I think RG is trying

I think RG is trying to make Modi answer for BJPs past follies It is tricky because BJP popularity may be way below Modis at present So how far will Modi go to defend BJPs past action IAM interested in that

mkvenu1 new delhi @virsanghvi I think RG is trying to make Modi answer for BJP's past follies. It is tricky because BJP popularity may be way below Modi's at present. So how far will Modi go to defend BJP's past action? IAM interested in that. Founding Editor of thewire.in Former Executive Editor of The Hindu,Managing Editor of Financial Express ,sceptic but optimist

MadisonSiriusXM Washington, DC How far is too far when it comes to helping your children succeed? Call me and talk about it 1-866-801-8225 Call in to the Joe Madison Show on @SIRIUSXM every weekday from 6-10 AM EST. 866-801-TALK

HilzFuld Israel How much $$ has FB lost so far since it went down 4 hours ago? Imagine for a second that it was hacked and its servers completely wiped. Yes, I am aware that that is not a real option; but neither was FB going down for 4 hours. Imagine FB was wiped out. Ok, I’m going to sleep. Global Speaker; Tech Vlogger; Columnist: TechCrunch/Venturebeat/JPost/Inc; Marketing Mentor: Google/MSFT/Oracle/Huawei; Startup Advisor; Family Man; Carnivore.

TrishMorrison15 USA Time to come clean. I act like a badass on Twatter but I am only part badass.(1000% Trump supporrter & far from stupid) I say what I mean &I mean what I say...For the love of God, how do I know who is responding to what tweet??? There....I said it.😁🙄😏😅 ❤TRUMP❤ DIVINE INTERVENTION. Don't need followers just valid info. Very happy with the followers I have got! Keep Trump & family in your prayers!

talltaria @lizardkingfe First of all, I'm not adamant. I'm simply engaging in a conversation you chose to continue. Did you expect me to change my mind without being given a good reason? I'm open to what you have to say but so far I don't really see how it is unpopular. trans, bi, mixed-race mexican immigrant! I'm shy but not shy enough to shut up

Buttuh Philly @KT_CTA How far is it? Lol Nodescriptionneeded

BStewart05 Flower Mound, TX @Mikalbitterman1 @realmattstoneaz This seems accurate. As an observer I’ve seen all of these attitudes. Which way is it trending though? Change takes time. But how far will it change? And how quickly? Southern California native. Texan since 2016. Husband. Father of four.

SJPeek Concord, CA @erikaabdelatif @hipster_mother My question is how is this different from legacy scholarships? Getting in because your parents went and donated is not too far down the slippery slope from getting in because your parents bribed someone. It ain't merit Opinionated #progressive, #feminist, #lgbtq Fan of @springsteen, @PreetBharara, @ThisAmerLife, @SenWhitehouse, @KamalaHarris, @AdamSchiffCA, @SenSanders

prophetoftruth Cedar Point, OH Where in the world is the North Pole? Now how can a toy tell you where you are? Could it be the NP is the SP? Research stations all in "the middle of nowhere " ... Oh and if you reach " the pole of inaccessibility you've gone too far!" Hello!

OblongThinker Texas @Ginnion77 @WhiteHouse How many others snuck across while the bunch diverted all the Border Patrol to control them?? Didn’t u think of that or is it too far over ur thinking ability?? U ppl r pathetic!! Just run the Border Patrol ragged, what do u care!! Build the damn wall now!! Wife, Mom,and great friend. Professional Volunteer & political junkie- I do what is right, not always popular

katdaddyhair Hope Mills, NC @CWL_Karim @ericc56 @Johnnys_Eye College is not for everyone, even if you’re very smart. But if you want a higher education, and have the grades, it can be done! There are many gifted gamers out there. How far can you go with that?

