Its almost 3 and a

Its almost 3 and a half months since the 1st COVID-19 case was recorded in the country on Jan 30 2020 and nearly 2 months since quarantine measures were implemented on Mar 15 2020How do you think the govt is doing so far in managing the response to the COVID-19 pandemic

PhilstarNews Manila, Philippines It's almost 3 and a half months since the 1st COVID-19 case was recorded in the country on Jan 30, 2020 and nearly 2 months since quarantine measures were implemented on Mar 15, 2020. How do you think the gov't is doing so far in managing the response to the COVID-19 pandemic? Digital arm of the STAR group of publications. Breaking news, in-depth reports, fact checks and multimedia.

TheOnlyDJQualls Los Angeles, CA How’s your quarantine? Being alone for a long time wasn’t great for this guy. To see how things went this far south, tune into Creepshow on AMC @AMC_TV tonight at 10pm eastern/pacific. My segment is called The Finger. The critics are saying I murdered it. 😵 Im one of the top 5 skinny actors in the world. *Not an actual DJ. Instagram: @ djqualls

jimmy_dore Hollywood, CA Far more interesting to me is how @CNN pushes CIA pro-war talking points regarding Syria, Libya, Venezuela, Iraq, etc, etc.... @CNN, which purports to be “straight news” , but really belongs in the same genre as a Raytheon press release. How does it feel to be the face of that? My show Stand Up Podcast Book
Rho_LK Sydney, New South Wales 20 games into fill to master! How is it going thus far? -14/6 W/L(70% wr) -8 Supp(50%), 6 Bot(83%), 3 Jg(66%), 3 Top games(100%), 0 Mid games -start d3 50lp now d2 59lp for other statistics :) Xayah Main/Secondary Fill Peak Master 150lp Profile pic by Eggnivia
KlMJISSO WRTHF-039 et HØMIES, RP. @MIYEONNlE It is, and I hope we can talk a lot more in the near future! Tell me, Miyeon. How was your second day in the week been going so far? Did something good happened? 𝑩𝒚 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝑵𝒐𝒊𝒓 ✦ She swings in between being whimsical entertainer and Dalgom’s personal trainer, but mostly the latter.

naileaomighty this tweet is from india, how far has it gone? (stolen from tl) i need friends🥰

D6vilsF6vAng6l How to know if we fall in love with that person? Is it a sin to just not saying helo but just watch them from far — everything that you see in her or whatever she did, makes you happy. even if its just a small thing, such as tweet…

Sarasotajd Norwich Travel is being relaxed but only if you can get back home in a day. On our roads with our traffic how far could you really get? I love the beach but not to take hours to travel just 40 miles, be unable to park, spend an hour on a crowded beach before doing it again to get home! Dad, Husband, CEO of International IFA, Investor, Adviser, Book reader, ex coach/manager, rugby fan, Mentor, ..............where does time go?

Amuddyelf @Woodbuck @chaoticdvmbass What's even worse is she said that they've done it before with no issues. How far back?

PhilTonks2 West Midlands @alextransdev Hang on. Can it be a stranger as long as long as they're 2m apart? Or a friend? How far can they be? Do I take their sock or mask? Can it be a 2nd cousin? What page of the guidance is this on? Transport. Cats. Politics. Radio. Nice Things. Chips. Ale.

diontanoto But it appears that we can't even become that; if a star is a star, then I can only be myself. I wonder how far I could go? Simple. NTU Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering '12

dcmstewart Scotland, United Kingdom @AdaraWrites This is similar to how I approach it, although I usually spend an hour in the morning editing each day. When I'm not feeling too inspired I'll still force myself to sit and write for 5 mins, which often turns into 20, 30 or the full hour. How far are you into your revisions? Writer powered by tea, bagels and oversized socks. Presently working on my debut novel, an historical fiction story set during the Viking Age.

corykerr Rexburg, ID it is comical how useless my left hand is. How have I gotten this far in life with the total lack of dexterity on the left? It's nuts. indie Illustrator/Animator/Teacher - check out art & stuff on 🍱📽🦟📺🎙

