Media freedom in Thailand How

Media freedom in Thailand How far does it go How is the landscape changing Debate at with among panelists Watch live

TostevinM Thailand Media freedom in Thailand. How far does it go? How is the landscape changing? Debate at @FCCThai with @Hathai_Phahol, @PravitR, @Banyong_EN among panelists. Watch live #WhatsHappeningInThailand #JournalismIsNotACrime @Reuters Southeast Asia Editor. #JournalismIsNotACrime

RT_com 'How far is #Trump prepared to go to make it impossible for #Biden to de-escalate?' - Tom Fowdy #Iran RT, the global news network, broadcasts from Moscow, London, Paris and Washington studios to over 100 countries.

themaxburns New York It shows you how far the @GOP has come that "overrule the votes" is the next logical step in their action plan. Just have the Republican PA state legislature decide who won Pennsylvania! That's what the founders "actually wanted" anyway, right? @PRSA award-winning Democratic Strategist & Columnist: @thedailybeast | @Independent | @BusinessInsider | @Newsweek

RealMikeReport @MikkiKay1 Soros is not an American citizen, as far as I know. It is against the law for outsiders to invest in US elections. How can Soros be able to fund any groups knowing it is then invested into the elections? Am I wrong? There are times I do make mistakes, but just know I will never post tweets to try to deliberately deceive you.

angirahedgehog champavan @ArunBajpai How far did you study? If yiur drafting is anything to go by not beyond class 5? Maybe you should have masticated some chara too, perhaps it'd lend you bigger brains. frangipanis are in bloom.

WhiteWolf496 Inside somewhere. 2/2 However, I'm not a fan of how it seems like this season will have a lot of cameos. Sure like one in a season is cool but so far we've had Bo Katan and Boba Fett (not going to count Cobb Vanth because he's new to the screen, and to me) Then we have Ahsoka coming? But we'll see Currently studying a Bachelor of Film. For some reason I have made YouTube videos. Please watch to validate my humanity
Deborah79861489 @haasgk @NBCNews Please explain to me how 6 million+ votes were forged or somehow manipulated? Seriously, 6 million. A million would be far fetched, but 6 million is impossible. And why wouldn't they make it so they won the Senate too, since they're so clever? Trump lost because he deserved to. Kiwi mum

nihongo_no_kai London What’s your most favorite local food? How special or common is it in your country? Describe it with lots of adjectives as well as the structures learned so far The Japanese page on Twitter. Come join our community on Patreon today to bring your confidence and motivation to the next level

MitchellMick1 @harrylitman @JoeManchinWV . How do you feel about this? You sure it is the far left you should be most concerned about? Moderate Democrat. Try to follow the Golden Rule. Former Banker/ Business lender. Proud father of 3 and Grandfather of two Blue in 2020.

realBertJames Ostafrika @TitusMbandi @NationAfrica “Yea”?! How? There hasn’t been any evidence of vote fraud so far & it’s unlikely there’s any. On what basis is he capable of blocking transition? A believer in the CROSS✝️ & the CLOCK⏰ | 🇹🇿Proud to be Tanzanian and working hard to make Tanzania proud of me🇹🇿| RTs & Likes ≠ endorsements

VioletH04221402 Italy @1znzkdz Wait what?!? 🤦‍♀️ How is he able to be so calm? I feel the need to grab the microphone and throw it far away I love gatti 🐱, telefilm📺, dizi 🤖 e cioccolata 🍫

AMSPLon_SE London, England …But then your brother Bob, brings a belt that’s just a bit longer than yours. His belt is longer by exactly his height: 6 ft. If Bob were to wrap his belt around the circumference of Earth, how far above the surface could he suspend the belt if he pulled it tautly & uniformly? The AMSP in London, Medway & Kent. We will keep you up to date with events. Views don't reflect the AMSP. Retweets aren't endorsements.

JESSEANDCELlNE he/him CW?????? how are y’all gonna let this slide... no way in hell is this happening please make it stop this is just going way too far and unacceptable you literally look like richard gere and dennis villeneuve’s love child

Nick_101museums @JonMohatt @JamesYoungKY @GOP Jon... how are the legal suits brought so far faring? Why is it the GOP are accepting every result where they won or kept house/Senate seats but not theones they didn't? Is it possible that Trump contesting election results is a trend telling you more about him than the system? Work in TV production finding archive footage. Pacy right-back in decline. Not above petty football related squabbling.

PabloRedux I'm here because you're here. @eschwitz @birchlse @dioscuri Perhaps the problem is that's very roughly as far as science has got (okay, maybe a bit more detail on the physics and biology)? And the problem in philosophy (or science) is how to talk about it so that exaggerated claims aren't made too frequently to have solved it? Evolution: it's nothing personal. (Sorry if I ask too many questions... Share nicely!)