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Phone lines are open 888 602 7590 x12464 How do you think President Trump is doing so far with the economy Has it helped you and your famiy

WayneDupreeShow USAF Desert Storm/Shield Vet Phone lines are open! 888 602 7590 x12464. How do you think President Trump is doing so far with the economy? Has it helped you and your famiy? #WayneDupreeShow #RealTalk #RealOpinion 2018 Pioneer Of New Media; 2017 Newsmax Top 50 Influential Black Repub, 2015 Blogger/Yr; 2014 Podcast/Yr, Political Commentator - 📧 wayne@waynedupree.com
27khv Россия A far right party is about to enter Estonia’s new government. But it’s strongly anti-Russian. How does this fit the US/UK media/think tank narrative that the Kremlin is behind the rise of the European Union’s far right? Journalist.
natalieben Sheffield, England In short no - still a huge waste of resources. Reduce & reuse rather than recycle. "Compostable in special facility" doesn't mean will get there. And how far away is it? #plasticpollution #plasticwaste @TheGreenParty candidate for Sheffield Central 2017. Party leader 2012-16. Follows not an endorsement. Promoted by Eamonn Ward, for N.B., 73 Eskdale Rd, S6 1SL
FlicksGames Sydney, New South Wales @SkillUpYT Hey man, how's it going. Was wondering from the games released this year so far, which one (or more) is your favourite? What do you do when you love games and movies so much? You make a Twitter page and share that love🎬🎮 Also, a writer at Fandomwire and various other sites.
Horoscope_Baba @ImranKhanPTI How far did you go Mr Khan ? I guess as far as licking your armys boots to get in power. Shame on you. I tght you had intent to resolve India Pak issue but you are army bot. Only way to resolve kashmir issue is to let it go! Nahi toh Barbad ho jayega pakistan. still time. #think Well I predict future based on my methods. I do not guarantee the accuracy of my prediction. Follow to see the predictions and judge yourself.💪
How far is it?
1371_Ben Right on the left Coast @haydentiff How far does it or will it travel? 10 meters? Use a digital stop watch and record the time from the rear of the arrow to the end of the“line for 10 meters”, record the time at least 9 times & have them use statistics and calculate v is speed, d is distance, and t is time. V= t/d Political Advisor to James Bond on #Politics#Women#Economics#Guns Marine & IraqiWarVet. Conservative-Libertarian #sarcist(؟) ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ
jjward2000 Pale blue dot @LittleMissLizz Yikes! Thanks for the warning! Btw, how far of a walk is it for you? ...just wonderin' how much time I have... Seriously, sorry to hear it, hope they "work it out" quickly for u Twitter...a valuable tool in my apparent mission to '...remove all doubt'
AjPopsicle sunny side of the earth How is everyone’s work week so far? I know it’s only Monday but hopefully a productive work week for everyone !! love it live it ! I am not really a popsicle. but a tweeting popsicle would cool. The path of the paranormal Freak show here - all aboard
KaushikRamphal @narendramodi What kind of corruption? The system is corrupt . No remedy. How to stop and who all to stop really looks a herculian task. If your govt can, nothing like it! But no corruption has taken place so far is the big Q, people have in their minds. Wish u successs. Retd Army officer. Graduate in logistical & tactical concepts. Graduate of the Army Cadet College. Fear only God. Truth will prevail.
PonderingMindz Washington, USA @TimNissen1 You know who I am more mindful of their wealth? Our gov officials. How is it that there are some who leave office vastly more wealthy than when they entered? As far as the wealth of private citizens? I don't care. Gates gives so much to charity. He made a product that... I am a Libertarian, opinionated, snarky, sarcastic woman. I don't care if you don't like what I say. You don't mean enough to me that your opinon matters.
ati_c Budapest @IamHappyToast But if a royal decree says no deal cannot happen and in 2 days there is no deal, isn't it a logical necessity that a random Briton, by loyalty to HM tweet over to EU that "A50 is hereby revoked" would act de facto in HM's name? Activate the legal minds b/c this is how far I could A different person every second, continuously since '81
BruceDavidWayne @pzmyers @PsychRabble @PamelaParesky @sillyolyou @BretWeinstein @hollymathnerd @Pinkerite1 @mjaeckel @CathrynTownsend @Twitter @jessesingal @AaronPanofsky @primalpoly @EPoe187 @HeatherEHeying @nathanoseroff @clairlemon Dude, I wonder how you got your views? It's so far off from my conception of reality. I know you are a professor of biology, which makes you a smart person, I guess. At least in the field of, well, biology. How is it you're conviced there is no problem at universities?
