It is so good to

It is so good to see the dignity amp discipline shown by rugby players and fans when a try is disallowedFootball take note No haranguing the ref no screaming protestsWell done guys Keep goingamp how ya feeling so far this morning my Kiwi chum

JohnNicholRAF Hertfordshire #ENGvNZL It is so good to see the dignity & discipline shown by rugby players (and fans) when a try is disallowed. Football take note: No haranguing the ref, no screaming protests. Well done guys. Keep going! & how ya feeling so far this morning my Kiwi chum @Glaxo5? Former RAF Tornado Nav, Prisoner-Of-War, Author, Broadcaster, Conference Host & Motivational Speaker, Minor TV presenter, very poor golfer & ardent dog lover.
WesleighOgle Portland, OR .@juliamichaels & @jpsaxe If The World Was Ending is my everything right now. How could you create a song that is so heartbreakingly perfect for me right at this moment? I choke up every time I listen to it...which has to be millions of times so far. Emmy & Murrow-winning Anchor/Reporter @KATUNews in PDX. Born in CA, college in TX & in love with OR. On a mission to make people happy.
chocoTaco Modern Warfare campaign is crazy good so far. I actually can't believe how incredible it looks. What the heck will games look like in another 10-20 years? Full-time @Twitch streamer for @TSM Business email: chocotacogames@gmail.com
TKVicious North Hollywood @Shelotes How is it so far? lol All Around Alright Dude. Low Freqs
sparkling_holo @BTS_twt How it is possible that 7 people living so far away from me feel closer and more real than some of my friends? Thank you, @BTS_twt for being here for me, for ARMY. It means more than you think... 💜
gjl2006 San Antonio @JudgeJeanine @realDonaldTrump @Adam Umm he didn't do it, the special forces did. How far up his butt is your head? Widowed 8/31/17, miss him, one son. Breast Cancer Survivor, nurse. Love Ellen, my go to for laughs when feeling down. love BB, Survivor and Amazing Race!
DesertRatDL Las Vegas And you guys (& gals), it is so intimidating. I’m so far out of my comfort zone. When I was traveling the world (thanks privilege!) I could make do, because I know how to work crowds and I’m never at a disadvantage when it comes to language. I know Latin, Spanish and German (2/?) Desert dwelling diaper lover in my 30s, finally exploring and no longer being ashamed of that part of me || cis-het she/her
OHShirleyMAGA USA @brianstelter @CarpeDonktum Brian how many times are you going to write this same tweet. It’s not the first time you have said something just like this. Are you the apologizer and Chief? What’s scary is to think for one second you believe it. Just let it go, it’s far to late. Mom, #ChristianConservative #2A #BlueLivesMatter #PROMilitary #Constitution #POTUS ❤️Donald J Trump
Abot_k Quahog,Nairobi, Kenya @mohamedkomz Based on Liverpool's tactics, it is not strange that TAA has created more chances than any other player this season (37).That's their key supplier. How may have been converted? Only 3.. 3 assists so far. Real Estate Consultant
per60567936 🇺🇸 🌎 @samisdat_info How is it that you don’t get censored by twitter? People get suspended for far less? My guess is they keep you on so they can entrap? I’m sorry, you do not have to answer. Preserve European Homelands. Stop globalist migration push! We have a dwindling population of only 6% globally. Everyone else has a homeland - WHY NOT US????
Charo2_bot the Middle World How far is it from here?[EP16] リトル・チャロ2の自動bot。オフィシャルとは一切関係ありません。物語の英文を一定時間毎にpostします。ソーセージが好物です。
Kneel2ThaCrown Earth 616 Wow. Outer Worlds is Fallout with that COD type gunplay. It looks pretty amazing... how did this game fly so far under the radar? I never even heard of it until the other day. Never seen any ads or anything 🤷‍♂️😂😂 Die hard Lakers fan. Also like the Rams. Love Marvel, DCComics & Star Wars. *Warning* I tweet a lot about the Lakers
MatureWomen2015 It’s irresponsible to maintain illusions about #Germany. How long since the attack in the synagogue in #Halles ? Extreme Far Right AfD DOUBLED its share of the vote in Thuringia, where it is led by the party’s most notorious ideologue. #EU #boycottNRA The Mature Women's Guide to Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness #binders Skeptical of virtue signaling.
gwtiawah United States @SaintFinnbarr @b_cheto33 @MLB Houston is no where near DC. Is it slowly starting to turn blue? Possibly. However, Houston has a lot of big oil so only time will tell how far they go. But it is not a failed city at this point. And the people who go to Astros games are more likely conservative. Trump2020

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