Sense prevails in the end

Sense prevails in the end but how did it get so far at all Why did the BBC need to be told by the public that its outrageous to showcase a man convicted of an anti-Semitic hate crime and another man convicted of assaulting a woman How off the moral rails is this train

astroehlein Brussels, Belgium Sense prevails in the end, but how did it get so far at all? Why did the BBC need to be told by the public that it‘s outrageous to showcase a man convicted of an anti-Semitic hate crime (and another man convicted of assaulting a woman)? How off the moral rails is this train? European Media Director, Human Rights Watch, @HRW. Covering #humanrights worldwide.

BCGreens British Columbia, Canada Allegations of money laundering may not seem like it affects the lives of the average British Columbian. But when it puts the price of houses out of reach for many, it’s a problem. How far does this alleged corruption reach? You deserve answers. #bcpoli Authorized by BC Green Party (1-888-473-3686)

RuvhenekoP Harare, Zimbabwe It makes me so sad when 'men of God' use God's name in vain. He is God- do they forget how high His office is against mortals? Exploiting he Church for fame & wealth; it has to stop. Congregants, do we hold our Church leaders accountable when they've gone "too far?" #pastorlukau Journalist | Radio & TV Talk Show Host | MC | Brand Ambassador |

kali0x2a Germany @sregoczei i mean in how far is it even possible for an algorithm to understand the context in which a phrase has been said? SMH. 🏴💚☮️♀️

TexasFlatlander TEXAS @pdrivbamboo929 Your cover photo of Frogmoor House is beautiful! I love it! I wish so badly that we could see the inside after it’s remodeled. I wonder how much say they let the Duke and Duchess have in the remodeling process as far as colors and decor? #BuildtheWall, Animal lover, poodles, Conservative, Farm wife, #TexasStrong, #AllthingsBritishRoyal, NO porn, no boyfriends! 🐷🥓
haxxelprincess @sour_puzz LMAO I rly love it I can't stop playing it, but that's fair. How far did you get? and JOHN IS A SNACK

bgluckman Seattle, WA @erlichmanr @russ1mitchell Buyers in that class want it to master the basics. How is cargo capacity? Does it have a third row? Is the third row easily accessible? Brands like Honda put an insane amount of research and testing into vehicles like the Pilot and Passport. It's work Tesla hasn't done so far. VP at WE Communications for Microsoft CELA. The mumbo sauce loving kind of Native Washingtonian, tweeting about cars, queer politics, travel and cats.

foreverdefisser Manchester, NH @MACourtClosings How likely is it that they could be closed tomorrow? People travel pretty far to be at court. 🤷🏽‍♀️ follow my instagram: @ defisser

TomJoad_is_dead @SkyNewsAust @KKeneally What Keneally is looking for here is a theodicy. It’s amazing how many Christians have failed to properly test their own faith, or reconcile it with the world around them. Why would abuse by catholic clergymen be a bridge too far in a world of genocide, starvation and poverty? Humanist. Atheist. Viva Palestine.

SapAud Gab What bullshît is this? 'We'll tell you what's true. You can form your own view.' Do you mean that anybody who doesn't take your word for it is wrong? Because that's what it sounds like. How far is that from everybody I disagree with is a Nazi? @Independent History has many cunning passages • TS Elliot.

AshesTV Southern California @Chris_Tatarian Me too. How do you tubers do it? My goal is simply one video a week. Still very far from that! Future Jedi Master | Xsplit Elite | Water is life 💧 Follow my new project @TheGoddessCrew !!

jcrcrrea she/her the only thing that’s really pathetic here is how you’re so far up your ass that you think quote tweeting someone when they’re having a hard time literally telling them to shut up and get over it is woke and mature. newsflash hon, it’s not. how about YOU get a life? #APRILONEIL: why go to high school and learn math when you can kill aliens with swords on weekends [fan account]

unisp0rn Pittsburgh, PA @desmond_amazing #desmondisamazing Anybody else still wanna stick up for this kids mother? This is the worst form of #parenting. It's like she's testing how far authorities will let her go before it's too late for this poor kid. #sick #childabuse I'm a rare breed... My brain is clogged with hot dogs. LSD is the only antidote!!

mark_ehrlich GIRLSCHOOL cover, "Future Flash". Gary, how does this sound? This is with my buddy Bob Bradshaw's guitar (RIP), Mandy Green. I think it sounds pretty bad ass. Gary Gustafson how's this so far? Support the lady in rock.

