It would be really nice

It would be really nice if the far left looked at this ban on Jewish Pride flags and symbols and asked How have we contributed to an environment in which this is possible This year of all years Im really really hoping thats what today brings Dont me pessimists

bungarsargon Brooklyn @washingtonpost It would be really nice if the far left looked at this ban on Jewish Pride flags and symbols and asked, "How have we contributed to an environment in which this is possible? This year of all years?" I'm really, really hoping that's what today brings. Don't @ me, pessimists! Opinion Editor at the Forward, but opinions here are my own. Hit me up with some hot takes: batya@forward.com
agentbizzle So Oculus Quest is my favorite new toy since the Nintendo Switch launched. It's ridiculously fun. I'm super impressed with how comfortable/hassle-free it is for VR. So far I've bought: - Vader Immortal - Beat Saber - Superhot - Tilt Brush What other games & apps should I buy? Host/producer at IGN. I make Up at Noon, Beyond, & NVC. Also the Comedy Button & Weird Heat. Comedy writer, musician, Star Wars nerd & pizza snob. Stay busy.
robertmarawa Marawa Sports Worldwide #MSW ⚽️ We catch up with the latest from France regarding the release of CAF President Ahmad Ahmad with @osasuo ⚽️ Botha Msila is walking/hitchhiking from Cape to Cairo to try & make it in time for the Afcon tournament..how far is he?? ⚽️ Legend: Sergio Dos Santos #MSW 🔥New Levels Come With New Devils....🔥 #PrayForMrBrokenSoul IG: robert_marawa
chancerubbage US of Ayyy @BackintheBronze Anyone want to attempt (or post existing) key to the FOOM 16 cover? I wonder how accurate it is, as far as office placement, and number of staff freelancers actually typically on the floor at once. I’ll buy any depictions of surroundings being cramped & claustrophobic as true. I wrote this to improve my twitter score. It did not work.
RAPMONTSER @hiungjuns Greetings. Thank you for liking the tweet. This is BTS’ RM speaking. Anyway, I am sorry I don’t know you that well. I heard you joined the PD 101 show. How’s it going so far? [RP] Not the real RM of @BTS_twt. MAP OF THE SOUL: Persona out now How far is it?
Jenfabrigas Tommy’s house *on the phone w 24 fit member* Me: hi how can I help you Member: hi do y’all have a b-ball court Me: yes, is there anything else I can help u w Member: ok ok ok, um no that’s it. Me: okay have a good nigh.... Member: wait so what was the highlight of your day so far? Me: wa
TEAGEORGE planet Earth Farm Girl Flowers. Keep playing the woman's card it's gotten you so far! How is it that no men ever gave you 💵? Maybe it's because you've been playing the women's card🤣 hundred and fourty caracters are not enough to describe all the great things about me! 1 thang bout me u shld kno
NataliasDad @LeeWinterburn1 @MikeStuchbery_ Mmm, nice gaslighting there. What even is the far right? Is it me? Is it you? Is it that tree over there? And how can you destroy their arguments when they never argue in good faith? Case in point: Okay, you can all freak out now.
raisean_raisean The Moon Remember me from Mr Ritter’s class ? you Hollywood now how is it so far Lol Soon...
ahope71 Mexico City @noel_maurer The Mexican negotiators agreed to a potentially large expansion of Remain in Mexico. How large? We’ll see, but it could spell trouble for Some Mexican border communities. With no US financial commitments to help carry that load. Again, that is far from nothing. Analista de seguridad.. Columnista de @el_universal_mx. RT o ligas no significan aprobación o respaldo.
