This is Jimmy Butlers moment

This is Jimmy Butlers moment Who is he A great defender who can close out games or a guy who cruises through first 36mins amp tries to make up for it in the final 12Other than Embiid he will determine how far the Sixers advance

jonjohnsonwip Philadelphia, PA This is Jimmy Butler’s moment. Who is he? A great defender who can close out games, or a guy who cruises through first 36mins & tries to make up for it in the final 12? Other than Embiid, he will determine how far the Sixers advance. Sixers insider - Phillies reporter - Sports Talk Host - Temple Alumnus - @SportsRadiowip - @KYWNewsradio

viet_t_nguyen los angeles Representation matters, but is it enough? Telling our stories is important, but how far does it get us? Can we strive for the horizon of greater representation and keep our eyes on what lies beyond it--decolonization? Writer. Oceanic refugee. 1st generation college student. Affirmative action beneficiary. Pulitzer Prize for Fiction 2016. Guggenheim and MacArthur Fellow.

KKurzNHL Bay Area Joe Pavelski: “There’s a couple (stitches) in there. A couple teeth are gone. We’ll try to get them fixed and see how they feel tomorrow.” So nothing is broken? “As far as jaw and stuff, I don’t think so. It’s sore, that’s for sure.” Covering #SJSharks since 2011, now at @TheAthleticSF. Don’t follow leaders, watch your parking meters

itsbbianca @nuysguy13 Have you tried it?? What do you think?? Did you get oils with it? You cant go wrong with eucalyptus and lavender. 🙏 Damn that's legit! I wanted to get that one since mine is small. 🤔 how do you like it so far?? 🧡 🇲🇽

LifewithNeetu Dubai, United Arab Emirates 🦁 How do you perceive yourself? Is it what You think or is it all the noises you hear about yourself? I have found myself at this crossroad far too many times and finally found the path I… MakeupArtist #marketing #Beauty #Events #Stylist #Entrepreneur #SocialMedia | I make my own way but never walk alone. Limited to 140 in words; not thoughts.
Find out how far it is between any two cities.
Old_Mate_John @hakeemnpc It's just an expression mate. Don't read too far into it. What generation? I think you've got me mixed up with the wrong crowd How about, Sony are limiting the choice of playing their games to either buying a whole console or not playing the game at all. Is that better for ya? I identify as an Elder Thing. I make (low effort) videos & stream
Pcjeffmac Georgia @Klein2Eric @BreitbartNews Don't just #WalkAway, Run Away. At this point, I can't understand how any Jewish person could support the Democrats. They are going so far left it is mind blowing. Do they really believe the majority of Americans are on the far left? Nirvana and Pearl Jam rock 🇺🇸🇺🇸🦂

rendykstan Singapore Dear Friends, all the work we have done so far leads to someplace now and the future. Do we like where it is leading. If we have success now, how to make it sustainable? How to make it last? If you had not thought about it. It is better late than ever. Ha… Building a lifestyle platform call Rhythm of Momentum to help individuals and teams create a balanced and sustainable life for long-term success & Abundance.

deepakkaryaa Delhi How far is it correct that GST credit not appearing in GSTR 2A is not claimable under GSTR 3B and if such does not appear till filing of annual return then such credit shall be payable as demand along with interest, if claimed earlier? #return #reconciliation #gstr2a

JBrealtor4U Maryland @DanRather And many of us are still wondering how did he make it this far and why is he still in office disgracing the US?

Annepatty03 How is it far that I have to pay out of pocket for babysitters to go to work 😭 life is tough but you know what’s tougher? A dead beat daddy Richards girl 💍👑💗 • momma to a King 💙 22 👻 annepatty3

srinitrs @dodo Many years ago I saw a Hollywood movie. A couple adopts a dog. It turns out to be a rogue, destroys household things, attacks baby and so on . How far is this true?

K2kngd @elonmusk I want a tesla, I have a concern that the software will advance to a point that hardware can't support it, making it suddenly obsolete or far less valuable. Kind of like the cell phone market. Wondering how future proof a used tesla is?

SourTwatter Houston, TX @itrevormoore zomg I literally lol'd. Is that how they got this far? That's hilarious, but on a non-humorous note, I think it has more to do with the privilege of looking beautiful. I mean, I am not into him, but apparently society wants to fuck the singer. Talent doesn't explain their fame. I'm Casey, and I currently feel guilty about making self-promoting claims in my description, which makes me better than you.

LatimerNino Temple, TX @REALIcePoseidon How's the ride so far? Aint it like 3 hours to Kyoto and is Kim with you? Nothing special here!

WineStainedLife Dumb Dumb Town @GJFKessler That’s far for you. For me it is 45 minutes. For you, much more. How does baby Kess do in the car? She cool? LET’S FUCKIN GO BRUINS!🏒🖤💛🐻Features Editor for @BasicShadowStuf. she/her Insta: erinf311 #Resist header by @Who_is_Kimy

imadickens United States God bless! How wonderful! Is it your first? Nothing on earth is as loved as a grandchild! My mom said it’s way better than being a parent. She was more right than she ever knew. The love for a grandchild is so far better than your child it’s scary! 🚫NO Messages🚫💗my hubby, my family, & my dogs💗 I’m a Proud Dem💙 PRO-child; anti-NRA. 🗽#resister 🗽 Judge only by content of one’s character.

MostLikelyAMeme The Pit Im highkey considering streaming danganronpa v3 because I wanna understand what the fuck is happening and I can’t watch Sky’s stream because im too far behind. I already know how it ends and what happens to who so im still thinking about it. If it did would yall watch? I play a lot of Destiny 2 Slime Rancher, and Nintendo games | Still-learning streamer | @AnAsianCinnamon is pretty cool | Icon by @Ysastrology | He/Him |

Lady_Rahne Georgia, USA @YukiKairi Is it? In the picture, looks far long than the official ones, even the older official ones. D; It's probably just how it's presented on the app, then May your heart be your guiding key. 🗝 --------------------------- Aiming for ALL Kingdom Hearts Plats & trophies. In six months. 👑💖

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HoltenJim @tudahl55 @grimmcommishsho @nebcow @EliSananes @KimStrassel @RepAdamSchiff If you knew nothing about Wikileaks then how could you love it? You knew they leaked information, and what information they leaked. That is knowing far more than nothing. Words have actual meanings, and you should understand those meanings before you use the words to argue.

aliyalala10 kukki How’s America so far? It’s not the place that matter. It is the people to the place. Have fun! @BTS_twt hates got nothing on my smile • i’m complete

ToomeyWright Geelong, Victoria, Australia Here another idea: how about the AEC fact-check every ad and every claim made by a polician or party? If an ad is incorrect, it doesn't go to air/press. If a statement is incorrect, the politician has to correct that statement. Or would that all make far too much sense? Old. Gay. Married. I parody PC/Left hypocrisy. Came for the socio-political commentary, stayed for the hashtag games. My name is my politics. Say it out loud.

androidapkgk Running Circles: Play Running Circles! This game will have you Spinning around Dazed & Confused, hungry for one more go! This simple one touch Multiplayer Arcade game is totally Addictive and impossible to put down. How far can you go?Your goal is to…

joelontheground @andrewbensonf1 Agreed 100%. The only reason they didn’t give @Charles_Leclerc the fastest lap is because Vettel was holding it. In @ScuderiaFerrari right now it’s Vettel or nothing. Vettel is the second fastest driver in the team (or so it may seem so far), so how long can it last? Former moderate conservative politician in England. Now in America they call me a liberal. I just care about people who need help. Votes in both countries.