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Is the grass greener on the other side Canada last October made history as the largest country to legalize pot and the first to create large-scale government-run cannabis stores I went to explore how its going so far and what Mass can learn

NaomiMartin Boston, MA Is the grass greener on the other side? Canada last October made history as the largest country to legalize pot, and the first to create large-scale government-run cannabis stores. I went to explore how it’s going so far and what Mass. can learn. Cannabis reporter at @BostonGlobe and @MarijuanaNews. Previously: Dallas Morning News, Times-Picayune. Hit me up: naomi.martin@globe.com
AstroKatie Raleigh, NC 🌎 <- How far away is the Moon? . . . . . keep going... . . . . . . . . not there yet... . . . . . . . bit more... . . . . . o <- Made it! (a.k.a. Dr Katherine J Mack) astrophysicist/cosmologist, occasional freelance science writer, connoisseur of cosmic catastrophes
michaeldweiss Los Angeles, CA All these easy-listening bromides about how this isn’t “the real America” and Trump is an outlier... I wonder what country you’re living in now. This has happened already in European social democracies, which were far to the left of us. Can it happen here? It already has. Senior Fellow, Institute for Strategic Dialogue. Co-author of ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror: Encrypt e: macspaunday@protonmail.com
O_Kelly89 Victoria, Canada @elioraeliora1 @BetteMidler Ever heard of being a race traitor? That's what you are. Anyone who supports that fucking pedophile pig is just as bad as he. How would you like being raped? Bet if Donny did it you'd love it. You disgusting whore. Your heads so far in the sand you can't see. Brash; Stubborn; Soft; Hard; Strong; Smart; Dumb; Off the cuff; Say whats on my mind; LFC; YNWA; Lover and Hater; Best Friend; Brother.
dmarie272009 @D_1Perth @ChrisJZullo @realDonaldTrump Immigration is controlled in the US, you're not even living in the US so how could you possibly know? We don't have an immigration problem, it's at a low as far as illegal, which is a misdemeanor at that. Don't listen to trumps hype,, he only sees hate/divide/racism/sexism.
PATSFORDAYSS @YaBoySavage_ how is it so far? Video Games| Sports| @Patriots| @Celtics| @RedSox
Dentedpat Frederick, MD @loulouease @nytimes Your map that goes along with the question ‘how well do you know 20th century history?’ Is a map from, as far as I can tell, the 17th century. It shows a non-unified Germany and Italy, and it has the Austrian/Ottoman border from around the time of the siege of Vienna. Philosophy professor. Calling yourself a philosopher sounds dopey.
BorgJardin San Antonio, TX @realDonaldTrump With the #MuellerTestimony coming on Wed, how many “Caravan Invasion” & other “The Sky Is Falling” conspiracies will the panicked #RacistInChief @realDonaldTrump create to try to distract from it?? Or God forbid, will he do something far worse to try to distract from it??
Betsy7Cat @MAGNEDETH Considering battling is how I’ve gotten both sinnoh stones so far, I’m trying to get into the habit of doing it every day. But I don’t really need to do the tiers. I swept spark’s master league team with just the really good swampert I got today. Yesterday? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ They/She. 24. 5'2. Empath. Cats and games and stuff. Music is life. Amateur photographer. #Zeldathon #Pokethon and #Kirbython attendee. Icon by @miskiart
Kyeremateng_Jr الامارات العربية المتحدة What's today's date? When is the transfer deadline? How many transfers have your team made? How long has it taken your club to sign Zaha from Crystal Palace? How many bids so far, how're they going? Why am I not surprise about your reaction 🤣🤣🤣 || Never let an old flame burn you twice || Manchester United ⚽ || Boston Celtics 🏀 || @DudesLeague
KGB_Comrade The Vatican @zampa_paws Another issue is that. Lets say John is born as a product of incest. Could the parents have done better for John? No. If they had different partners, John would not exist, it would be a completely different person. As well, how far does this go? often confused, working on not being rude as shit, she/her they/them - every month is june #cannibalismismorallysound
dmukhi1 Oxford, England @afneil @bbcthisweek Only thus far Andrew, your career is far from over. Years more analysis and insight to offer. Thank you for TW. I watched Newsnight for years grumbling how late it was. When I discovered TW 3 years ago I never missed a show. What am I like a million others expected to do now? Educationalist, student mentor, Brexit observer
The_Backup_Ant_ In the south my G @PoyoDaBoyo @Meeper12346 Why tf is this not being talked about from the higher up players who where there?! The only one I heard so far was anti and that’s it! This is insane dude. I don’t understand how no one is talking about this. Anime Discusser, Hentai Enthusiast, & Wannabe Smash analysts!! @The_Hedge_00 for gaming stuff!! Member of the @Meowriza gang lol
rainbowunocron Chicago, IL @NianticHelp there are a few issues with my account. No matter how far I walk, it makes no progress towards hatching my eggs, and whenever I try to open the friends tab to add friends it gives me an error message. Is there any solution to these problems? Thanks :) Hello! You have found your way to my bio. Up above somewhere, it should have several pictures of bearcats and also the name "Aidan Jimenez." Nice job!
xxDestroying @cielmelodies Jun is tennen enough that maybe something like .. “So, do you know this neighborhood well?” And Sho will describe it professionally, coolly. And Jun has to press on with “Any personal experience...?” Until he has to directly ask how far it is from Sho’s apartment 😂 Business student, MBA /Danish; English; 日本語 /Never criticise Sakurai Sho or Arashi - I will eat you /翔潤❤️💜- in that order / Header by @mytsujun
2meters2 San Francisco, CA @AndrewGilmour11 @JakubKrysl @Simla_28 @foreignoffice Zaroshens'kye was also under Russian control. Not to mention that there is ZERO evidence the missile was launched from there. Nothing at all. Andrew, how do you get this far into denial ? Why are you parroting Russian lies ? Is it money ? Or ideology ? What is it ? I like fact checking and open source journalism. I hate propaganda. Seeking justice for MH17.

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