Doomsiedoll Texas, USA @claudiforniaaa @mintylobotomy @ThreeDailey @TeaByAli Do you think toofaced has the patent? I doubt it. They stole from others and claim Jaclyn is stealing from them. LOL let’s see how far they get. Inked Wife💍 Mom/Nana 💕 Chronic Migraine Warrior🧠 Makeup Addict 💄 Nail Polish COLLECTOR💅🏻 Chihuahua Lover 🐾 Texan 🇨🇱 #justiceformaleah
StendardiPhil Garden State @TMZ Is this for real? Is the @NBA considering this.They own the team. players are employees.If they don’t like it buy your own team or retire.This PC world is getting crazy.If Your an owner of a house w/tenants is that insensitive. How about pet owners?How far are we taking this Bs⁉️
bannurjy rjy,Dubai Hello @oyorooms .,we made a booking for our guests at my sisters wedding..which u got cancelled at last minute..how far it’s fair to harass customers during wedding ? We r in busy with many other works of wedding and at the end this is what happened for us....Booking id Zfpo 7945
CernacZac @peterstormrules @sliccardo @D3SanJose You are so far gone down the racist rabbit hole that you don’t even realize what your own views are. If these immigrants were white you wouldn’t care. How do you stop immigration? It’s impossible. Stop tourist & work visas? The problem is not solved with walls but with smart laws San Jose native; punk rock poet; wilderness lover; freedom fighter; merry prankster; equal justice for all
badassjms @Eminem Yo Shady! Can you be the judge of this? Tom Macdonald and Mac Lethal are going at it. So far Tom Macdonald has two diss tracks on him. How far do you think this will go? This is Tom's first diss tracon on him. Thoughts?
iAzizGQ Santa Monica, CA I’m really thinking about leaving iOS 12.1.2 jailbroken for iOS 13, I’m using iPadOS in my iPad so far and it’s great. What you think @Zooropalg , how is iOS 13 for you? اللَّهُمَّ إِنَّكَ عَفُوٌّ تُحِبُّ الْعَفْوَ فَاعْفُ عَنِّي
AfirePages Norta @thriftybiblio How is it so far? I love that cover! Filipina • 19 • SEA book blogger • future economist • cat and dog lover • gryffinpuff • infp • she/her • creator of #Biblionomics
aligdavid Paterson, NJ Hey how is your evening going so far? I hope it's going great. I know mines is awesome! Imagine being in the presence of God, is the greatest place to be at. :) Ali G. David Music Ministries 2016 | I am in the process of working on my first official EP Summer of 2017 | Download your favorite songs on SoundCloud.
PotatoCornAlice 私の世界...とりあえず (゜-゜) How many times have you seen him play in a manga adaptation? It's enough ok... Give other artists some work... I've seen him too many times... Just back off from Yamato Nadeshiko...that is far too precious for me... Don't ruin it... BACK OFF! *I write poems and stories* *Anime lover -Anisong 💖* *Fangirl -KAT-TUN / 水樹奈々(Nana-chan) / LiSA / 早見沙織(Hayami-chan) / GARNiDELiA / 山下大輝 (Daiki) / WESTLIFE
Kaimarr Pursuing Happiness Serious question, if KD is indeed leaving, how far into the luxury tax are YOU willing to go to keep this team together? I think GS will pay them all, but I wouldn’t. It’d be the Splash Bros and a bunch of young guys lol Owner and Executive Director of The Talent Farm. Ambition Is Priceless!
sumit_073 @DilliDurAst Can you actually post your sources? How hard is it? So that people can know how far in past you have to go for your agenda? those who have strong faith are often fanatics.
hiftchan osw, xviii @ddiaojuin My day going so good so far, IZ*ONE is currently doing a concert and I'm so excited to meet my fans, how about you gege? Anyway, sure thing you got it! deliberately moved from Tochigi to be wizards protector. watch out! she has a fluffy-cheeks as her secret weapon.
yyounghooon ENG - INA USER NSFW He just seemed so far away And what do you do when the distance is too wide? It's like I don't know anything And how do you say I love you I love you I love you I love you But we're a million worlds apart And I don't know how I would even start If I could tell her If I could [RP/97] mau nyari apa? kaga ada apa apa. orangnya mood swingan⚠️
RaymondDoerr Texas Hey people who follow me with WoW Classic; How authentic is it thus far? Did they reframe from adding the quick-teleporting to dungeons, "buying" or "unlocking" auto-leveled characters and other nonsense? Is it actually vanilla Warcraft with no "Improvements"? :) Owner of SixtyGig Games, and sole #IndieDev of Rise to Ruins. On Steam: Follow me, and my insanity.
