Lemme know how The book

Lemme know how The book

BMalenoPrime Earth 732 (UD'18)
@falcone471 Lemme know how it is! The book is really good so far.

Cried in math 3 times today, it's first period, that's how junior year is going so far

It's the second week of classes and I'm already walking to wine rack in sweats and no bra. So yeah, that's how my term is going so far.

tesstea USA
@Mikel_Jollett Yup, you got it. That is how far we have slid down the rabbit hole.

@billdeplor76 @DRUDGE_REPORT No, far from it...very far. Love how you jump to that conclusion right away..which is…

it comes a time & place where you have to realize enough is enough. no matter how far you're in. your wants & needs are more important.

LadyTruth0902 Tennessee, USA
@maziehirono No, it is however infringing rights of ppl that DONT WANT TO PAY FOR IT AND CANT!!! How much u think i…

brickonator NL, Canada
How far into the direct is it? Should I just wait for the archive at this point?

_Fatmaa1004 Blue and Orange World
It's not what happens to you that determines how far you will go in life; it is how you handle what happens to you.

ZakSketch Utah, USA (Unfortunately)
Is it just me or are people forgetting how great the first year of the Switch is so far and getting worked up over pretty minor stuff?

@501118_JeffMcQ It's definitely eye catching. However, how far is too far?

Best Two Heritage Trails in Scotland.