The disunited mind is far

The disunited mind is far from wise how can it meditate How can it be at peace When U know no peace how can you know joy - Bhagwat Gita

Payal_Rohatgi India The disunited mind is far from wise, how can it meditate? How can it be at peace? When U know no peace, how can you know joy ? - Bhagwat Gita #ThursdayThoughts #ThursdayMotivation #PayalRohatgi Indian Actor/ Yogi/ Gujarat board Topper/Computer Eng/ Former MissTourismWorld/ Opinionated Indian Woman/ Dir (SSF)/ Proud Hindu: payalrohatgiofficial@gmail.com

mikercarpenter Washington, DC The media is always looking for more “troubling” info on Trump’s ties to Russia. I get it. But isn’t what we know already completely, utterly disqualifying? Think about how far the goalposts have moved since Nov 2016 - in part cuz the media keeps hyping the next shoe to drop. Senior Director @PennBiden. Former DASD for Russia/Balkans/Eurasia @DeptofDefense, Foreign Policy Advisor @JoeBiden, and Director for Russia @NSC44.

PlanetQuest Pasadena, California When we talk about the enormity of the cosmos💫, it’s easy to toss out big numbers, but far hardert to wrap our minds around just how large, how far and how numerous celestial bodies like #exoplanets really are. So. How big is the Milky Way galaxy? We're NASA scientists looking for planets and life beyond our solar system. Follow our journey at
drivingmzstacey San Francisco, CA @AvalosSF @LondonBreed How about a picture? I presume you still live in D11. That is far away from the current and proposed Navigation Centers. It’s easy to applaud when it’s not your part of town. 🚴🏼‍♀️🛴🚊⛴🛵🏎 🚘✈️🚁🚍 Optimized mobility of people, goods & energy. Go lighter, safer. @flyingcarshow on @KGO810 Saturdays 9-10am PST
ProudBavaria Bavaria, Germany @TeamYouTube hey, I'd just like some clarification: is it allowed to talk about and show non-monetary statistics from my YouTube channel? I'd like to do a video tracing how my YouTube journey went so far in terms of watch time, subscribers and views growth. Could I do that or nah Map Painter by day and sleeping at night. Tweet or e-mail me (mail on youtube page) if you want me to play your tactics/strategy game!

mary64803469 Kansas, USA @soledadobrien If those Republicans are against releasing the Report, what does that tell us? It doesn’t matter how corrupted Trump is , so far,he is there man 👨 Don’t seem to be concerned about the American People or our Democracy. Where do we go from here ? God help us !!!

casualgalaxies Salem, MA @judoletteflip @amdapori bro that is so... far 😂 but exciting!! how are you liking it out there? Yeah im here to fulfill the prophecy or whatever

1800CHANHEE @sxftblush i’m blocking the next person who says “bts paved the way” i’m not an anti i love them and am happy for them but y’all have taken this too far. how hard is it to recognize that bts exo AND got7 are all extremely successful? how fucking hard is it for y’all to not shit on others #YVES: she is a bitch. b-i-c-t-h

LouisEs10511623 La Habra Heights, CA @MAGATrumpster @GeoffRBennett @kasie @AlexNBCNews Trump’s tax audit is in “ perpetual audit” is ludacris! And for you to use it as an excuse, just tells me how naïve and far from the truth you are! Who else do you know has a “perpetual audit” in place?Trump knows he is in TROUBLE! If you have nothing to hide, why do you hide it? Take the moment and make the best of it! Enjoy the ride (life) and POSITIVELY grow to understand the world around you before it's over!..you'll be surprised!
how far is it
CouchKatelyn Fort Worth, TX Wow how 🆒 is it to have another NEW @jonasbrothers song and video?? So far this music has been WELL worth the wait!💕#JonasBrothers #CoolVideo And so the adventure begins...

