The Tories are going to

The Tories are going to spend 100 million on adverts to explain what a no deal brexit is all about even though they say its not what they want How far would this amount of money go in providing food for people who need it

LeanneWood Rhondda The Tories are going to spend £100 million on adverts to explain what a no deal brexit is all about, even though they say it’s not what they want. How far would this amount of money go in providing food for people who need it? Plaid Cymru. Aelod Cynulliad / Assembly Member for the Rhondda. Welsh. Socialist. Feminist. Anti-fascist. Environmentalist. Republican. Cymraeg.

NWSVegas Las Vegas, NV 🤔 Wondering how HOT it is out there? So far it has hit 112°F in #Vegas (official temps taken @LASairport). That makes today the HOTTEST day of the year so far. We still have 1-2 hours of heating left, so temps could still ⬆️ another degree or two... #BeatTheHeat #VegasWeather Official Twitter account for the National Weather Service office in Las Vegas. For details:
nadeeminc New Delhi, India BJP's idea for the empowerment of women is far fetched dream away from reality. The #TripleTalaqBill is just a glimpse of it. How will criminalizing Muslim men will embolden the position of Muslim women? Chairman,Minority Department,AICC. Media Panelist AICC, Former National President NSUI ,Former National Gen sec IYC ,Ex MLA.Tweets=Personal, RTs≠Endorsements!

pthomasgarcia Los Angeles, CA @JJS4Tweet @OrganicCucumber @Mr_dangles4 @TulsiGabbard How have you come to these conclusions? You don't cite sources. It's like your entire argument is ideology. Honduras is far from socialist, w/ its fascist government favorable to foreign capital, which murders as it privatizes all the more, as documented. Frequenter of public libraries.

TheCheetahwings West Virginia, USA. @Art_Relatable how do these work? It's crazy how far technology is coming HI my name is Kenny & I stan Taylor Swift & lady Gaga. (Also Big Brother in the Summer)

BTSXAPRIL California, USA @BTSxHollywood How is it so far!?!? D: ♡ 🇺🇸 @BTS_twt Army | SJDC '19👩🏻‍🎓➡️ Cal🐻 | #BTSinOakland 9/12💜| #BTSx997Now 4/12💜| #BTSxRoseBowl 5/4, 5/5💜 | ♡

zoudiaXIII Follow the Crimson Brick Road I know I’m not a teenager anymore. But for some reason, 未成年 (miseinen) is making me cry harder at 27 than when I was 14. How did I make it this far? Why? 【Awesome, Magic & Psychedelic】【lvl 27】【Cosplay stuff】【Fanfic writer - procrastinator】【Interracial Child - oreo 】 【Punsexual & embarrassingly too much bi】

Runicityy @ManaByte How is it so far? God. Sports. Family. Friends. Gaming. Rêveur.

Ginger_Kaitlin dirtybayhoe. ‘How Far is Tattoo Far?’ Is my favorite thing on Snapchat and I hope you are all subscribed to it. just took a dna test, turns out I’m 100% that bitch.

LyndonJC North West, England @BBCRadio4 How far is the pound going to fall? As I write, the Pound has lost over 25% of its value vs Thai Baht since June 2016, falling from 50.5 bht to 37.55, or to put it another way 50,500 bht was £1000, now 50,550 bht will cost you £1344 a 34% increase in reality #brexit

winnie4prez Canada @profamirattaran @CBC Are you really saying it is prudish to not want to sexualise children? And why do you think being broadcast on national TV guarantees safety? Plenty of child actors are abused. You should rethink how far you are willing to go to stay "progressive." These are children. much there is that is weird, but nought is weirder than man

Jamal_TF16 Anyone else think it’s crazy af how far gaming has come since like 2010-2011? Or is it just me

kkumaminn bakubaby 。.:*☆ @justjuntin okay justin This is so cool justin oh my god you like reading? I like reading too! What’s the title of your book? Maybe I’ll read it soon! Is it fiction or non-fiction? How many pages? How far are you into the book and how are you liking it so far? Have fun reading, Justin! GGGGG ly tour 092918 (´・ω・`) not sweaty

JohnHerndonJr Chicago @willied818 @JC1053 This was my point too when it came to pay Zeke. It’s not suggesting he is not a great RB. But how many great RB are difference makers? As far as SB wins. I mean look at the starting RBs. The Blounts is the world. You build that D, OL, skill positions and a very good RB. Artist/ Writer/ Storyteller in multiple fields.

ArtMedi04386685 Northampton, England How do some pairings of people or groups can produce Billion pound companies on the fly? My idea so far is they decrypt & sequence the world to produce a shield & reinforce it together to get something done, you need mutual psychometric testing. But test emergent behaviour. #Swarms #Intelligence #Advanced #Social #Modelling #Concept #Designer

MateenKassim New York, NY How is life treatinf you so far? Wait for it... nacido y criado en Brunéi

Mike_L_Na Los Angeles, CA @Mr_RGP @SamSeder Lol what? Seeing as how the leftist media calls the very air Trump breathes "racist," past legislation to change terminology lest it offends people (E.g. Manforce > "workforce," see Cali), and is generally pro censorship.. safe to say ❄️ found their safe space on the far left. I don't know what the fuck I'm talking about, take me seriously at your own risk. Constitutionalist 🇺🇸 Free-Speech advocate....... and video games.