40andlame East Coast @thatianaviana @shannonrwatts @NRA Your home country’s crime rate is far higher than the US with strict gun control. And this is America’s problem how? Oh yeah... it’s not. We’re at war. Will the war from within tear us apart before our enemies do?
Find out how far it is between any two cities.
DonMega007 Regina, SK @CoreyCudney @MaximumCortez @KindaFunnyVids How is this show doing? I don't imagine too well. Nick is an asshole with his head so far up his own ass with nothing more to turn to than insults and frat boy humor. & Andy...well we get it, you can play guitar. Please drop that schtick on every show which you make an appearance

Overated_loser Waukegan, IL @yooocaitlin It’s all good bro! :) just always remember how far you’ve come, and accomplished already! Huge milestones if you ask me haha, and I feel the same about myself, I’m not used to getting bigger but getting stronger is a huge plus to cancel thinking that way don’t you agree? *screams*

dplymyer Catonsville, Maryland @charm_hon @DanRodricks @FranklinFoer The worst part of the whole damn thing, as far as I am concerned, is that I now feel compelled to read her book to see just how bad it is - i.e., how long did UMMS officials have to hold their noses when deciding to buy it? Retired as County Attorney for Anne Arundel County, Maryland, in 2014; former Assistant State's Attorney; Army vet, 7 yrs RA, 18 yrs reserve. Occasional writer.

PatrioticBooty ͏ωαи∂α'ѕ αямѕ @WorthyToFight "Not for me. My mind is enhanced by the serum. I calculate possibilities and outcomes far quicker than the average man. How do you think my shield keeps coming back to me no matter how I throw it?" ᴡᴇ ᴅᴏɴ'ᴛ ᴛʀᴀᴅᴇ ʟɪᴠᴇs. - ᴍᴀʀᴠᴇʟ ʀᴘ - ᴘʀᴏᴘᴇʀᴛʏ ᴏғ @HexedWiccan

whollypiecemeal FL Today's word: Here You are here! Do you ever wonder where 'here' is? It's something to ponder. If you want to go 'there', you need to know where you are. Looking back and seeing how far… Following the butterfly trail of anything interesting.

NoLongerBeastly ɴᴇᴡ ʏᴏʀᴋ, ɴʏ || [ᴄʟᴀɪᴍᴇᴅ, ss] @OfDemureBeauty my jawline before I speak softly, looking in your eyes.* You know what? I don’t need to consider it. I’ve already seen just how powerful and pure our love is. It withstood my anger when everyone else who has ever seen it ran far away. You didn’t, you chose to love me in spite > {#BATB/#Disney, 21+, AU} ❝ᴀɴᴅ ʟᴏʀᴅ, sʜᴇ ғᴏᴜɴᴅ ᴍᴇ ᴊᴜsᴛ ɪɴ ᴛɪᴍᴇ.❞ — ᴏʜ ʏᴏᴜʀ ʟᴏᴠᴇ ɪs sᴜɴʟɪɢʜᴛ, @OfDemureBeauty. [#Ꮯαℓαмιту]

FishingDB1965 Mill Creek, WA @lirpalomina @JusticeGirl2950 Re-read his whole thread and remember the "Shock Jock" ERA. Chris has a point in which he is referring to how far do we go back and how much time should we devote to it? We know Tucker is a racist and his employer supports it. What do you do? Proud to say I didn't vote for Trump, will resist his Presidency and not listen to his minions. I believe in the Three F's - Family, Friends and Fishing!

kachmar_susan @LilaGraceRose @MattWalshBlog How did we stray so far? Lying is in now. Revenge is in. Slandering people is vogue. Media has become so corrupt happily dividing up the US. It really is an ugly time. Cancer survivor, farm owner, horse lover

sharon_fane writeback.org, faceofPhil.com @matthewstoller I wouldn't go that far but I liked your "kum ba ya" metaphor wish I woulda thought it up when Reagan actually was POTUS. I took heat 4 criticizing Reaganomics but we're still recovering.The ? is once impeached how long will it take 4 us to recover from Trump I agree w/JC=>radical “Be kind to everybody, make art, and fight the power.” -Colson Whitehead

amandablount2 Tennessee, USA @ssgsteveh @AaronDunlap72 @chrislhayes His entire thread is a "Oh shucks! He said this years ago about women, but it's cool! It's just guys talking." then he goes into how he doesn't support Tucker about the racism part. -- So, he supports child and teen rape, but racism of Iraq was too far? Sounds fishy to me. Disabled #Vet | #DOD & Army Officer (Rt) | Gov, politics, religion #CNP | Writer, Photographer, Activist, #SecondCivilWarLetters | Interviews @BBC @thehill WAPO

bienhaseyo Charleston, SC @TamarWrites It is horrifying and eye-opening. How far does this spread, and how deep does it go? I wonder if prosecutors can/will subpoena records from the group chat/s and DMs.

