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Think you can step out of the casual lobbies and into the competitive scene Head into the World Hub and find out Need info on League Play and how the CWL Pro League season is shaping up Find it here

Activision Santa Monica, CA Think you can step out of the casual lobbies and into the @CallofDuty #BlackOps4 competitive scene? Head into the World @CODWorldLeague Hub and find out. Need info on League Play and how the CWL Pro League season is shaping up? Find it here: Activision's official account, publisher of @CallofDuty, @Sekirothegame, @CrashBandicoot, @SpyroTheDragon, @Skylanders and more. Games rated E to M by the ESRB.
sciam New York City Opinion: It is unclear how many intelligent civilizations have arisen in the Milky Way galaxy so far, but if some have, a pressing question comes to mind: were they or are they more intelligent than we are? Awesome discoveries. Expert insights. Science that shapes the world.
astroehlein Brussels, Belgium Sense prevails in the end, but how did it get so far at all? Why did the BBC need to be told by the public that it‘s outrageous to showcase a man convicted of an anti-Semitic hate crime (and another man convicted of assaulting a woman)? How off the moral rails is this train? European Media Director, Human Rights Watch, @HRW. Covering #humanrights worldwide.
TheRenoSlant TheRenoSlant@gmail.com It was awesome catching up with @GoodmanHoops this week. Is block/charge broken? Has his perception of Nevada changed? Who does he like in Saturday night's showdown? How far is Nevada going in the tourney? The #BattleBorn Nevada sports podcast Reno needs...ish. Marginal takes & betting Ls by @ShoupNathan & @ShoupAdam. New episodes every Thursday. Subscribe ⤵️
bethpetro17 ATLien Six weeks is absolutely unacceptable! How long does it take for a woman to know they're pregnant? Think! Miss a period, take an at home test, confirm with an OBGYN appointment. I'm #ProChoice, chose #Adoption - #HB481, the #HeartBeatBill goes too far! #GAPol Draw your own conclusions ~ I'm a li'l bit... ~ Lookin' for signs 💔 #GoDawgs 🐾
jonz444 Auckland, New Zealand @kaimatai It is quite a downpour here at Greenlane. How far do you have to go? Artist, cynic, purveyor of irony, atheist, collector of trivia, follower of rugby, drinker of quality beer, dog person, and living in paradise.
Bmac8654 Massachusetts, USA @MalcolmNance I wonder how much free reign Mueller has now? I don’t trust Barr as far as I could through him and he is a big man! Everyone keeps thinking Mueller is our savior, I no longer believe that and it will be up to the people to save what is left of our democracy is 2020! Father, Widower, Engineer, Business Professional, Cancer Survivor #PowerToThePolls #ThrowThemOut #TheResistance #Indivisible
poetastrid Los Angeles, CA Who is the ultimate god therapist? Like if therapists have therapists, how far up the totem pole does it go before only one parent therapist is left to guide its children therapists down below? 🤔 25 | ♑️ | Salvadoran 🇸🇻 | Poet | Writer @lataco | Business Inquiries: poetastrid@gmail.com
mdixonsmith Melbourne, Australia May your #IWD2019 be one for questioning: what is this day for, what's its purpose. *Who* is it for? As we stand in break rooms across the country, eating purple-iced cupcakes, let's consider not just how far women have come, but also how far we all have to go. Journo /editor / sessional academic / art lady / feminist. She/her. Email me at mdixonsmith@gmail.com. ~ Local Pools FTW ~
kccthirwall When I look into your eyes It's like watching the night sky Or a beautiful sunrise There's so much they hold And just like them old stars I see that you've come so far To be right where you are How old is your soul? i need you more than words can say
angstypolitics @ConserValidity @TeaBoots (2/2) remain unchanged and antiquated while the world is rapidly changing around it? The founding fathers couldn’t FATHOM how far we’ve come. They didn’t have the foresight to create something that would stand the tests of time. if I don’t yell about politics, i get gassy. so here I am. also my mom is sick of my facebook rants.
