On what planet is a

On what planet is a far right leaderBiasIts all they know how to do

Uncle_Jimbo Arlington, VA On what planet is @LouisFarrakhan a far right leader? Bias It's all they know how to do President, Security Studies Group & Former Army Special Forces Weapons "Jim is the voice of reason"
NARAL Washington, DC How far are Republicans willing to push this LIE before someone is murdered because of it? How many lives of doctors and clinic staff is the “pro-life” party willing to put at risk for their cheap political points? NARAL Pro-Choice America fights to protect & expand reproductive freedom for all.
Longreads NYC / SF "How does one recognize catastrophe, when it comes? What does it look like, how does it sound and smell? If it is an invisible catastrophe, how can you know when you are near it, and when you are far away?" @lindakinstler The world's best stories, since 2009. Use #longreads to share your favorites. Part of the @Automattic @WordPressdotcom family.
logang76 Irvine, CA @SageHillfarms @shannonrwatts They did something in Chicago and now people are dying even faster 530 in 2018 and 137 this year but it is 21 fewer so far strictest gun laws but almost everyone in that city has a gun. So tell me how you plan on fixing this? Since you’re so smart right? beep beep it’s green
danyellllej Visalia, CA do you ever just hear something that is so completely far from how you truly feel and it just pisses you off? bc same feed the body, feed the soul ♡
dietler USA/CA/SF/Livermore @nottjmiller What are you talking about? I know generally how far it is to walk a mile and the turn 90 degrees and walk another mile and that gives me a pretty solid picture of how much a square mile is and then I can multiply that and totally understand the size in question. But I'm just a soul whose intentions are good.
Cheese_Cheese03 @SoundSmithTF2 Jesus christ do you guys read what you put up? The sniper class is appearantly overpowered because it can SNIPE you from a distance, like I dunno, how a sniper is? You seriously want to ruin a class because "He CaN sHoOt Me FrOm FaR aWaY, aNd I dOn'T kNoW hOw To AvOiD sIgHtLiNeS" I like Bread 🍞
yungzlo95 @prodbyharry_ How far away is it? idk man
ALawRadio CBS Sports Radio Network It's now a best of three for Boston and Columbus as the #Bruins regain home ice advantage in Game 4. Just how tight is the series so far? And what does this run mean to a city known for its college football? Jeff Svoboda @JacketsInsider joins us from Ohio @AfterHoursCBS tonight! Follower of Jesus, daughter, granddaughter, sister, aunt, pet owner, proud American, talk show host, writer, goofball. In that order. Tweets from my own brain.
Obotseng_R atlantis @OleKeegope How far is it? ❤ of a GIANT I drink and I know things
HRHSherlock SW-3082-8414-8236 /Seattle, WA @modestlobster Okay how far in are you? Or are you like working backwards... Because Arya/Gendry is awesome and I used to ship Jon/Daenerys also (and I didn't stop because it's inc*st lol). Jaime/Cersei is canon and also Renly/Loras but they're from earlier on... Multifandom multishipper 🔞 #dontlikedontread 🌅 33, she/her, pan, poly, alpha 🌈 Furry🐾 TrekWarsGate fandom booster club VP 🚀 despite url, mostly Star Wars💫
fireratjack As Above, So Below I mean, realistically, considering how far ahead the government is with tech compared to us... Why would cloning be off the table. We know it can be done. When did we *really* become capable of that? Wouldn't you do it? I would. I know a thing or two and nothing at all. 54/9 LP #GG33 🔥🐭🦁
kimjennierubyy @tbzbbangs So far life is treating me so well. Not that bad and I can handle it. How yours? One of BLΛƆKPIИK members - Everyone‘s baby girl - Chanel Girl - ENG - Not a real one -
How Far is it?
GTexian @anon35959467 You are a #Qanon supporter Even if this is not the exact kind of stupid stuff you believe in, truth is it’s not very far off It’s pathetic how self indoctrinated you people are, I just wonder how long it will take with no #Qanon actions taken by Trump for you to feel stupid? Not conservative or liberal, neither a democrat or republican... Just an American
MyTsla @AnonymousCynic This isn't TSLA's first rodeo and its working with seasoned IBs. How is it possible that they took things this far w/o doing the DD necessary to ensure this would go through? Still, if this offering dies it would go down in history as one of the most epic finance fails ever.
M1mpossibl United States @ScottBrotherto6 @ViLyles @MissNCUSA Or the fraudulent economic mobility strategy that doesn’t improve equality in employment opportunity employment. Why are not holding leading on Opportunity accountable? What are its goals & how is it doing so far? Passionate about helping my community overcome economic inequality challenges & be more caring for, & respectful of one another.
McDoughboy5 New York, New York @Taylor_Faith_ *He smiles at her* More like a queen. Amya is the princess. *He then began to softly rub her back carefully* How are you feeling so far baby? Still a little bit out of it? Father to Ella & @Amelia_Hudson03 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧. Quarterback. Drummer. Leader. @Rachelberrrryyy is my other half. {Glee RP|Literate|18+|Bi}
JimStamm22 United States So this is how it all starts right? Seemingly isolated incidents of measles outbreaks? Next thing you know you're boarding up your house, and listening to a ham radio. Head shots and eating lil smokies out of a can ain't far behind. #Yinzerpocalypse Pitt. Steelers. Pirates. Penguins. Steel Country, born and bred. Owner of a .333 lifetime BA at Three Rivers Stadium -- True story.
WeintraubL @SirRoldan_ Everyone won because the company knows they can’t afford to piss people off. The real question is how they let it get this far with 0 consumer input? 🧐 A perpetually thirsty sponge. Relentless problem-solver who's not afraid to challenge the status quo. Strategist recently released back into the wild 👀.
mohitkashyapmk1 @elonmusk @HumanVsMachine Imagine this robot chasing you so it can kill you. How far can you run before it gets you? This is scary af
kevincool65 Y'all I don't fucking give a fuck about pop culture bull shit but Sonic was a god damned mistake how did it get that far why did no one up the chain say "This is a bad idea"? In a perpetual state of disregard
KChristopher24 This is more than party lines or political loyalties. This is about principal. Today the executive branch may be trampling the Democrat’s authority. Tomorrow it could be the bill of rights being attacked. How far are we going to let this go!? How far!? #FightBack #ImpeachBarrNow
zhu_lena @geronimojojo75 Why is it taking his long? How far did you get?
sharagodwinson Oregon #140Line "Look at me, boy," Tom said, "you know I can see you, right? That your magic is not working." "How can you see me?" Jaks asked looking up at him. "My sigil is meant to shield me from view." "Something tells me it does far more than that." Hispanic/Native American, asexual, disabled Writer/screenwriter. #Ravenclaw and definite #hobbit. #StarWars is my life. Oh yeah! Don't DM, thanks!