Its hard not to believe

Its hard not to believe fhatTrumps repeated insults to the military never visiting troops in war zones blowing off the visit to the graves in France not going to Arlington is him testing just how far he can go before his true believers start to ask what

greenfield64 It’s hard not to believe fhatTrump’s repeated insults to the military— never visiting troops in war zones, blowing off the visit to the graves in France, not going to Arlington— is him testing just how far he can go before his true believers start to ask: “what?...” 30 Years political analyst, ABC, CNN, CBS; Author of 13 books. Latest: If Kennedy Lived.
nytimes New York City When it comes to marijuana and the teenage brain, the science is far from clear. Now parents in Canada, which just legalized marijuana for people as young as 18 and 19, are asking: How to talk to teens about pot? Where the conversation begins. Follow for breaking news, special reports, RTs of our journalists and more. Visit to share news tips.
BryantMckinnie New Jersey & Miami I just feel @ this point it’s two games left, start looking fwd to the off season & seeing how & what we can do to help moving fwd. This season is too far gone @ this point. What’s y’all thoughts?🤔 2001 National Champ (University of Miami) & Outland Trophy Winner, 2X All-American,1stRd Draft Pick (7th overall) Minn.Vikings, #NFL Pro Bowler, SB 47 Champion
ShellbackSteve USA @mangrovegirl @TheRynheart I've been saying that for days. I don't mind the law being "bent" a little to accommodate those people who were hit hard by this last hurricane but the question is how far was the law "bent" and was it bent so far as to allow extra votes being cast for Republicans? Veteran, US Navy, 1969-1973. #TheResistance #Bluewave 🌊 Don't follow me if you're following 3,000+ and have 3,000+ followers but haven't tweeted a word.
suepots82 England, United Kingdom @IcelandFoods Where are the words "Christmas" if it's a Christmas advert? Please tell me how is it relating to Christmas? There's no Christmas Tree or decorations relating to the season, as far as I could see. I have to state that all views are my own. I live on the Narrowboat pictured in my Profile Pic (It's a Black Prince Narrowboat - Ex hire) I Own/ run a Company.
JayTheGamerKW Alberta, Canada @Intruder_Gaming How is it so far? Mine’s going to take hours to install 21| Console gamer. Physical game collector. Love open world and story driven games most. I follow back fellow gamers. Xbox/PlayStation/Nintendo
judithPopt East coast @Santucci @ABC It’s the position of the vast majority of Americans, that melania does not deserve any honor associated with our WH. Repulsive as she is, how much has she cost taxpayers so far? Mom and occupational therapist now retired. College educated white woman who does not support trump.
Lenou44000 Bretagne, France @MichaelHallman4 @AU_bebe @tmadd78 @kaitlancollins @WoZ53 It would be better if the law could stop him, before military leaders. But how far can he go until then ? Don't you think impeachment is possible ? French don't master the concept very well. At least not without the guillotine. 😄 J'ai rêvé que je mangeais des saucisses, je me suis réveillée et je suis allée acheter des saucisses. Je suis comme ça, je réalise mes rêves.
Mikeh0317 Texas, USA @NASA @NASAHubble How do u know how far away it is? I'm an American taxpayer. Means I'm the boss.
oliviaekler Dayton, OH Okay my mother is 65 years old and I am genuinely concerned how she ever made it this far. When she attempts to cook- she literally fucks up green beans. She just fucked up rice. RICE. How? Like we have a damn rice cooker. I don’t understand. Fur momma, Pokemon master, and professional adult. that last part is questionable. DayTony award winning actor.
diontanoto But it appears that we can't even become that; if a star is a star, then I can only be myself. I wonder how far I could go? Simple. NTU Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering '12
pnumber628 China "Our relationship was so pure though- we didn't even kiss! That meant it was a healthy relationship, right?" #purityculture Ex-evangelical Christian feminist. White American living in China. I believe in resurrection. (she/her)
HannahKad1994 Grosse Pointe Woods, MI *every road trip as a child* My dad: we need to get gas. We should have enough to get there but we’ll need to stop on the way back. Me: how much do we have? My dad: 100 miles. Me: how far is it? My dad: 101 miles. 🌹
jey9262 Working on some updates and improvements to Camp Buddy as we speak... The game will be even better in a few weeks with the first update! How is everyone enjoying the story so far? We worked really hard on it, so I hope everyone is having fun! ❤️ @mikkoukun @zaelblue BLits & Camp Buddy Programmer

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