TyTyger7 Southglenn, CO how in the world is the @Razer Viper Ultimate so damn light??? Wow. Love it so far! #Avs Season ticket holder for 13 years - #Avs #Caps #Rockies #Broncos
hanjihyoe 𝐔𝐍𝐑𝐄𝐀𝐋 • 𝐄𝐍𝐆 @yermniese yes, and that's why i'm repaying it with practicing hard for my upcoming debut.😋💪 nyeeways, how is your day so far nnie`?🥺 ♛ 𝟮𝟬𝟬𝟰'𝙨 𝙗𝙖𝙗𝙮 ♛ She is a member of upcoming group from Play M Ent. called Weeekly (#위클리) ㅡ Bunny teeth and bubbly personality describes her the best.

AnthonyDenham7 @Lee__SWFC @dmobesocean @talkRADIO Unfortunately yes, it would. Racist, homophobic, sexist; I don’t like any of it but it is freedom of speech. I don’t believe there should be laws curbing freedom of speech, how far do we end up going?

jeyxotic 🧜🏻‍♂️🌴 @SyahmiFadilah_ Have y trued it out??? How is it so far omg!!🥺🥺🥺🥺 🐸Hello I'm 22 and i tweet mean tweets ☕️ | The human form of the 💯emoji | 🎓BSc. Biochemistry & Molecular Biology ⚗️| Gamer 🎮 IGN: Kitty Matrix

HesterMofat @SteppBrendan @MarkAdrianKing @RaheemKassam @atrupar @weijia it's actually one of the best questions I've heard so far during this whole debacle.. why is it a competition? why not just focus on how your country is doing rather than compete on numbers? simply, coz it's all a marketing ploy.. keep selling "winning" to stupid people 🤦 A citizen of the world trying to take it all in. oh btw F#@k trump!! Humanity first, religion and politics later.

SwaggyZ33 Minnesota @briankohle1 @5ohLuisRdz @jrosabc @CNN Yeah, that’s what I’d like to know. if you have mass testing and the mortality rate is significantly lower than what it currently sits at, then what are we doing? No one knows how far along we are in the herd immunity. If it’s been here since November, we good. That’s my point.

Jemmaac85 Bristol, England @MattHancock you have do far failed to answer a question with a straight answer. It is a disgrace! Stop causing more confusion and give honest direct answers. How difficult is it?!

prasadevr Vishakhapatnam, India @GummallaSrijana @vizagcollector how do I get information on the latest updates of Vizag is there any website to follow updates? We get many fwd messages how far are they genuine. When can we resume to open our businesses in Madhavadhara? Is it still in red zone? Provide us info trying to be my self. cinema,politics,society,nature

ggreedygrande this tweet is from canada. how far has it gone? #1 ghostin & sometimes stan 🤍 | 08/23/19
MarcellaCreates o/l of Kalapuya, Siuslaw, etc What do you want to escape? Are there ways other than physical to extricate yourself? How do you describe what you wish to leave behind? Is that a metaphor for something deeper? Sometimes change seems so far away. Is it really? #NatureQuery #PhotoWalk #NaturePhotog #a6000 Palatino 11 ~ art journaling, e.g., Cosmic Smash Books (originated by Catt Z) ~ Sony a6000; rarely now iPhone 6s. (she: me, not the cameras)

klthomson1 South Devon How does ‘British common sense’ differ from elsewhere? Is it that which assumes ‘Boris’ is a good guy because he makes me laugh’ or ‘I could imagine him down the pub for a pint’? ....or because he was educated at Eton, so must know a lot? Worked out well so far, hasn’t it? Formerly in media industry. Now enjoying a more active outdoor life. Pro Europe. Very sad about the direction this country has taken.

