Opinion It is unclear how

Opinion It is unclear how many intelligent civilizations have arisen in the Milky Way galaxy so far but if some have a pressing question comes to mind were they or are they more intelligent than we are

sciam New York City Opinion: It is unclear how many intelligent civilizations have arisen in the Milky Way galaxy so far, but if some have, a pressing question comes to mind: were they or are they more intelligent than we are? Awesome discoveries. Expert insights. Science that shapes the world.
NWSBayArea San Francisco, CA It's been raining, but how much has fallen over the last 24 hours? Here is a sampling of 24 hour rainfall totals. The biggest winners so far are along the #BigSur Coast. #cawx Official Twitter account for the National Weather Service San Francisco Bay Area. Details:
timquerengesser Edmonton Someone, maybe me, should write about Edmonton and how it bucks all the southerly settlement trends in Canada. The city of 1M is at 53 degrees north. What else in Canada is that far north? The Pas, Moosonee, Happy Valley Goose Bay. Incredible when you think about it. Writer, mobility consultant, husband. Work: @globeandmail @citylab @readersdigest @huffingtonpost @eighteenbridges @cangeo Header📸Mack Male
JohnHillbery Cleveland, OH @AllbrightNFL @MileHighMario How is it so far? I went with Aquaman today. Really enjoyable. Cleveland sports fan. Proud Kent State alumnus. Contributor for @DawgPoundDaily. Enjoying every day.
How far is it?
Im_not_a_Horse1 @Halalcoholism Shapiro is a bright conservative Orthodox Jew with a gift for gab and a knack for punditry. How is that a dislike and not just.a disagree? He has a paper trail going back 15 years to when was 17, as far as I know he's walked back most of the stupid shit and collected it one spot. Older than I've ever been
AeroxBreeze Wrexham, Wales @Merginator @dirtgame How in the world is it your first? 😂 The games brutal. I only got it before and I've done 3 runs so far and got terminal damage twice 😂 Argentina is hella fun tho. Driver for Aerox. F1, Forza, Dirt.
Plut0nianmoon This mercury retrograde feels different????¿ like I feel a lot more calm about it and sure that it’s all going to be okay. Maybe I’ve just accepted the fate of my future?😅 How is everyone doing so far? Ya’ll okay? Nothing but astrology here🌌 Leo ☀️ Scorpio 🌙 Scorpio rising🙌🏻 Scorpio mars ☄️
chonerman CO How many times is this clown with @franfraschilla (not worth remembering) going to mention if Kansas loses their streak of #Big12 championships is over? So far it's been every 37 seconds. #kubball #rcjh God bless 🇺🇸!!
theolreverend @TracyArm @IsTraitors @michaelnorth @RayCox07749646 @DrDenaGrayson @realDonaldTrump so far, Mueller and his team have found widespread corruption, fraud, conspiracy and locked up a bunch of your orange scumbag's 'best people'. Trump is dirty as hell, how are you not getting it? the guy pays hush money to porn stars and swindles workers.
inursha Prussia I find it amazing that @tesla is mum on how many deposits for the new $35K M3 there are so far? It has to be a really bad number or he would have twittered it. $TSLAQ Music lover, Writer, Website owner, Rutherford wannabe, Vibrating with love and light *not financial advice*
mymoonrises navi 🇲🇽 @baetnimm OKAY HHHHH so the gc is going insane so I can't scroll very far. One of the girls was talking,about amino (orkakaotalk? idk) and how she met her best friend there, who had a korean bf. and the dude was HOT so immediately we assumed that it wasn't,,,, him. so someone did some ☼ when my moon rises, your sun rises ☾
JeSuis4Peace Activist→RESISTANCE IS DUTY← #ISIS accepted alot of responsibility whilst under heavy attack in #Syria according to MSM, but is it believable when you're fighting 4 survival 1000s of kilometres away? How did the terrorist make it that far into #Kashmir with such huge #India army presence? #Respect #Pakistan Johannesburg but Heart Resides In #Gaza♡#Islam●○Stop #Israeli #Genocide #BDS○●Attorney●○ also helping #Startups●My Dream: 2 House All The Street Kids♥Muslimah♥
gcd553 San Jacinto, CA @mexicoworldcup @ClubSantosEn Your kind of overplaying it a bit...@NewYorkRedBulls is one game into the new MLS season and Santos is how far into their second half of the Liga Mx season? The CCL vs MLS calendars are a disadvantage for any MLS club that’s still building team chemistry. Longtime fans of Galaxy, Real Madrid and World Soccer. Moved our family to the outer edge of the IE, but still travel to watch our LAG.
