These people screened a documentary

These people screened a documentary called In Bed With The Far Right And Angry White and Proud But theyre apologising because a news presenter called white peoplewhite people Do you see how incredibly frustrating it is to be a POC in the UK

thetwerkinggirl These people screened a ‘documentary’ called ‘In Bed With The Far Right.’ And ‘Angry, White and Proud.’ But they’re apologising because a news presenter called white people...white people. Do you see how incredibly frustrating it is to be a POC in the UK?! Comedian: TV, Radio. Journalist. Please see here for how to support my debut novel ‘Pour on Water.’
BernardZuel Sydney, Australia What is it about saying "we will lift Newstart to something reasonable so that the unemployed are not driven to charity food drives, homeless shelters & shame" that so terrifies the Labor Party? How far ahead in the polls do they need to be to not fear compassion? Music writer & critic: SMH, Guardian, Rhythms. Teacher & media trainer. Maker of playlists. Find reviews/interviews/TV/radio at
acoyne “What is supposed to happen when that occurs?” How about an admission that it happened and that it was wrong, a public inquiry into who was involved and how far it spread, and a commitment that it will never happen again? None of which have been received. Explorer, founder of Lachine, seigneur of Cataracoui, discoverer of the mouths of the Mississippi.
How far is it?
prakasr @sumanthraman So,why is everything that is done in this govt is looked at with scorn?!do you know the standard for such indoor refurbishments of corporate offices,& how far off this is?!.. without knowing any of this, Emoji-ing everything and passing it as a political analyst is far from ideal

ludaire squishy blob: ik it ain't that deep, you can say i'm being terribly sensitive or i can't take a joke. but some jokes are not funny and i have the right to feel annoyed about it. you don't ridicule people THIS FAR, that's straight up annoying. do you even know how scared my friend is? cosmic girls' pisces representative.

TweetMastaDiBs AV @KIDGoggles @pika_jugo @theSirToasty @ultradavid But reality. That IC player could've done more. Yes. But if we went for the chase game, how far would you think he would've got of the puff player continued to camp? "Anything to win" but is it tho? Jamale~ Aiming to be the best. Smash Inkling competitive player. Culinary apprentice!

Lady___z Crestview Country Club Excuse me? It is far. Regardless of how many times you've done it lol I drive a diesel Jeep the bumper sticker reads, Drink till hes cute. That's what I'm gonna do.

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