most ppl get a land value dividend, so you'd probably get far more money than you pay if you're buying land to live at. Even more true in places with cheap land. You won't be taxed for improvements to it. Foreigners pay tax but doesn't get dividend. Progressive,WoC, Programmer. UBI+UHC+LVT+Restorative Justice+Liquid Democracy+Education+Gov Modernization+Postal Banking+Housing First+30h work She/her

Djloriee “South California,” USA How is everyone feeling about Cliff Robertson as Hef? So far I’m loving it. #slutfluff Be excellent to each other, and...well, you fill in the rest. #TCMParty #Svengoolie #BMovieManiacs #slutfluff #MST3K #DarkShadows #Resist

SusieDobbs8 Garland @pitbull_updates @pitbull I often wonder, does a good education really make a difference in a person’s life? Is it how far you will go and what you will risk to get where you want to be in life? I am so confused. Teams tell me Follow the Yellow Brick Road

92165rahul Odisha @DesCoutinho @thewire_in @khanumarfa I despise the bigotry which lslam offers. If lslam doest hv caste system how can one call Muslim as SC? You musriks r nothing more than a bunch of bigots. As far as SC/ST non hindu propaganda is concerned save it for those who look verses to find reasons of their existence. # There is a wilderness we walk alone. However well-companioned. धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः। # HINDU

MikeVtine Pittsburgh @blehgior @AOC For sure. But how can admitting climate data is real help him or his agenda? Either the data is right or wrong. The risk is far too great to assume it's a conspiracy. If the overwhelming majority of scientists say it's real & the hreat is this cataclysmic i gotta roll w dat I have a tested IQ of 187

dj_yeonjun • RP/Fan account • @dj_soobin *after stying quiet for a while, he asks the driver* How far is it? I look at @dj_soobin and see the rest of my life infront of my eyes || 💍: @dj_soobin

ajaeparkian 💎🌸 『D6 + MX + SVT』 I mean, maybe their intention wasn't directed at me? But i just feel like it was? How do is say this, it's just... It's harsh, what they said and I can't help but to think that they're directing it at me but going as far as calling someone that? What exactly did i do? •❅─────✧⋆文俊辉 ∞ 徐明浩⋆✧─────❅• [#Daehyun;#Hyungwon;#Dowoon;#YuzuruHanyu] 「CC:
mnlotz12 @JenaFriedman Lol what would the unborn baby in your womb call it? Life? A baby was recently born and survived at 22 weeks!! So how far in would you like to murder your baby? Is 18 weeks ok? 19 week?

Tank9999 @Cellis65 What is UNSUSTAINABLE is leaving people to rot already up to 120,000 How many do you think there should be before you think it's a problem? or could we have 20m on the streets& you would have your head stuck so far up your stupid selfish cruel & greedy ideology it would be ok? I tweet therefore I am

FbiagentJojo @americanmcgee Anyways, how's the game coming along? You having fun making it? The merch is looking amazing so far Just your average amateur artist

JabulaniLight Johannesburg, South Africa @NthabyluthandoM @Toolzzzz What has the world turned into ? have we lost it all, this is not just disturbing it's so sad how we lost our morals and not even remorseful for another life . It doesn't matter on which corner of the planet. THE KINGDOM GOD IS FAR FROM COMING BACK . 🔌Lighting specialist🔋and slick in this field. everyday I pray for everyone , even those I don't know . 😇

ThatGirlNikkiP San Antonio, TX Do you know how hard it is to have a’s and b’s in nursing school ? Bitch hard but I’m out here doing it :,) so far passed 2 out 3 exams one more to go nursing school that’s basically my life

elekipito Florida, USA Can we all just WAIT and see how these Finals play out? The trend of momentary living is being stretched too far. The discussions and debates are fun but when conclusions and assumptions are made it is annoying. #NBATwitter #NBAFinals2019 #NBAPlayoffs 🤷‍♂️

AbuAisha2005 @ChristalMarotta @StinsonDillard @katestewt @IlhanMN Stop talkın about the bibel jesus would have never approved of how you fake Christians go around with ppl . Jesus is far away from you. And yes you did not say it but you approved what your fellow rassist said. So it's lime you said it . Jesus says love your enemy do You?

lizxreality how far into the reunion is the whole amanda vs cara when cara TRIES to call her out for not @ people? i’m tired but i wanna watch that segment and i haven’t gotten to it yet and i’m over an hour in.

ernstdan1 @AlBernstein @thekapman How far will we go? Helmet rentals? The game is no different than it was 50 yrs ago. Pick your head up from your phone and watch the game. Pay attention and protect your kids.

antzymf A glass case of emotion @DoctorDee69 @a_leesha1 It was a reply to a tweet about racism. So if you wanna talk about straw men it’s brexit in the idiotic tweet in question. Have you spoken to any PoC recently about how tedious it is to have racism whitesplained? Centrists aren’t as far from the tommeh crowd as they like to think ”The real purpose of socialism is precisely to overcome and advance beyond the predatory phase of human development” - Albert Einstein

scallawag3 Illinois, USA @tiffstevenson Oh, and as far as your statement about how often that phrase is used. Did you know that "no uterus, no opinion" is a new one too? That... was kind of the point, brainchild. Sexism is sexism no matter how often it gets "used". Disabled Vet (21 years), PRO Diversity #TRUMP #PATRIOT #CONSERVATIVE #AmericaFirst #MAGAveteran #ProLife #ThinBlueLine #MAGA I'm a big meanie to racists, Wah?

scottam2 Alberta, Canada “What did he say that got everyone all upset?” “Be kind to each other” “Ah, yeah that will do it” 😂😂😂 @GoodOmensPrime is amazing so far. Wonder how much sleep I will get tonight . Father of one adorable little girl, guess its time to grow up and become a dad. Fan of bad comedy, good writing and great music. All tweets are my own views.

didbijckidas How To Create Your Own Blog Well, to begin with, What is a weblog? A weblog is short for “weblog”. Basically, it’s far only an internet site that has entries listed in reverse chronological order. The unique concept at the I am happy to work with wideinfo an the best is I am a social promoter !