CezanneC Ontario, Canada It is mind boggling how utterly blind the PMO and his so-called advisers are! It is far too late for even a full-out grovelling apology. And Gerry Butts cannot save his butt either. Just how stupid do they think Canadians are? #SNCLavalinScandal @CBCAlerts @CTVNews @PnPCBC Mother of 3 amazing men, kayaker, Northern Lights in Norway is on my Bucket List, kick-ass lawyer representing employers in WSIB matters
fadeinJuly1978 San Francisco Bay Area @thecatsartist @AWorldOutOfMind Especially no knowledge of Romans! How do they make it so far without a reference of the Roman Empire?! This is why we have the current occupant in the White House...well, it's poor education and the Electoral College. screenwriter
perfecTempo FL @wyshynski @Metalpanthers @voigt_conor @StLouisBlues @Canucks how is it an off year for Barkov when he’s playing the best season in his career so far? lol obviously you arent basing it off of an “individual’s” success. big cats guy 🐀
TMFVelvetHammer Southern California @DAG_Investments @MeridaCap Depends on the margins, right? For instance, tobacco has far higher margins than spirits. I’m guessing many cannabis products are similar though it’s not linear depending on what the good is and how it’s made. Pronounced “Go Dawgs”. Husband. Dad. writer. Personal Finance. Stocks. Diving. Hiking. I cuss a lot. A whole lot. Views are mine.
PhoenixTruths @temple5joseph @DaveTaylor @beyerdynamic My time is too limited right now. But if I did start a podcast, what would you think it’d be about? Making this my pinned tweet because I’m honestly not far from having the time and I’d love to see how I’m perceived. 😁 Pro: Natural Rights, @capitalistparty, objectivity, individualism, & reality. Do not mistake me defending facts for me defending a person.
linda_jo57 @WWEUniverse @SamoaJoe Yeah, the nightmare is here! See how far it goes? Im one badass momma!
BrettHamrick Portland, OR @GoodmanHoops I need to pay attention? That’s got to be a joke! Wonder how much attention you pay to all the false rumors you start? How about this one from a month ago. Is this confirmed yet? Your rumor here was so far off it’s not even funny. Pay attention.. 🤣🤣
lefoudeschats @JuliaDavisNews These idiots are in so far over their heads that one day they will end up catatonic from trying to determine what went wrong. Either that, or a Cheka will end it quietly for them. @Franklin_Graham you are a fool. BTW, how is your conversion going? “humanity over country” attributed to “Barley” Scott Blair
ScottDa11666529 United States @Bobbie227 @Stevegaston18 @DonaldJTrumpJr @GOPChairwoman How is it “smart aleck”? Trump has so far been unwilling to use the immense Constitutional powers he has as POTUS to either fight back against Congress or bring the #DOJ to heel! Trump needs to stop the whining about Witch-hunts and other things on Twitter and instead ACT!! Living deep behind enemy lines in a very Marxist, anti-American part of the United States. Trolls/Haters/Lists get Instablocked! Only follow back #MAGA accounts
openpolicynz @Stats_NZ @eey0re The problem with Stats marketing a talk under the banner of "How far are we from opening datasets like the Integrated Data Infrastructure?" is that it starts to sound like you want to make this confidential micro data available to *all*, as open data is, not just approved people. I think and know about open government and freedom of information. Available for consultancy and training. All tweets in a personal capacity, RTs ≠ endorsement.
pluhmmp4 ONE OF THESE NIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 do y'all have any idea how BRAVE it is for a GIRL GROUP to comeback with a mid tempo ballad after a Bop that was dumb dumb and still deliver one of their best titles so far?? Phew. what a group. 22. in that multifandom business
l3th4ll0vr this is my song that im in the process of making.....this is all i have so far. pretty cool. How is it going?
terrinakamura Seattle @Naimgs7 Naim, I agree, it’s beautiful. How is your week going so far? Designer/fun person ❤ humor, Apple, cool, design, art, tech, biz, pop culture, news #BA75 #Verizon #Brandpartner
devilishfood Third Circle, Hell How big can Hackshaw get ? — This is the largest I've drawn him (so far) but since it's cropped, you can let your imagination fill in the rest hehe.… 🔞 @Luciushargrave's home for kinks and commissions! AD @lustfullucius
cmdr_hd Chesapeake Bay, Amer. Colonies @jbmsoccerdad @Jandalize It depends upon several factors: 1. What would you desire. 2. How far away is the kitchen? 3. What’s the traffic situation between the kitchen and your house. 4. How long does it take for you to locate & call the restaurant to place your order AFTER a brief consultation w/ wife. ⛵️The Journey is the Destination⚓️
Angela_J_Bailey London @StevenM97201263 @jocksbairn @TheFabledAesop @lizziedearden @MikeStuchbery_ @zelo_street @georgegalloway The question is just how much of that real far right stuff does Tommy agree with? I think he tries to manage his image so that he appears not quite inside that end of the spectrum, but it is really hard to tell. UK Filmmaker/ Journalist and Political Activist. Nothing is impossible.....just harder (Sidney Poitier).