Not sure how far drive

Not sure how far drive

WCYB_Lucas Bristol, TN
Not sure how far of a drive it is for Cosby to get to Hampton, but this is as empty an away fan section as I've eve…

linzlovesyou Portland, OR
@ricleal @RoKhanna And mobile data is a growing sector of internet use. This is clearly a test to see how far they can push it

smoaked_queen whats happening
@MyFandemonium @mogirl97 🙃 it’s like a woman only matters based on how close or far she is from a man’s dick

@OrigTeslasMuse "But throughout the hour-long episode, the three main Angels are presented as slaves who are at Cor…

BlueRed_Service Madison, WI
How far is it from Bayway Refinery NJ to? - Distance Calculator

UofLfan78 Louisville, Ky
@misse713 You should try the grubhub app. Lots of local restaurants you can have delivered, they charge a small fe…

GodOfWakanda Wakanda
@TonyDungy Since you know it so well, why don’t you share how long is LAD artery is? Or how far his AV node is from…

@_geekychic Ahh I see , how is it so far ? Haven’t got to watch it yet

@1970tigergirl How is it that a very old saying like this is being viewed as a personal attack? Things are going too far.

IanRClose Scotland
If it shapes up to be how it's looking like it is, they're all far better suggestions than we had for the Edinburgh video

JoeHvezda Yelm, WA
I don't have children, but I have often posted with regards to modern-day slavery and trafficking because it is a...

sleafoodie Rural heart of Lincolnshire
@Kathbum But your coming to Lincoln soon, how scary is that its not far from where it all began..well the uk chapte…