PatrickBlank Seattle, WA @GameDevMark How is the game so far? It’s on my backlog list. Co-Founder, Creative Director, Lead Level Designer @MonsterSquadDev RunicGames: Hob, Torchlight 1&2 Gearbox: Borderlands, Brothers in Arms 1&2. From Jackson ,MI

lk_bell Sincerely confused how this remains a problem...on the surface it seems like the clearest “win/win” imaginable for pols. Are there hidden economics or nuance here...or just a measure of how far we’ve fallen?

staneflinger @Stu_N @EuanPhilipps @SarahSm95564878 @UKLabour @jeremycorbyn I ask because its unclear what exactly it is, obviously hatred qualifies, i’m curious how far the bar is set regerding any discussion? You think Rotherham changed anything? You think Rotherham got justice? Change your outlook on reality for your kids sake. The#1400Campaign #120db #Truthtellers

ShaGGy_Uk Manchester @OwenJones84 Translation. Owen is comparing assualt based on the person. How far does this belief go? Sexual assault? Can someone deserve it? As it appears this is what he's inferring. I try to be reasonable with a touch of humour, Have abilty to think for myself rather than let #facebook and #twitter become a brain replacement Follow for more

Heberlouks Summer 2017 @dynastycrew47 @carlxossss That’s the point. All I’m saying is that an artist wouldn’t put a single note in their album that doesn’t coincide with the rest of the album. It’s all there for a reason. Whether or not the listener gets it is besides the point. So now let me ask you, how far is a light year? sup ugly

screamfaceguy Everywhere and Nowhere @SpookyladySD Oh yeah? What’s it going to be? Not going to ask how far away that is. I know better than to ask a woman her age. #horror #beer #bourbon #cigars #coffee #sex #drugs #rocknroll #tattoos #heavymetal #pinups #resist #sarcasm A fucking ray of sunshine!

Transthoughts1 @greenphantomkid How far is that getting us though? Non-dysphoric people are cis, but it's exhausting to tell people they're cis when they could not care less. Let's just make resources available to only those who need it instead of pretending we're the same. Bi stealth college dude; typical bootl*cker trans(sexual) ⚔️

tapster1 @qanon76 @realDonaldTrump How many have been indicted for protecting Trump over his illegal activities and fake election? You can round it if you want. Ok, I’ll tell you. So far 34 people and three Russian companies, most of whom pleaded guilty. Is the Grand Jury corrupt too? And the judges?

SteveLaRue2 Santa Monica, CA @sebmodak How's it going so far (your journey not the bar music)? Is it lonely sometimes?🤔🌎 Man About Town🇺🇸Surfer 🏄Writer☕️Storyteller🍷Development Dude👽Brother😁Mathlete🚴Tennis🎾 Ski Enthusiast ⛷ Swim🏊🏼

Connor_17Taylor Larksville pa @AWxNYC hey I live in NEPA any chance I see heavy bands at all? Or is it just gonna be how I’ve seen it so far? I want the fat ❄️ Wyoming Valley West '17🎓 fan of the New England Patriots🏉🏈 Texas Rangers⚾️ Charlotte Hornets🐝🏀 and Boston Bruins🏒🥅

raiden672008 @SweetWitches_s Ya can’t say that! I think everyone would agree that you’re far from it 👍🏽 i’ve always been interested in cosplaying but I never ever got around to it. I think the two that you did were great! How’ve you been? All is well? Programmer - C#, Python 🐍 , 3D Modeler - Level Design.

islillac Soft, nsfw @Leapquore ㅡ husky is indeed handsome. So far it's my favorite big doggo. How old is your husky? Roleplayer of make-up artist and vlogger Park Hyemin aka Pony ㅡ Vi veri veniversum vivus vici
How far is it?
TFCFan Canada @PTVinnyMac @Alessandra8484 Lmao! How is it so far? Father of 3 awesome boys||Loving Husband || #TFC #Juve #MCFC ||Account management||#Vegetarian ||#Pens||#49ers|| #Positive

google3655 @alexrblackwell @DavidPriess "the President is not a reader"? Is it asking too much for a President that reads? It is a daily briefing, not a special needs class! The fact that this is being discussed demonstrates how far off the map we've wandered. Science is the great antidote to the poison of enthusiasm and superstition. Outdoor enthusiast. Cardiovascular Perfusionist.