The_Lady_Red SoCal @colleenschlegel @HillaryzMyHmgrl @Bravewriting @Needle_of_Arya @emiranda_writes @skynetesq @LadyInWaiting25 @PlanchatCubana @chrislongview @OjPats4 @witliftin @Sinixstar @ReginaA1981 @jmichaelkell @Mel_Ankoly @VeeCeeMurphy76 @acidsaltydame @lyn_cade @lindzlizbeth @nkem @chrisdameanor19 @BeninBiloxi @LisaTalmadge @KaylaraOwl @BouffantBlessed @DianaTremaine82 @bhueypdx @flushednsticky @Kalarigamerchic Ok... How far can we take this? people-loving problem-solving bridge-building liberal activist fed-up by the ennui & endless debate, no longer willing to put up with much... no FBR b/c bots
todoyamas curiouscat.me/todoyamas @AndromedaShaun oof yea music theory is more complicated, i know you can find teachers on youtube but i'm not sure how far into it they go??? the basics are pretty easy to learn with video classes but i have no idea if there's The Whole Thing rina | she | artist | 🇧🇷 | hq!!, ffxv, kh | literally can't shut up about kageyama tobio. ENG/PT/SPA OK! ⚠️ DO NOT REPOST ⚠️
KeepNitreeel United States @SGTreport Hey, what SHOULD happen if the censorship doesn't let up & we don't get any help? There's no talk about it from Q directly (far as I know) kinda like the vague 'reassurance' about 5G. I guess another thing I'm wondering is: HOW LONG do we wait?! 🙏🇺🇸 I'll never brag about who follows me, IMO character trump's fame any day.🤝 Life isn't easy, I try 2be decent rather then popular. 100% w/POTUS❣️ WWG1WGA 🇺🇸
JohnTembo1982 Lusaka, Zambia @FMwenge Awe this kind of ignorance awe and it's from professionals people who have degrees! How can they be that dumb? I mean, how?! Zambia is a 2 hour flight it ain't even far? Broke with Epicurean taste. African Science geek. Agnostic. Gaming, Comic book & Movie lover! Foodie and horology junkie. Holla at me!
AllyaSims4 Oregon, USA My sim died... It was time. So what to do now? I need to build a cemetery, obviously! 😋 So this is how it looks so far. It is dark enough to fit in the world of the vampires, but not too dark to be exclusive to them. All of my sims will end up here sooner or later. I am wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a cousin, an aquantaince, a stranger, a simmer, A Big Time Simmer... Oh and I have a YouTube Channel 😉
Cpt_Naveen @NITINKML @ksvenu247 @AxPn @raghuynt @NammaBengaluroo @MayaRao @ram_soc @kalkur_vivek @sudhir_san16 @RamMoha82601373 @VoicOfNewIndia @envyk_blr @murali772 @Anandagundurao @kdevforum @iam_Sudip @WFRising @copyhead @shashibk @raghumedicon @blrsri @MandothPrakash @Nitz_007 @appysrivastava @perltastic @_Ashwatthama_ @levitatingsoul @varunversion1 @Srivatsac2 @BellandurJothge @balajiworld @impossible14 @RobinMazumder @btpsupporter @kiranshaw @AjitMuthanna @jimkimmit @nknairvm @deepolice12 @dineshka @narayana_shenoy @Krishna15980544 @Mailpradeepks @taichisri @CMofKarnataka @hd_kumaraswamy @DrParameshwara @csogok @BBMPCOMM @BBMP_MAYOR For how long sir? Sorry, once capacity on the overhead roads are exhausted, vehicles wl start pouring down on to the inner rds & then, it wl get far worse than what it currently is. What wl b the next step? Build another tier of overpasses?
democracydemon1 Australia @stanleywaite1 @colonelhogans @PeterPyke @ScottMorrisonMP Far out Stanley, how many times is that now. It's got to be the agency you're with. Can you change? Pro justice, but hate the system. Straight, but pro lgbtiq. Christian, but definitely no saint. Animal lover, but don't have one. I must be a contradiction
Tabithor new york baebey boiiiiiii @LiberatedOrange I think how I’d best describe it is with my right I only move my wrist when I have to move somewhere far on the page whereas with my left the distance until I have to move is a lot smaller. Otherwise i do curves and such in similar ways (tho on my left it kinda,,, catches? more) I love talking. I talk all the time. I even talking to me. I even tallk all the time. I even talbking. I talkig to me. I evem talbinh. I telkalk th timb.
Barefootlotus La La Land @GregDeloatch @RepMaxineWaters Ummm. As far as I can remember, the two ppl running for President in 2016 were white. See, how my theory is right? Some African-Americans (the slow ones) feel like Obama was pushed out by a white man. Oh lord. That explains a lot. If it was about color, 1/2 Child of God - Protector of ALL children - MS stem cell recipient