I went to school so

I went to school so far back in the last century so it may well be that things have changed but was anyone taught civics at school ie how this country is run and what parliamentary sovereignty and our unwritten constitution means

Nigella_Lawson London I went to school so far back in the last century, so it may well be that things have changed, but was anyone taught civics at school, ie how this country is run and what parliamentary sovereignty and our (unwritten) constitution means? Nigella Lawson's eating - and other - updates. If you need to contact me for work, do not do so here, but email Jonny Geller gelleroffice@curtisbrown.co.uk
BryanDeanWright Oregon, USA This heartbreaking report makes clear that Hunter Biden is a lifelong addict w/ shady business deals. It also shows how his family has tried repeatedly to help him. The question remains: how far did they go to clean up the Ukraine mess? We need answers. Opinion writer. Former CIA ops officer. Pragmatic thinker. Allergic to DC egos. Fighting for rural & blue collar workers. Center left. Sixth gen Oregonian.
raylewis How have y'all been liking my moves so far on @dancingabc?? My competitive side is coming out and it is ON 🕺🏿 Right @cherylburke?! Let's do this. #DWTS #NoExcuses On a mission to change 1 billion lives.
damondmitri1 @Radstags @seattletimes Why doesn't it apply? Do you know what it means? So far I see a junior high school student who hasn't understood anything yet. He just knows how to curse, make insults, evade any understanding. And his hubris is so large, he thinks he's a law unto himself. Faith, Singer-Songwriter, Psychology Student
jfmezei Montreal Canada @NBomb_Plus How far away from where you live is that road? I though it was just your driveway. Is that an actual municipal/state road that is shut due to that little tiny creek ? Last I checked, I was a human being.
json_dirs Eugene, OR @debivort and since perplexity wasn't justified in the paper, how did you decide? why is 1 worse than 20? would 500 be better? it's a user-selectable parameter used to calibrate a visualization, as far as I know there isn't a theoretically motivated way to choose (or reject) one. systems neuro @IONatUO @UOPsych. complex sounds in cortex. #OpenSource #OpenScience. #QueerInSTEM enby they/them w a geocities love language.
AJSaun15 @marcmaron @MrMokelly @RoberttheIII What is the one scene appearance like? How much time do you get to rehearse, and how many takes do you get? How far in advance do you get a script? Sorry about the question bombarding, I'm a civilian, and find it interesting.
chgoerika @TiaraNashea1541 @AndyHerren Oh now he is? How convenient. Wouldn’t it be far less hypocritical if he would admit to the lessons he’s learned, the very lessons he expects Jackson to learn. "If you are depressed you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future. If you are at peace you are living in the present." Lao Tzu
dgouldin San Francisco, CA I’m far from the first to say this, but don’t try to prove a point by asking “but how can you do X without a car?” Even if X is difficult-to-impossible (hint: it’s probably not), it’s still wrongheaded to think of car free living as a series of 1 to 1 analogs to car dependence. Pythonista, chocolate lover, musician, IP minimalist, YIMBY. #bancars. Working on @stripe.

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