Its disappointing that the medias

Its disappointing that the medias

JohnKDelaney Washington, DC
It’s disappointing that the media’s narrative alternates between either pushing @NancyPelosi to step down or how Dems need a “fighter.” The TRUTH is that @NancyPelosi has been BY FAR the toughest/most successful fighter of ANYONE (including men) against Trump. Cover that!

CassandraRules Washington, DC
Nothing about this tweet justifies a ban. She’s not calling for someone to kill him, she’s just saying the world will be better when he kicks the bucket. You can think it’s distasteful... but is this how far you want to go silencing people for wrongthink? #FreeCaitoz

Just to make it crystal clear: The US Senate passing a resolution affirming "the press is not the enemy of the people” is NOT a positive thing. In fact, it's a terrifying sign of how far America has fallen.

bornfree_usa Virginia, USA
Mueller has conflicts, Rosenstein has conflicts, so far it's been proven that everyone involved in this scam investigation has or had conflicts! The only one with clean hands in this Steele dossier used for this scam is "recused" Jeff Sessions, how convenient!! @TheJusticeDept 😠

edthered Hays Co., Texas
wondering how long it will be before i'm 'forbidden' from reading the tao... honestly, some of this shit is just a bunch of shit. when your ethos reaches the land of religion, and you've started your own crusade, you've gone too far.

GeorgeryGreg Oregon, USA
@NatashaBertrand If Manafort is found guilty, I’m scared just how far Donny Boy will go to distract! Hold onto your hats, it may be a bumpy ride!

nicklockwood London, UK
@eli_schiff You could fairly argue that the "principle" behind liberalism (besides maximizing freedom) is how you decide what the "convenient" answer is when two freedoms come into conflict with each other. I would call that "morality", and the way that it is decided is far from arbitrary.

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