King_Acme Washington, DC @jackmurphylive @jenniferm_q @arttavana "I don't know how we grew so far apart, but it is what it is." Me: I am a life-long, late-90s Blue dog Democrat, like @realGaryCondit. How are we far apart? Him: I would rather America fail than Trump succeed. You want Trump's America to succeed. Was in both his weddings. King of Nothing, Master of the Generic
idkwtslive Bowling Green, KY i’m gonna practice on channeling my psychic dreams more. they only come when a situation is extremely important, but I wanna see how far I can push this. can I see other people’s futures? can I go looking for something specific and see it? I think i’m a badass but the only place I’m banned from is an ice cream shop | white witch 🌿 | capricorn sun, cancer moon, scorpio rising
debra24th South Carolina @grgbkr37 @realCalebLawson You got that right! @speakerpelosi your party is being snatched out from under your feet by @IlhanMN and @AOC and you’re letting them do it. How far left do you want to go? Believer in Jesus Christ, Our Constitution, 2nd Amendment, Family and Compassion For All Humanity. Stand For What Is Right In God’s Eyes.
driller1949 Texas @OANN @dexybailman I ain’t and how far is Maine from the Mexican border? It is a national emergency! Unless opioid deaths, by the thousands, are tolerable and gangs killing our police and citizens is okay. You should support Americans 7th Gen Texan, conservative, USMC 68 , oilfield trash, Longhorn, Infidel, Don't Mess With Texas! NRA 2A 76-37-5 Hook ‘em
IllinoisLoyalty Champaign, IL "Getting spanked by a team that is lower in the Big Ten standings than us, on senior night, is just inexcusable. It shows how far we have to go as a team." "Would this loss knock us out of the dance??" "Is this the Curse of the Otter?" Illini Basketball ~ Illini Football
xWatts23 @TheStewieSprint @Audra_Martin How many do you want me to name with a better SV%? I don't care about regular season. This team was built for the regular season, and not playoffs. It's obvious. As far as playoffs, .904% is not anything to brag about, so I don't understand your point. Those who got rich in the gold rush weren’t panning for gold, they were selling pick axes.
VinceForNJ New Jersey, The Garden State @CoryBooker Legalizing it is one thing....expunging records of people for an activity that was illegal at the time they knowimgly committed those acts is absolutely ridiculous. How far back should we go? 1 year? 5 years? 50 years? More? #Conservative #ClassicalLiberal #Textualist & Former Democrat. Husband, Father, Volunteer. RT≠Endorsement. Be Civil...Foul Language Ends The Discussion.
irisa99kimk Turlock, CA @arkhamsveryown This is also why the MSM sucks! They can't figure out how to report the ceaseless inane nonsense that from the WH! Why do we hang on every word or tweet? He makes most of it up literally off the top of his head! Pundits spend far more time considering his words than he ever does! It was a clean diesel when I bought it! Not sure what the function of Twitter was before #45.
kendoanon not a bot!! please interact!! How has your day been so far? 😊 — it's been pretty average,, but this ice cream is really good!! how's your day been?? 👊🏼
cindylou318 Weatherford, TX @TheOfficerTatum @fisherlady1960 It's a tangled web for cops. If they acknowledge the bad, how far up the chain is the bad? They could be out of a job and their families threatened
jmsomps US @ClaudiamorrisCm @hasnurse @WhiteHouse @POTUS How far can you make it through this video? peace and hope is all I can add. I'm a nice person. I really think people need to grow up and get over politics. Most of you have no clue anyway. Grow up for pete's sake!
caseopenband Never Mine is a brilliant choice as the penultimate (is that how you spell it?) song. Features all the high points of the album so far and plays on them all wonderfully. Also lifts the spirits one last time with the instrumental. Again, relatable and honest lyrics are a strength. send me money with the link so i can make music
TrngGiaThin1 Vietnam How far is it from my house to Bor Tattoo? #bortattoo #bortattoodanang #xamhinhnghethuattaidanang Làm bảng hiệu công ty, làm bảng quảng cáo tại Đà Nẵng. Xem thêm:
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Find out how far it is between any two cities.
