The moment you ask a

The moment you ask a group of people to police a womans body it becomes a human rights issue How far do you take the invasiveness of trying to decide what talent is and how you can physically test for it for

cnni Everywhere The moment you ask a group of people to police a woman's body, it becomes a human rights issue. How far do you take the invasiveness of trying to decide what talent is, and how you can physically test for it? | @NadiaNeophytou for @CNNOpinion Breaking news from around the world, plus business, style, travel, sport and entertainment. We #gothere.
NARAL Washington, DC How far are Republicans willing to push this LIE before someone is murdered because of it? How many lives of doctors and clinic staff is the “pro-life” party willing to put at risk for their cheap political points? NARAL Pro-Choice America fights to protect & expand reproductive freedom for all.
GrumpyOldRick I've lost my favourite grey flat cap and it's driving me crazy wondering where I've left it & it's weird how I can't concentrate on anything properly until I find it . I've been writing lyrics this morning & all I've managed so far is the title which is "Where's my bloody hat" ? Musician , Perpetual Weight Loss Failure , Senior Railcard Holder and Grumpy Old Man
How far is it?
iamsatish955 @amitbhawani @Corning @phoneradarblog How far is it to make something never breaks?
MxTolvo @bombsfall @transgamerthink I’m playing the Black Swordsman currently, it’s pretty confusing. How far behind y’all am I Guts is fighting demons but I haven’t met Griffith yet? 26 / Lesbian Trans Woman / OCD / Disabled / She/Her / Leftist / My 18+ account. #girlslikeus
theyoungkim REDSUMMER @chuuthekim You really put a lot of effort for this. Please let me appreciate it, bcs wow this is the most interesting greeting I've seen so far. I dont really believe in the existence of ghosts. But I can't turn a blind eye that God didnt create the visible creatures only. How bout you? If anyone asks about me, tell them that I’m dead. Best regards, Doyoung. #SUPERHUMAN will come to your neighborhood! ( roleplay purposes only )
FatehAayan پاکستان @FlatEarthOrg according to you guys, how far is the sun from the earth, and how big is it? Bro, do you even Kamehameha?
KissanKuono Finland "How far is Tahiti from Finland?" "Sun, it's expanding, when will my toes burn?" " why is Pluto getting so much attention? Can't they just finally make up their mind?" "If a shark needs surgery, what will the life support machines do to its gills?" "How do swamps work?" Kids...😳 a mother, politics nerd, allergic to stupidity and Trumpism, though for the masses those are the same thing, a Finn who lived in the States for years.
seungjyus [ Eɴɢ oɴʟʏ / 한국어 / 日本語 ] @1994HYOJUNG we're doing well!! things are pretty easygoing these days, we have a few little schedules here and there but mostly it's free time and practice, hehe. sunbaeniiim!! once again, congratulations on the comeback! your promotions have just started but how is everything going so far? [ɢᴇɴ ʀᴘ/sᴇᴍɪ ooc] [ᴜᴘᴅᴀᴛᴇs: #제여쓰] ONF's spark leader, J-Us! ⚡ WM Entertainment's Lee Seungjoon. OFF Team's leader, lead dancer, sub vocalist. 💙
AJiibay @AtelierHeidi No it is. But fans know fans. Fans have seen how far shit gets carried. You dropping those messages is hard sure, but the best way to end it, drop the entire thing. And stop caring. Cause whatever happens after that, they brought on themselves right? Big Bluh He/Him Big old ace. dont do much but I am very friendly. lets chit chat sometime! Also a big nerd.
WolfPax5 India Guys guys guys I made Jimin yesterday.....tell me how is it okay?😁😁 @BTS_twt @yoongi_Far_Away Persona💜❣️
firdausp India It was good to see Love trending all day. I enjoyed every minute of it (tho’ a friend of mine was almost throwing up, she probably had too much) So since we’re already on a high I’ll keep it that way May 9, 2019 word prompt is #Zenith How far can you go? #vss365 IHeardAGroan 😅 ‘Is there no way out of the mind’- Sylvia Plath Find me on
enterthefray1 Glasgow, Scotland @gabriel_gabdiel @JackThunderwolf @EverythingCHO @CountDankulaTV I think he's doing a wonderful job exposing the hack media for what it is. How's king sperg doing by the way? Last I checked he was tweeting out things like far left propaganda to do with Sargon. You must be proud of him turning into a far left shill if it concerns Sargon. Gamer. Metaller. Centre Liberal. Glaswegian. Mostly found in debates on Twitter. Happy to talk about most things though.