MrsGreatnews Wellington City, New Zealand @AnnaGConnell I mused on this in a workshop recently where my theory is that Facebook is unlikely to change or die in the face of scandals. It's too ingrained into our lives to have any reason to change without external intervention, but how far can a government go to sway a private company? Kind of a big deal | Social media advisor | 🏳️‍🌈 | Mental health advocate | She/her | Married to @mrgreatnews
realMcFlappy Saratoga Springs, NY It is VERY rare to find this match on Earth, ever... AND we can likely tell how far out of whack your existing relationship is. So, Do they have a child, little lamb... Do you want babies? #Godfather  #Wannabyte  #RubySlippery  #WeThePeople  #OldGlory  #Saratoga  #CharliesAngels  #Charlie  😎
AyeVanessa00 @itstarekali How far away is your background? I feel like I haven’t achieved the depth like this in my video. I feel the struggle, it’s soooo hard staying motivated. @iAthena0 suspen*ed🥺 ...................................................subscribe to my channel so I can feel better
JlEUNNA The Mortals @LALlSAMN Hello, Lisa. How’s your day so far? Is it good? [ RP ] There are lot things that makes me happy but then if I need to choose, I definitely choose singing, acting and also my love, uaena.
Puddintane329 BFE Now it's time to pull out the rug on tRump & his crime families! They've gone too far & the wrong people are running this country! WAKE THE HELL UP PEOPLE!!!! HOW MUCH MORE ARE YOU WILLING TO PUT UP WITH?! Is it worth losing this country to the Tangerine Twit and criminals?? New here. My daughter set up this acct. so I could join the #Resistance. I may be short, but I'll climb you like a tree! Ask my kids... #FBR #Resistance
PluginAlberta Alberta, Canada @Bruce_Winter 1. How far does it go and how long is the recharge? 2. How much does it cost? 3. How does it do in winter? The Electric Vehicle Association of Alberta (EVAA) was founded Earth Day 2014 to spread awareness as well as promote adoption of EVs and charging infrastructure
rcketbarrage los angeles i think the problem with the internet is that even if it’s just meant for adults, chances are kids can access it too. so how do you protect them from seeing shit they’re far too young to see? sarah • she/they
genmock @ligea_lady @theshape6669 @LiamWBZ @LouisaMoller Smollet got released because he has status, how is that any different from being white with status or rich with status? Race isn't relevant? It's better to be gay, white, and rich now than it is to be poor, black, and unknown. See how far you'd get now... With the first link, the chain is forged. The first speech censured...the first thought forbidden...the first freedom denied – chains us all, irrevocably.
Hardeepd2 @carmenkiew Have you seen how many runs they’ve been scoring? Yea, try out a talented young player and see if it works. Looks decent so far. Giving up defense is not a huge concern, but playing their LFs is. Giants, Sharks, Niners. I have a strong dislike for people who use religion to mask their bigotry.
mysterybabylon7 @pbcmike98 @ryan_galan1 @ryanannawolfe @DrOakley1689 @Kenneth_Jn17_17 @datechris @Soteriology101 @UnbelievableJB Uuuuh u guys clearly aren’t understanding, your leader speaks against blm, islam, far lefters, he makes it 100% clear on this, but when the alt right kill or do racist things, HE SAYS NOTHING, how is this not clear?
mysterybabylon7 @shanemgiven @DrOakley1689 @Kenneth_Jn17_17 @datechris @Soteriology101 @UnbelievableJB Uuuuh u guys clearly aren’t understanding, your leader speaks against blm, islam, far lefters, he makes it 100% clear on this, but when the alt right kill or do racist things, HE SAYS NOTHING, how is this not clear?
DaSpock Whitchurch-Stouffville @carman_upshaw @JihadiJunior @RussOnPolitics @thehill I’m an idiot ? Is that the tolerance the left has ? You can not compare genocide to a reaction against it. Can we do a dead tally from last year world wide ? Islamists against far rights? It’s 10,000 to 1. So you sir are the idiot. How about Brunei ? Sharia is fundamental hate
leegarcia20 Cleburne, TX Question is it peak #adulting when you start budgeting out your paycheck(s) to see how much you will have left for yourself? I'm up to paying for at least five things so far am I an adult now? Just a 24 year old guy. Substitute teacher, part time gamer, sometime cook at a Wingstop. euphplayerlee22 is my gt
DoreenR96633470 @KokumCheryle @ElizabethMay @GreenPartyAB TREMENDOUS! Now that is positive inspiration! It shows the way for us to follow. Thanks for sharing this. We need far more charging stations across Canada. How about we give incentives to build them? Independent small business owners to own and run them? What an opportunity! Proud Can Girl from the prairies. Animal lover🐎🐎
bschaeffer12 St Louis, MO On the overturn I think it did likely graze the pinky of TTU guy, but I think that is a rare example of replay gone too far. Like on a clean swipe of the basketball, ask yourself how did the ball end up out of bounds? Not like he lost control and nearly regained. One clean swoop. Cardinals writer for @KMOV. Mizzou grad. Pollster. Boba tea. Bowling = a sport. All Star Wars movies = good. GIF has a hard g. I'm no Seth.