Its not just the NYT

Its not just the NYT but the influence of that organization - and Dean Banquets decisions - are so far reaching How will history warped and distorted as it is and surely will be look back on that institutions influence during this political era

theferocity :: buffering :: It’s not just the NYT, but the influence of that organization - and Dean Banquet’s decisions - are so far reaching. How will history, warped and distorted as it is and surely will be, look back on that institution’s influence during this political era? Journeyman. I curse often; it’s earned. My new book HOW WE FIGHT FOR OUR LIVES is out October 8 from @SimonBooks; you can preorder it. Repped by @TuesdayAgency.

joel_archie Liverpool What exactly is it that Andy Robertson, Dirk Kuyt and Lucas Leiva all have in common? It's about far more than sporting ability, but how they connect with fans and embody the values of the club and the city. Piece on what defines a Liverpool cult hero. Football writer @Liverpoolcom_

juliaioffe Washington, DC We are obviously very far from that now, but it makes me think again what I have learned from history: Everyone dies in the end. The question is, how is your name remembered? 2/5 Correspondent, @GQMagazine. Working on a book about Russian women. @LavinAgency speaker. All views my own. Retweets not endorsements. Void where prohibited.

TeaWanderlust @BBCNewsnight @maitlis Why does the BBC insist on interviewing these delusionists who are so far detached from reality? Is it impossible to find a Lord who actually has a clue or is it more about how you can make 'good TV' by frustrating and scaring the hell out of us? What does this add to the story? Book loving, tea drinking, travel loving sapiophile. Can be bribed with chocolate, cats & good manners. Likes thoughtful people, dislikes Piers Morgan obviously

ARedJay1 The Place between Places @achebit @timsoret Agression is a basic thing, it is the level of antagonism you think is acceptable Beliefs are far more complicated, they involve a topic, level of belief, and the belief itself. So if it can't influence something basic how would it influence something more complex? Programmer Interested in Memes, Vidya, Comic Books and Anime memes and arrow-posts are for the lols Blocking me will result in my blocking you

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