212Lexus I want to try Olehenriksen dark spot toner so bad but I been seeing mixed reviews. How is it far? Been keeping it 💯 will always keep it 💯
strangeah United States @StefanMolyneux How many do you own? A narrative lasts as long as it digs you deeper in the echo chamber. You know who is going to outlaw guns in America? “Hitler.” Wait and see how far we descend into this abyss you support. Tribalism, kills the dominant tribe that things it’s in control. Former journalist, now a self employed trucker. Enjoy honest discussion.
zshlyy @mikesmallcombe1 The fans should stay united and consider everything regarding the current EFing situation which is DEVASTATING! How far we’ve come since that sh.. came out?!!! They never thought it’s gonna be such a huge resistance against them! They thought it’s gonna be an easy ride
kar_holaa This was by far one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. Everything about it was amazing and just look at the lights from the crowd!!! How beautiful is that?! Truly an memorable night 🥰 Music. Art. Dogs. Twenty year old Mexican #DefendDACA
LOGAvs @EKtheSHARK18 @TSNBobMcKenzie How long have you been a sharks fan after their third season at the top of their conference and still doing nothing? Bud your team is gonna lose the cup and it took two blatantly wrong calls to even get you this far. Have fun with your old aging team with no future
kaytely_marie almost heaven Other adult I work with at Kodiak: so where are you from Me: West Virginia Her: oh okay. So how far is it from Virginia? Me: I’m from West Virginia Her: oh is there a difference? That’s it I’m going home
ViolentReprisal |AU|RP21+|MarvelRP|#Sinner| @StarkedHeart I guessed. You have a trustworthy face. [A /pretty/ trustworthy face, but he’s not about to say that right now. Loosely wraps an arm around her, giving room to wiggle free if she wants] So how are you liking it here so far? Is it weird for you, too? Here, hold my morals. I’ve got some sketchy shit to take care of.
MarkoOhNo Northeastern Oregon @PattyMurray @SenatorCardin How is it "protecting reproductive rights" by interfering with the process of reproduction and, too often, rendering women INCAPABLE of reproduction?! You've been squatting in Olympia FAR too long. Get a job. Urban refugee, returned to rural roots. Having spent half my life in Portland & Seattle, it is clear now that some dynamic of metro life drains the intellect.
AlytaDeLeon United States of Corporations @WhyKelly2 @jorgeramosnews @BetoORourke @CoryBooker @PeteButtigieg Have you read his book and how he glorifies the military + Israel’s National Service? In a country, like the USA that is always looking for the next war, it’s not to far fetch to figure out what he means, a military service. Hispanic, Female, and a “Bernie Bro” according to corporatists, I’m in the “radical left” Corrupt Politicians are the cancer of the World. #Bernie2020 #NotMeUs
_Animist United States “how r u doin?” is my new pick up line. so far it’s had a 100% success rate Rapper/ kind of a producer. i tweet about rap a lot my name is Dalton
mk_york_books I don't know if there's any better feeling than seeing how far our girls have come. Mine in particular was so suspicious and angry when she came to live with us and now she just sprawls out like "what??? this is My Bed. it is certainly not YOURS" and I love it. Romance writer by night, medical trainee by day (and night, and weekends). she/her. Highly bisexual, exceedingly angry.
RajRA62457744 @ndtv Is she carrying luggage as a porter To mr Roy ? how can he engage? Penalise him for misuse of child labour Otherwise it's normal short film to embarass rulers For which we need not go too far Every nook and corner in mumbai Delhi we can see as many as you can
MovieMaker2011 Seriously how can anyone look at the liberals in Congress and say they're proud to be a liberal? What Congress is doing in so illegal I have nothing to compare it to! They are committing crimes far worse than treason. We need to stop them and take away their power! I'm a cashier, I play games, edit videos, & want to make a VR game. I watch achievement hunter and that's all I do. 😐 I'm also pro Trump & pro America FIRST
Drama4No United States Think about this and how far we have gone in such a short time. What happens if Trump wins in 2020? Will the righteous rise or fail to heed the call until it is too late? Being better, one step at a time. Seeking #Truth. ❤️☮️🇺🇸
DeepblueKat iPhone: 30.410633,-91.176140 @_celia_bedelia_ @TGKbake @gt5841b What is the medical term for a miscarriage? Abortion. How many pregnancies end in abortions? Far more than end in births How is a miscarriage different from an abortion? Biologically nothing. Whose business is it? Hers, her deity’s (if she has one) & her SO if she chooses. How can you do this without sounding lame? There is no potential for depth of knowledge. *Sigh* The ultimate end of this kind of concision is dross.
Xavier9281 @lizbitbaby88 @HBO I forgot to set my DVR, I was curious about it. How is it so far? Boxing, Bourbon, Cigars, H.P. Lovecraft, and Vampire the Masquerade
KelakaiFire Anime world (ー ー;) In my thoughts I think “How did I get this far here?” I’m trying to provide what I can rn for you guys, at it is hard, I do love myself as much as I love y’all. I sometimes have trouble trying to be friends with people I admire, because I feel like I’m gonna get regected -> Hardcore Music, Horror Movie Addict, Sleep is my drug, and I live to love P: @Rayne170 B @Misstoriki Some Fire Demon
thepharmabum @KayMogul @Complex How come? It’s been shown to help with PTSD and mental ailments. The drug war is nonsense and has led to the incarceration of far too many people, especially for things that have medical benefit and are relatively safe. psychologist | weird turn pro | dm open only if you’re ken jennings level famous