Think when you have a

Think when you have a Plan for independence best to get it working rather than writing blogs slagging alternatives - esp when if it has been framed that no alternative Plan could get a hearingHere is to Plan A - how much time does it need 6months of Boris Veto so far

AngusMacNeilSNP Hebrides Scotland Think when you have a Plan for independence best to get it working, rather than writing blogs slagging alternatives - esp when if it has been framed that no alternative Plan could get a hearing. Here is to Plan A 👍 - how much time does it need?? (6months of Boris Veto so far) Heb Islander, Crofter, Na h-Eileanan an Iar, am Chair Int'nat Trade Select Comm - Gaidhlig & Beurla og smá Islensku & Irish - RTs not endorse #UpTheDeise
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srivatsayb Bengaluru Photo of one Ventilator with a Sticker on it is BJP's distraction to stop ppl from questioning #PMCARES fraud Don't stop asking these 10 Questions 1. What is the amount of money collected so far? 2. How much & where has the money been spent? 3. Why is PM Cares not under RTI? Congressman | Politics | Karnataka | ಕನ್ನಡ | Patriot | Former Karnataka Congress Social Media Head | National Campaign in-charge of Youth Congress
wing_watcher United Kingdom @traumen351 @MackGray4 @Kingbingo_ @MazbeauBeau22 @talkSPORT You can take that argument anywhere - it depends how far you want to go back. Are you personally responsible for the crusades, which forcibly spread Christianity through mass murder and bloodshed? Is every German alive today responsible for Hitler and his genocide? C’mon. Political Strategist • Ghost Writer Extraordinaire
MartinTexBailey @PaulEmbery @JuliaHB1 @BurnleyOfficial In terms of lifetime bans, if they don’t know who did it how do they know they are supporters? Also on same basis if perpetrators not known, how can BBC this morning be stating far right is responsible?
iimonchii @Kadotryvez @PaulGavigan4 @nytimes no puta, censoring speech doesn't have a political standing but if it did it would be fascist, and fascism is solely a far right ideology. also how the fuck does Hollywood censor speech? what is your obsession. compelling speech? well isn't that what media is supposed to do b-but muh oil!
atherkildsen Copenhagen @ChrisChiera @AtomEditor Hi Chris! How stable is it in general - have you had any issues with the Beta so far? I make internet 🤷‍♂️
ArtBought Probably behind you. @ArtbyMadara Awesome. Thank you. I kept asking around for tips on boobs, no one really answers. One last question? How do you determine if a breast is like...too far from the chest? Is there a way to learn that, or is it something you practice? For Art of My Muse & Me Being Weird. Commissions Credited. Requests Marked As REQUEST. TAG ME IN ART OF OTOHIME PLEASE! I also make art. @MyLittleHime
ojuolapeogidan lagos. nigeria Hey Fam. How y'all doing. How far has your whining about the past brought you? Has it changed anything? It's time to stop. Look ahead, because what is waiting for your is by FAR better than your past. For… A passionate lover of God and worshipper . Ministry is my life. A mother. Helping people makes me happy. Autism therapist. Called into the music ministry.
sayahelenw So is it a trend now to accuse evey single male celebrity you know of sexual assault? Obv. every accusation should be taken seriously at first but so far every single person that claims to be a victim admitted that they lied. How do ppl think this is okay? mother nature, grow with me.
184Rambo India Questioning is ok but how far and how long? We as a nation exists because of sacrifices of armed forces. But intellectuals from mainland AC rooms are questioning the integrity of armed forces is pathetic. Land is something eternal we will not lose it further. #India #AP #TS BITSian| JNV | Interested in Anthropology An average common man from suburbs of #Andhra , made in #Telangana