miguel_coder Silicon Valley, CA For some reason I get a lot more traction on LinkedIn. I feel like twitterers are far less like-giving than their facebook and linkedin counterparts. Why? Dare I ask, is it a superiority complex? Am I not important enough to ask that question? Is that really how twitter works? VueJS Expert and Web Services Consultant at 
jobseekerscreed Lagos, Nigeria @alan_poza @ecobank_nigeria How long have you been job hunting? 47 application is pretty much. I'll suggest you only apply for roles you qualify for, it reduces number of rejection. How many interviews so far? #UyoRubaMan, #JumiaGuy, Restless Creative, Ethical Opportunist, Career Blogger, Social Media Marketer and Author of The Job Seekers' Creed™
JasonPlaysPKMN Toronto, Ontario @RealAceTroy Damn okay big dog lmao How does it feel so far? Mainly the UI update and camera is what has me enticed to give it a go Content Creator, Canadian, @YouTubeGaming Streamer! I say Zee not Zed. ️Allie's my Lil Angel ❤ Business Email: JasonNationEnterprises@gmail.com
BryeJason New Orleans, LA So, we're seeing how far this film goes! "Alarm At Fort Mims.' Is it worthy of an Oscar for a short or student??? Hmmmm? I do have an Emmy. So we're not selling ourselves short!!! I had an awesome time filming this.... Yes! Jason Brye is a Christian Singer, Actor and Christian Activist who would love to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and his coming through teachings and music
mbeavenhausen USA @JoyceWhiteVance How is it that Manafort gets such a light sentence? White collar crime gets away with far too much--always has. I oughta know, I worked on Wall St. for awhile. #FixTheSystem I would make the worst handmaid! #Resist #MomsDemandAction #PlannedParenthood #MeToo #GoldenRule #TrumpWillNeverBeMyPresident #NeitherWillAnyoneInHisLoyaltyClub
storyjuggler Greater St. Louis Area @PhyllisWheeler Yes, I think crushes are fine in MG lit. I think though most MG doesn't have it or it's so minor to the story it's overlooked. But you bring up a good point, how far is too far with Romance in MG lit? #mglitchat MG and YA science fiction/fantasy writer, juggler, scientist, and #mglitchat co-host. SCBWI member.
Kimmycon3 Arizona Is anyone just shocked. The atrocities in this country right now are far beyond comprehensible. You name it, it's a problem. I am truly upset about all of it. How does this stop?? 🤠😎❤️🇺🇸🌵🌹🌻
TheAntiTrump20 Long Beach, CA @kharly I can't recall any election at all where the candidate cried "rigged election" during the campaign (let alone one where it turned out the one making such a claim is the one who benefitted from the rigging). If he wasn't involved, how did he know it was rigged so far in advance? Helping make America America again one tweet at a time. #NeverTrump #ImpeachTheMF #Resistance #Resist #NeverAgain. Resistance DMs ONLY. 🚫Lists🚫Russian Hookers
KatieStorer4 Ohio, USA @DawnInColorado @Franktheshank88 It isn’t entertaining. I’m not about to forget trump is a moron. I’ve been voting blue for ten years. What about you? I know how far the GOP has dropped us. I’m not a moron. I assume you aren’t either. One more comment like this and I’ll block and report you. Behave. Liberal resistor fighting for #NoWall; #WomensRights; #ProtectMueller; #BoycottSOTU; #SupportSAbramsRebuttal; #GunControlNow; #MeToo
hizaga 東京 @derrickstrav How far to somewhere like Portland Maine? Guam is nice. Too humid/hot in summer. I like it because it feels like going back home (huge KMart!) but such a short flight. LA Hapa turned Tokyo-ite. Wandering Tokyo.
Soul_Resonance Shirogane, Kugane (Via Ul'Dah) @An1meGuy It's good very pleasantly thus far and How is your day/night going? 😄 World Domination...One tiny step at a time 😏 |#Lalafell|Jenova|The Pirate Bay FC|??? Main (Smol Streamer for @Ulfhednar_GG) #TheOtakuClub #anime #FFXIV #NJPW
THEOVERPASSLlVE she/her | miranda How is your birthday going and what's your fav present you've gotten so far? — it’s going great!! probably the letters from miranda and the amazing drawings that em did and just all the birthday wis… 𝓌𝒾𝓉𝒽 𝓈𝑒𝓃𝓉𝒾𝓂𝑒𝓃𝓉𝒶𝓁 𝒷𝑜𝓎 𝒶𝓈 𝓂𝓎 𝓃𝑜𝓂 𝒹𝑒 𝓅𝓁𝓊𝓂𝑒 — @falIoutbrendon