The Nigel Farage Show is

The Nigel Farage Show is live watch it here Nigel asks how far are you willing to compromise on Brexit

LBC UK The Nigel Farage Show is live, watch it here. Nigel asks: how far are you willing to compromise on Brexit? Leading Britain's Conversation. Call now on 0345 60 60 973.
xan_desanctis New York, NY How hard would it be simply to ask each candidate on stage: “Is there any limitation on legal abortion that you would support?” Given the debates over abortion policy so far this year, it would make perfect sense to ask this. But they don’t. Staff writer at National Review. Published in @TheAtlantic, @WSJ, @dcexaminer. Notre Dame alum. Romans 8:38.
zerowondering business@zerowondering.com Doesn't have to be, but this is the same as "why does throwing a ball through a loop need to be a career?" - Look how far the scene is without heavy support from Nintendo. If pros thought this way, there would be no MKLeos, no Nairos, or me, but I did retire, so maybe it shows. @Tempo_Storm | Gonzalo Barrios 🇨🇱 | #SmashBros Legend | 56 @GWR Tournament Win Streak | | #ScarfArmy Vanessa❤| @zeroisnothere
iowenjones on Gumbaynggirr land Another total fire ban tomorrow 17/10/2019. How many is that so far this year? 3? It's not even summer yet. #auspol #climateCrisis Full Stack Human. #publishing #cms #UX #accessibility #equality #diversity #inclusion #compliance #IBD. My own words.
SeanFionn Aerbus, @ldrscke @IanCLucas How many other people's jobs will it cost? How will it impact the UK? It is part of a hard right re-ordering of the UK's economy & society. I presume you campaigned against Thatcher yet you are enabling people far more extreme than her. Explain that to your constituents.
Nativista1111 @joshfoxfilm @JohnKingCNN @CNN TOO FAR LEFT?!? Isn’t that how the Democratic Party is supposed to be in the first place... after decades of trying to appease republicans and look where that’s got THEM now!! There’s no”DEMOCRATIC” left anymore! It’s GONE!!
KenCohen NYC @realDonaldTrump Your international actions have something in common; they benefit Russia. I know why. How far are you willing to go to protect yourself? He has you, and it is incontrovertible.
TakesWo In your bushes, watching you tweet. @CaLiLiberal20 @NBCNews How much do you care, exactly? You said you care, and it shows, but how far does it go? Do you care when the song's writer says it? When it's included in songs? When black people, in general, say it? ...Or is it just when a white person says it? All tweets are archived at
JBChr98 Ok Twitter, I again find myself up far too late. Tonight's sleepless question is: 🥁 *drumroll* 🥁 How do you make a good wedding hashtag? Bc I'm really running out of time here, so if anyone has any ideas that don't involve "Willian" or "Jilliam" ... I'd appreciate it niegame el pan, el aire, la primavera, pero tu risa nunca, porque me moriría
3dOLLabILL iN dREAMtIMe oN wALkaBOuT @FionaPattenMLC yeah but, how the fuck, did that fuck wit get away with knocking down the st. Kilda Greyhound Hotel. Melbourne is not fashion OR MUSIC CAPITAL. IF IT WAS, IT WAS EXECUTED DEAD (NOT SUSPICIOUS??? ) A LONG TIME AGO,,,BEST 2B FAR, FAR, AWAY. what do you know,,,what do you know? lets discuss at the puppet show
NellyDamayanti4 Bekasi, Jawa Barat There are so many warnings from God in His Word directed at the rich so they are aware of how their life is now? Is it far from the Word of God? God even said how difficult it is for a rich person to enter the kingdom of heaven because his heart is bound with his wealth. Tubuh Sehat asset,ubah pola makan dgn Nutrisi #Herbalife,buktikan hslnya #wanita #IBU #sehat #bugar #sukses #pengusaha #bisnis #nutrisi order WA:0822-0825-6215
hroogar Germany @cld_apcp @CommissionerHR @eucopresident @EUombudsman @EU_Commission @EUParl_EN @hrw Yes, indeed it was. They have done it before. The question now is how far are they willing to go? It won't take long until we find out. Also, any minute now expecting some EU politicians asking Catalans to stop violence. They are going to take part in the false narrative. Catalan living in Germany. Joined twitter to support mostly all animal rights efforts and spread the need to protect animals and expose those who don't.
graham_strouse Anywhere but here So Rep. Ilhan Omar endorsed Bernie tonight & it appears AOC is likely to follow suit. This helps Sen. Sanders how? They’re both first-term Congress Critters with little influence outside the far left. Plus, Omar’s an antisemitic crank & AOC’s a flake. #WithFriendsLikeThese... I'm an anti-PC liberal, aging jock & former journalist. I yak about pop culture, politics, public health, technology, sports & how to take over the world!
onlymilind1 Baner, Pune @srinivasangopal @shaels @narendramodi @PMOIndia @MoHUA_India @nsitharaman @HardeepSPuri @KailashBabarET @shilpysinhaET Do remember that you chose the dishonest builder. How far is it correct to expect the taxpayer to pay for the decision? Move the NCLT, prosecute the builder under the very effective IBC- homebuyers have got relief. Former Colonel, principled nationalist, free thinker, articulate speaker/writer, proud Hindu, RSS/BJP fan. Retweets are not endorsements unless stated.
MissMorrisa Chicago, IL @cmclymer @AOC How is this “big”? It’s predictable but strange as far as timing. It’s a coordinated move to shift attention away from dude just having a heart attack. COWBOYS!! #Louisville #L1C4 Politics, Music, Life...
natas129 @JoeHigarashi @jsiani @MichaelSkolnik @BetoORourke How?? The rationale fear is the ban on certain guns will inevitably lead to bans on others. 9mm hand guns have killed a far more than 5.56 and or .223 in the states. Seizures of the ar platform is only the beginning. You know it... I know it... We all know it.
Zorak30 Washington, USA How is this not one of the most viewed videos ever? Spread it far and wide everyone! We're going back to the Moon!!! #Biden #DemocraticDebate #WorldSeries2019 #NASA Nerd - Wannabee Astronomer - Lover of Coca-Cola and In-N-Out Burger - INTJ
HiIamMikeC Los Angeles, CA @AppleDank @TomiLahren Whataboutism at it's finest. How about a trade war has led to record far bankruptcies. Taking some land didn't. Why is this insane man such a god to you people? I'm great with unmatched wisdom.
TheMrLandon @jeffpearlman How far did he get in The Book Thief? It's a terrific book (so is yours!) but I've had some students put it down. High School English teacher. Loves poetry, Man City football, golf, rescue dogs. Constantly on the lookout for a better profile pic.
eclaireayy Nashville, TN @BeautyblvdCo Wow. Y’all really are just putting anything in your coochie huh? What is this even made of? Silicone? TPE? How far can you control it from? FFS - if you’re gonna buy a toy that goes in THE most absorbent [ 1/2 ] Sex Positive, Body Positive, Kink Positive - 18+ only - 💵 Venmo: @Theykilledkate - 💵Ca$hApp: $theykilledkate - 💫 content creator
NARAYANANKUTTYV Cochin, India @DrEBalakrishna1 ഈ സര്‍വാധിപതൃമാണ് പല രാജ്യങളും marx നെ ഉപേക്ഷിഛത്, with technology, communication, social media this Iron curtain is falling, see now Hongkong, how far it will continue ?

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