Last weeks events really have

Last weeks events really have me reconsidering how I use violence in my stories Not that Im thinking of eliminating it but I wonder where the line of responsibility is crossed Im generally a fan of stark visceral work but what is too far Thoughts

bryanedwardhill Los Angeles Last week's events really have me reconsidering how I use violence in my stories. Not that I'm thinking of eliminating it, but I wonder where the line of responsibility is crossed. I'm generally a fan of stark, visceral work, but what is too far? Thoughts? Writer: POSTAL, ROMULUS, Top Cow. MICHAEL CRAY & DETECTIVE COMICS, D.C Comics. TV: ASH vs THE EVIL DEAD, TITANS. Official Online Home of THE HILL ADMINISTRATION
MattKamen Birmingham/London This is weaksauce as far as 'apologies' go - in that it doesn't actually apologise. Bolsonaro - who has said he'd rather a dead son than a gay son, and that Brazil's past dictatorship didn't kill enough people - is fascist, plain and simple. How did the BBC describe him? (1/2) "Tech media soulless hipster". Writes for @WiredUK, The Observer, Empire, et al. It's pronounced KAM-en. Remoanier-than-thou, deeply unhelpful pro-European.
DeanObeidallah This is why the Trump caravan issue is nothing more than racism. How far is the caravan today from US Border? More than 1,000 miles away. "If the group manages to advance 15 miles per day, it would take more than two months for the caravan to arrive at the Rio Grande." Host The Dean Obeidallah show Mon-Fri 6-9PMET @SXMProgress Radio. Columnist @thedailybeast. Lawyer who will tell jokes for $. The #BlueWave is Coming!!
t019943 Alberta, Canada @JustinTrudeau 2) Whats with the term proactive? How is that term going to impact taxpayers? Based on your administrations performance thus far, every time you announce something, it costs taxpayers. What is this going to cost? Manitoba farm boy who turned work ethic into a succesful career in Telecom . President - SRF Telecom Services Ltd.
M_Steindl Springfield, IL @ByRyanWood Agree Ryan, they are off to a good start. TT set us back with poor drafts in 2014,2015. How many are still with GB and contributing? Gutey did well so far and u have to think it will continue. What is the plan in secondary? KB & Jones start? Married to Ann, father of Kellen & Lexie. Badger, Brewer, & Packer fan!
sincerelySHA Virginia, USA @VeeFnDaddie Omg so far . How is it there tho ? Everything good boo? Words cant even describe me.
ScottAGoddard @JacobAWohl Surefire Intelligence? How incredibly ironic considering the complete lack of intelligence you have shown in setting up this debacle.😅😂🤣😆 It is SO shoddy that one might think it was a setup. Fortunately you have always displayed your stupidity far and wide so it all fits. This is where I would put something witty and clever is it? .....errr
ryan_mcrae Boston, MA How did Jacob Wohl even make it this far to begin with? I think very genuinely that he is the dumbest person in American discourse. @JacobAWohl ? Really? Attorney; lover of many people/things (justice, food, travel, music, sport, government, community, humanity, philosophy, cinema, artisan beer/whisk(e)y, words)
GayPsychic Dover, FL USA Food for thought... If Trump was successful at doing away with the 14th amendment how far back will he go to make it retroactive... Immediately? 1 generation? 2 generations? 3? Each generation is classified as... International Gay Psychic Medium, Tarot Reader, Radio Host and Published Author you have spiritual questions I have the answers you seek!
BleedBisonBlue Washington DC @lovelara @cubbieBlueBue @Education4Libs I agree and please excuse me if my example came off wrong. I know there are narratives both ways... my question is how do we find a middle? It seems like we are so far apart. I’m a mod Dem and the R party seems hypocritical and evil to me now... not individually but the party Father, Fundraiser, Event Planner, Alumni Specialist, and a very opinionated person. Don’t try to classify me I don’t fit in any box.
Rob_MarksAPLang Liking sports is pretty normal, and it's all well and good to like your local team, but how far is too far? It just doesn't make sense. At most, the best argument you can make is that the imagery/name is iconic, but it's still no excuse for 18th century caricatures and slurs. 😶 ööf
JohnDaBoogeyman 2 months left in this year. February is not too far away. If we get to Feb, & we have not seen, with our own eyes, the “Oil”, I’m calling Bull Shit. You can only drag it out so long. Remember, “Weeks not Months”? OMG, how long ago that was. And “No more delays”. That’s a good 1 Cincinnati State Alumni - IT Pro - Twitch channel Admin - Trader - $ZN Long - (Do your own DD)
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