IMBatUQ UQ, Brisbane, Queensland How frustrated is it when you're left waiting for a delivery? The body employs a similar delivery process at a microscopic level, but when it goes awry, the potential result can be far, far worse than overdue mail. #IMB #2020IMB @UQ_News Discover more: Official Twitter account for Institute for Molecular Bioscience, The University of Queensland: using life itself to change the world!

maverick99sback The furlough scheme has been brilliant — but clearly abused. It should’ve had far more scrutiny. That said, would be interested to see how 60%, not topped up, would leave most people with their outgoings. Most people’s mortgage is probably, what, 40/50% on its own? Tongue firmly in cheek — even at the gallows. {In fact, *especially* at the gallows} United, Movies & PES.

clwnclvire she/her, 14 :D @acehinata i’ll be good after this week!! n i’ve heard knb is good how do you like it so far? nsfr! | #RANPO: best detective alive yes that's me!

fdbckfdfwd whatwhere so i’m going out for field recordings today and i’m sort of hoping to bump into SPOT to see what i can gather am also feeling cute so if we do cross paths, i’d like to test out their behaviour, how far is too far? is it a Techno, IDM or Glitch pup..? musician / artist piecing together a schematic for polyphonic futures // new music: /// new monograph:
Tashiwityar @leongend @TomRU12 @BelindaJones68 @ScottMorrisonMP Yes it is what the US has been doing, never made it right. Now we're letting the Chinese Gvt dictate by threatening our trade for submission? Is this how far we left have come? Willing to accept authoritarian behaviour over us, just because it shows up politicians we don't like? Maori Mumma bear, living in Oz who 💜 all things space, the environment, old growth forests, politics and foreign policy. Advocates for Sustainable Growth.

CJ13oulais Home Is Where The Heart Is #FacTuesday: My hair is longer after recovery then It was before it. Did you know your hair collects everything your body takes into it? It's why when in recovery, I cut it off. As it was a reminder of what I was. Now I see it as how far I've come. 603 || ⒶЯ┼ Student || Gamer || Geek || Horror || Handi-capable || Music || Photographer || Wrestling. Find me anywhere @CJ13oulais. @saba_valynaz 💜💙

silverkey741 ONE WORLD @saurabhkmr69 @ippatel @girirajsinghbjp @BJP4India @BJP4Bihar @SwetaSinghAT @SushantBSinha @NitishKumar @alok_ajay Sirji as far as U talk things abt India is OK. But Y U bring othr countries into it? Sittg in india U know other countries by media only. How can y judge other countries R U more intelligent than CHINA who has invested in trillions $ keep talkg N in next 5 yrs they will TKovr IND Refer to google,wikipedia how caste&religion divided our nations & people amoung each for humanity serve the underprivileged dont follow HATE

s_h_a_i_j_u Kerala, India @ICICIBank @ICICIBank_Care how to activate my dormant account? Is it compulsory to visit my bank branch during covid-19 to activate my account? I can upload my ID proofs etc..if you provide me a link.i have sent DM, but no reply so far.please respond joie de vivre 💫

dreaminventor Missoula, MT @Bettyvstuff I’m doing my best all things considered. Montana is sparred the terrors the eastern United States has faced so far it seems. How about you? Author & Reviewer 💕🏳️‍🌈#writingcommunity Unabashedly weird. New short stories biweekly. MS in Bio (Epi/Micro). Contact via email on website.

2Bamus #2B4Smash @LiebertJohannn It is an interesting topic. I don’t think it would make him truly a monster, but he would be forced to sacrifice his own identity/values/purpose for a greater good and hate himself. Asking the audience, is it ever right to sacrifice everything you believe in? How far is too far? Zura janai, Katsura da. | 22 | He/Him | Watch anime, play smash, die.

DapperRokyuu Is it time to ramble about Animal Crossing and my dreams for my town??? Im very satisfied with how its going so far, but my dreamies and other ideas, mm, mm, mm-! 19, She/Her, Gemini. Just having a good time! RT-heavy, sometimes NSFW, not spoiler-free, and sporatic thoughts. Have a wonderful day, yeah? Icon by @poisodons!

03media1 The street is ours, Holla. TESTIMONY TIME: zubbymichael aka Eze ndi ala how far. They are saying you were paid to give this testimony on the alter of God by the liquid metal indaboskii, please how truth is it?? Kwuo ezi okwu ka ihere me… Artist Management, Tour, Promotions & Events. WE #REP #Teamstreet®. #2348035261016

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