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In debate said is a ghost townLast night NY was PACKED wmore vehicular traffic than pre-amp sidewalks crowded woutdoor bars amp eateries Far from a ghost town its buzzing wactivity Number 1 topic How will we do this when its snowing

Laurie_Garrett New York, NY In debate #Trump said #NYC is a "ghost town". Last night #Brooklyn , NY was PACKED, w/more vehicular traffic than pre-#COVID19 & sidewalks crowded w/outdoor bars & eateries. Far from a ghost town, it's buzzing w/activity. Number 1 topic: "How will we do this when it's snowing?" Former Sr Fellow @CFR_org. Recipient of Pulitzer Prize, Polk (2Xs) and Peabody Awards. Author: IHeard theSirensScream, TheComingPlague, Ebola & BetrayalofTrust.

PalmerReport Los Angeles, CA Donald Trump's day so far: - Keeps tweeting weird things about Lesley Stahl - Just how bad did that 60 Minutes interview go? - Sacha Baron Cohen catches Rudy Giuliani in compromising Borat video - Trump is going to prison - Mel Brooks endorses Joe Biden - It's still only 2:30pm Political analysis ahead of the curve.

gaywonk New York, NY I think it’s important that we use every tool at our disposal to fight the far right and to protect the most vulnerable. The Lincoln Project is not one of those tools. Sweet Moses. How do you think we got here? Marxist pig. Liberal fascist. Queer scum. He/Him. YouTube profits off of hate speech. IG: gaywonk
MoncadaBrewery 37 Humber Road, London, NW2 6E How do you measure the ABV of a beer? For this, we use a tool called a hydrometer. This measures the gravity of the liquid and tells us how much of the liquid is sugar depending on how far it sinks. We take a reading before fermentation. Since 2011 we’ve been brewing naturally, with passion & brewing with friends in North West London. Taproom - Closed until further notice

jeremy_hume Oxford @jonnybluejeans1 @PaulTMRetail Boris Johnson gets to dictate how many people you can interact with. Just think about that. That is dystopian, it's wildly authoritarian. Am I the only one who is genuinely far more worried about government overreach than a virus with a 99.5%+ recovery rate? Data Scientist. Welsh parents, studied in Scotland for years. The UK government's response to coronavirus has been the biggest overreaction in British history.

samwoolfe London, England @mnazdravan As far as I'm aware, not all animals shake after a scary encounter (I can't find any sources on shaking as a natural trauma response in the wild, except articles on trauma/TRE claiming that's the case). Also, what is meant by 'energy'? And how is it stored in the body? Freelance writer interested in #mentalhealth #psychology #ethics and #philosophy DMs open. Portfolio:
KanyeHansume Lagos - Abuja @i_am_karchies @jidesanwoolu It’s already Monday. Mr Sanwo Olu how far ? Where is it ? @jidesanwoolu Civil & Environmental Engineering. Manucian. Maritime Agent.

Mars0986 Earth. Looking at the outcome of our HCPs fight against misinformation spread by our beloved Doula Douli ni make me wonder if it is even worth it. Why do they have to suffer the consequences? Maybe they should just keep quiet & let the house burn & see how far it spreads. A servant of my One & Only Creator & Protector. Posts are personal opinion. Correct me if I'm wrong. 🙂 Gratefulness & Happiness runs in Parallel. 💖

sibz101 Sandton + East London Hi Guys. What are you guys using for your internet at home? How much is it and any challenges so far? Heard people talk about Telkom a lot. Talk abt GOD, LAW, Success, Rugby and I'll listen. #ProudFatherOfaBeautifulBoy #RhodesUniProduct📚

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