LooseCannonInAz Phoenix AZ @chipalope @Barack8MyDog @DogWalkingDame @robreiner How, exactly, is it worse? Just cause you say it is? He’s play FAR, FAR less Golf than Obama... so how, idiot? Proud supporter of #MAGA

anthony_berndt San Diego, CA @schoppik Yeah, this is seriously breaking my brain. They did what, with what, how? I love that despite years of formal training and multiple degrees, there's people in science doing stuff that is so far out there it blows me away when it comes to the creativity and ability they display. Scientist. Unbreaker of hard problems. Obsessed with making tasty food and useful things for others.

humofthecity San Francisco @bikemamadelphia @bthny I think it's funny how freestyle basically = front crawl because nothing is more efficient so far. Why do other strokes even exist, then? I guess I can see the case for backstroke, but the others are bogus. Public health killjoy riding bikes she/her

SonosSupport @molliecarroll Thanks for getting that to us. It looks like all the other speakers are talking to the router fine so we will want to figure out why the Playbar isn't. How far is the Playbar from the router? Could you reply in a DM so we have more space to troubleshoot? We’re here to help 24/7. Find more answers at Follow us for Sonos tips & how-tos. Service status available at
MitchellGlenn Perth AUS 🇦🇺 @916_stevo @sandylanceley Steve, there are not a lot of wicket-keepers who ever play as specialist batsmen ... how far back to you have to go in AUS for the last example? Probably Wayne Phillips over 30 years ago so all sample sizes will be small. There is no excuse why it should effect performance. Broadcaster & writer; former ABC sports commentator; mental health advocate; represented by
DanTheBoomer SC, USA But the real question is: how far were they able to pull it? Card-carrying member of the Patriarchy. I identify as an AC-130. Trans-billionaire. Follow me on Gab. Or not.

YCaccia Tennessee, USA @Jack_Burkman So far every Republican male representative in Washington DC and TN is either a pedophile, an adulterer, a closet gay, thief, or liar. Or some combination of the above. See how easy it is to say things like that? Although the TN part is probably true. Love dogs and cats, and even groom dogs for a living. Enjoy reading and watching movies, and even though only a few followers doesn't mean I'm a bot. lol

DhanurjoyKumar India Good morning folks, How far do you believe that RAPE is/should be justified whether it's customary, culturally or if it's inspired by religious philosophy ? #TuesdayThoughts #TuesdayMorning Tweets personal|RT's ≠ endorsement| Wild Hindu | Proud Indian🇮🇳

horeimomo rp!strictly nsa. @STARRYWHEElN I barely even realize today is Tuesday already. Thought it’s still Sunday, lol. How’s Tuesday going so far for you, unnie? ✏️. . . i love jokbal! jokbal is life! the main dancer of the group called twice. pardon me, i mean jokbal and once are all that i need! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ @thegoddesstier!

SmartAlexJones United States @EmmaVigeland It's still early but my sense is the media will make sure Warren and Bernie split the left. It's not good. How far into the primaries are we going to watch Pedophile Joe pull 27%? The Neoliberal Whoreporate Media's worst nightmare. It's hard to get money out of politics when that money ends up on Network TV Ads. Dump corporate candidates.

SmartAlexJones United States @BethLynch2020 It's still early but my sense is the media will make sure Warren and Bernie split the left. It's not good. How far into the primaries are we going to watch Pedophile Joe pull 27%? The Neoliberal Whoreporate Media's worst nightmare. It's hard to get money out of politics when that money ends up on Network TV Ads. Dump corporate candidates.

LunarKitten_29 On my home planet What is ur fav subject? — Science, by far. But it depebds on the teacher and how they teach the class I love Youtube, music, animals, and video games. I love watching youtubers like Jacksepticeye and Markiplier. And I love making others smile!

RJM29 Staten Island, NY @BernieSanders Greed is so far from exclusive it’s not even funny.. I know poor ppl who are greedy and rich ppl who are generous and vice versa. It’s not purely an economic sin, it is a human sin. Say, how are your 3 homes? God first;Jessica’s husband; Nico and Matteo’s daddy; CEO @HYDR8; USA all the way 🇺🇸;Sports enthusiast; washed up hockey player but still going

itsmebetween This is the strangest occurrence, but when you look at how many people in Trumps campaign team were on the payroll of Russian agents, it makes you wonder how far have they infiltrated the Republican Party, money corrupts, Russia has deep pockets. Kompromat ?

yunojng Fjorvaltereign, Archaion You may want to admit how comfortable it is. You've found a safe haven, after all! It's far from people, unwanted noise pollution, and trespassers.. Is it really, though? The poetic catastrophe of Neo Culture Technology, Archaion, and Ares.

rachelees69 Internet @Cville300zxtt I played it out and just couldn’t get through the pitch stage. “What if we tell a princess meets prince story? And this black painter is around ...” that’s how far I got. Tech, startups, and career + mgmt musings. PSEUDONYM of an irritable, unfiltered human. Sometimes NSFW. Random poker and politics crap.

joshuapolk89fit Denver, Co @DianaVFavela @_devsss Lmao it’s not for everyone. Devs and I be lowkey killin Chick-Fil-A and yeah, their service is by far the best. How don’t you like em doe?! Faith|Family|Love

leanestroar @MikeLawry126 @thehill Well the record, for a slightly different route, is under a week so reckon she should make it in time. How far do you think it is? It only took Columbus 5 weeks 500 odd years ago. Part time Libertarian, part time Marxist, father, atheist (antitheist, technically, if pigeon holing people is your thing), often confused. He/him

luckydoghot East Bay Area, California Gee, I wonder why @realDonaldTrump has been attacking @RepCummings. Maybe it’s because looking like an overtly racist blowhard moron is preferable to the reality that he’s a traitorous puppet moron. Dear lord how have we sunk so far that this bumbling nincompoop is @POTUS? 🤦🏼‍♂️ Locally sourced, award-winning. I’m not famous but my hot sauce is. Opinions may be that of Anubis, jackal headed god of the underworld. #HotOnes🔥

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