scottandrews California How are all my friends doing? Tell me something good, please...it’s been a rough year so far but I know the best is yet to come! How about for you? Author, Speaker, Founder of AspireNow and ARRiiVE. Executive Director and Founder of SLO Jazz Festival. Saxophonist. Learn more:
LuiFsi The Batcave — West Coastin’ How is it that my best night thus far in Albuquerque consists of me losing $100 at the casino? 🤔 lol 🧔🏻✈️🍤🥩🍺⚽️🧗🏻‍♂️🥇😏😈🍑

WellDeservedVac On a #WellDeservedVacation As someone who’s been on a real submarine the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage is far more entertaining! Have you been on this ride? How did you like it? #welldeservedvacation #findingnemo… Book your #WellDeservedVacation at: ⚓️ #GroupTravel #IncentiveTrips #Cruises 🛳 #AllInclusiveResorts #IFB #F4F 🏖️IG: WellDeservedVacation

5HKordeination USA @simmnfierzig @wolfiekappa How far is Lowkey realistically away from a charting? A month or so if streams and radio keep increasing like it has been. I know the audience isn’t much but 🤷🏾‍♂️ gotta ask I can’t help myself, no

OneBiglllusion Albion Falls @prydmorker -lucked out on that because it got me here. But what if the next one to find me isn’t as nice as you?” She knows she has her tricks and it’s worked wonders so far, but how long is it until her luck runs out? “I...I don’t know, Tat. This is the first time I stayed for more than- We get a sniff of sorcery and oh! What plans we make! We’ll shake creation and leave nothing but smiles and wit and a reputation all men envy! (RP) #Shockwave

SwingleCody Chicago, IL @snuffleplatypus @KeithMcFarland @debmell @RossanaFor33 Are you saying there are similar themes to their campaigns? To me this is true of all politics. Who on city council currently defies this idea in your opinion? As far as how they've run their campaign, I am very familiar as I've been a part of it. What is it that irks you ? Woodworker, Scribbler, Scattergun of Enthusiasm

MarisaP43739708 United States @kenolin1 He's been too far gone for a long time, way before he became POTUS. And people are just noticing how bad it is? Hi there in twtter land lol Engaged to my man and we have a beautiful son together. Just looking for friends and hoping to talk to my fave actors.

marco_lius @CBCNews Is anyone surprised by this? #Bill62 shows how far @francoislegault and Quebecers will go to trample minorities of colour. Nothing is out of bounds when it comes to saving their "cultural heritage" as it was put! My fav phrase I hear from francos is "I'm not racist, but" #qcpoli

nathe_z @NatooPotatoo Is it ppl outside the apartment? If so about how far? Sub to Nathe Ann Z'bar on YouTube for comedy, satire, irony, and general absurdity.

AliceBorealis_ Auburndale, FL @crocsushi Mormonism is still bordering on a cult, not as bad as JW but it's not super far off. But hey, I guess this is a step forward (?) Weird how Mormons got here before other types of Christians. 19, art student. Character and story artist. Excited to be alive and drawing.

doc_most Dunedin, FL @MKLiebmann How "Greek life" (it's far from an accurate description) is even allowed let alone encouraged on campuses these days is disgusting! Similar to beauty pageants. What the hell Century is this?! Actor. Writer. Thinker.

transvaluator @rhizostigmata Well, I jest---but behind it lies a question which a "read all" philosophy must answer, one way or another: Which thinkers and which thoughts do we problematize, and how far; and which do we allow to walk with us? The difference is a veritable Political of the ideological. One day soon, the prophetic pneuma will sweep through whole communities like a firebrand, welding them together. Will you fight, or will you perish like a dog?

Bennus_H @DefendAssange How is he still imprisoned in the Ecuador embassy? (By any definition, it has been an imprisonment with arguably far worse conditions than he would have in an actual prison). Too many corrupt governments who HATE accountability.

Zeld101 emotional @ShareYourEnergy i’m getting it tomorrow as a birthday present (my birthday was today but my friends, family, and i are celebrating tomorrow) how fun is it so far? “Strength is absolute. Strength forgives all. Even the past.”