If you ever wondered what

If you ever wondered what it was like to live in early 1930s Germany youre getting a sense courtesy of TrumpGOP From using violence on Jan 6 purging those not loyal to their leader banning books and more todays GOP is LITERALLY copying their playbook How far will GOP go

DeanObeidallah If you ever wondered what it was like to live in early 1930s Germany, you're getting a sense courtesy of Trump/GOP. From using violence on Jan 6, purging those not loyal to their leader, banning books and more, today's GOP is LITERALLY copying their playbook. How far will GOP go? Host: The Dean Obeidallah show @SiriusXM channel 127 weekdays 6-9PMET. Democrats are the REAL Patriots! Pls Sign up for my newsletter:
pcaruanagalizia London, England 4) "As far as I am aware" is a strange clause. Why is it there? The rule is for ministers – not other guests who may have been there. How can a minister, or any person, not be aware of what they are discussing? Reporter @tortoise | paul@tortoisemedia.com | Co-founder @daphnefdtn
NC5PhilWilliams Nashville, TN Why should this not be considered a #WarOnTeachers? How many Republicans believe this is going too far? How many will be willing to say it out loud? Speaking truth to power - and the angry mob. Chief investigative reporter, @NC5. duPont, Peabody awards. Pulitzer finalist. TIPS: phil.williams@newschannel5.com
AmbericanValues And they think the world is just going to swallow and regurgitate the new, undefinable version of “woman” (and who knows what else)? How far removed from reality does it get? Feminist, Mother, Writer, Activist, and Autistic. Open to respectful dialogue, but I’m not your cis.
christo90644688 @Dumbosthenes @NataliaHodgins @goodgawdallmyte You have it backwards - in my original tweet I did mention yoga/walking/breath as taking responsibility for your own "health care". I should have left off "care". How is that not talking w/ people? Again, you take it to far - I was simply suggesting better health outcomes. M.D. works in behavioral health. Likes surfing, birds, and cooking. Lives in Arizona, and thinks about health policy.
Z0NEWlLBVR he/they/bee/star/glow // 18 as someone whos enby i personally think joking around w it is fine but if u /srs trans-truth then thats weird, just dont push it too far yk? communities can have jokes !! just dont go to far w them and push it past a certian limit? idk how to convey my thoughts rn but yeah 🏳️‍🌈 ranboo may forgive but bootwt doesn't
Lor_StarCutter_ Collison Chaos @catgirlcrisis not discourse but since you're the Marisa expert as far as I'm aware I have a question. Marisa is a young and very rebellious character, do you think having a straight up mentor/motherly guardian-esc figure like Mima adds to her character in any way? How does it? Do you think Ma- I feel fantastic And I never felt as good as how I do right now Except for maybe when I think of how I felt that day When I felt the way that I do right now
ardendredd @On_Diversion How the fuck do you know what she's dealing with? If you know the suicide rate is so much higher in trans people then you know misgendering is far more consequential and yet here you are, doing it on purpose. You're purposely being cruel and abusive. I am not an incubator 🏴
SinoWick I’m loving @multiversus It’s awesome how they brought in Ultra Instinct Shaggy haha he is def my favorite to play. Who’s your favorite to play so far? #multiversus #ultrainstinctshaggy #shaggy #wb #freegame #game #streamer #ultrainstinct Hey peeps my name is Tyler and I’ve been streaming for quite sometime now. Follow me for updates when i go live over at
BarneyF20 @briantylercohen Dems have been saying Social Security is going away for a long time. It is their Fear Mongering to get you to support them. Just look at the stellar job they have done in the last 2 years so far. How's your wallet treating you?
EmilyFilmore @AdamKinzinger Honest question: how is having the Ukraine flag on your profile not pandering? As far as I understand you are not from Ukraine? You are in the US military. Isn’t it considered bad form for a US military member to “fly” any other flag? She/her.
DGTweetsStuff West Oakland Anyone else get an Amazon delivery notification then look through your doorbell cam to see how far away it is… Because you’re contemplating if you need to put on real pants or if you can like sneak out in a robe and get it? Just me. Okay. Engineering, economics, feminism, human rights, music lover. Opinions are my own and do not reflect any person or business I’m affiliated with. @DGListens2Stuff
aguavesun @HedgeyeRetail Interesting Brian. As far as bloated apparel inventory, how is it that OXM's stock price can be so sticky when their customers are getting hammered? Waiting impatiently for this other shoe to drop. Why do you think it hasn't? Watching the markets.
MaximShadow2021 Australia @mattia_n @BRyvkin I heard them talk about it on zPiers Morgan. All said it would be a “betrayal of all those Ukrainians killed so far”. If the best form of defence is attack and the Ukrainians can only “defend” one wonders how this will end? The trouble is the world cannot afford another Stalin.
kingnigel_ Virginia Beach, VA @poetnextdoor It is phenomenal. How far did you get? VA📍• Sailor⚓• Photographer 📸 • Book today!
alexm_costa Leblon , Rio de Janeiro @LeoDiCaprio @mapbiomas You still wanting to talk about other people's country! How is the USA!? As far as I'm aware there are several serious fires out there and in Europe!? It sounds like you're worried about the environment. You only fool half a dozen fools who applaud your "concerns". ' Tolerância zero com a hipocrisia. ' ▪ Dedicated Management ▪ Logistics / Supply Chain Management ▪ MBA Business Management
asscheeksonme Chicago, IL @Hotwheelzg I still haven’t watch it , how is it so far? She/Her/G 🖤
Mr_Valdus @CheetoPutin @Iced_Exponet How is it hard to tell someone is signing two seconds into a video? You'd literally see her hands moving which is enough of an indication because he even went as far as mocking her with his dog.

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