moneycough Missouri @ChancerBoBancer Us, Endgame, Brightburn and Far From Home. I plan to see those all in a theater. Four movies. One year. Do you know how hard it normally is to get me to a theater even once in a year? professional wrestling goober | sometimes a musician | sometimes a writer | proud father of two boys | married to @shmayyt | crippled by white trash genetics

khaasaamadmi Australia @GargaC @narendramodi No wonder @Harvard is losing out on innovation because it has so many "brain scientists" who have no idea of reality! How does such a uni allow a blatant liar on its premises? If they have such scientists then the day isn't far when it lands at the bottom of global rankings. आम आदमी = Common Man

oodiebsupreme Imma be where im at, USA If we can censor what is said on tv from a profanity standpoint, is it too far of a stretch to have rules regarding how criminals and victims are portrayed? Like some FCC rules so we not getting serial killers with vacation jet ski pics Oodie Baskins | IG: oodiebsupreme Email: oodiebsupreme@gmail.com.

BuckyKatt NYC and NJ @radiationmouth @bpmcdmt @NatickBobCat @PKurnath @Mammals_Suck That reminds me, I need to finish watching it. And how is it that you, Mr. Mustelid, have never owned a ferret (as far as I know)? Seems it would be a natural. Hell, I almost wanted to get a ferret after watching 30 mins. of that movie. Writer, runner, music lover, med-sci-animal geek, volunteer. Blogs infrequently on health/med topics & music
regulatetempo 엑소's ♡ @soompi How is it so far? Review? Mostly EXO 👑 NCT | BIGBANG | SVT | SF9|ASTRO | MONSTA X | WINNER | GOT7 | IKON | SHINEE | SUJU | WANNA ONE . . Nothing against any group, just some fandom 🙃

Mdmaywa Geraldton @amoeaba @HoolyMcg @HallRaelene @Middleton_Says @Paul_Brown1 (2/2) With regards to Equity, how/when do you know you have gone far enough in dividing the groups up to ensure they are all given enough positions? Is it just gender? Race and gender? I support the idea of 50% women in Parliament, I'm just uneasy about where quotas would lead! "Postmodern Neomarxists are totally corrupting Western Values because of their Maoist Pronouns - and no one is talking about it!" - J. Peterson (sort of)

TomValentino7 Cranston, RI @ProudResister @PhilippeReines I care more about removing Trump from office than him going to jail. He is hurting this country on multiple levels. It's worth it because we are in serious trouble. How far can the constitution bend before it breaks? I dont want to find out! #ImpeachTheMF Lover of Pro Wresting and anti Trump! Always positive with a bit of levity! #ImpeachTheMF #TheResistance #suckit #maga

BelindaJones68 Australia The sky is falling! You know those figures are based on a dodgy report right @AngusTaylorMP ?? The @MBA_Aust proving it's a club for 'Masters' only by the looks of it, I count 22 blokes to 2 women, when I see pics like these it makes me realise how far we have to go. #auspol Aussie, Mum, Grandma, equalist, educator, writer, politically aware, photographer, loves cricket. Retweet usually an endorsement but not always🐝

MsMcIntoshAus Melbourne, Victoria Well, it looks like The Oz has finally gone too far. How exactly is a convicted child sex offender worthy of respect? Feminist, atheist, social progressive, challenger of beliefs without evidence, cat lover, knitter, grumpy old woman. Wurundjeri land. Trump-free zone.

KMD_Lane Do you ever feel like everything is happening at once and you're being tested on how long you can withstand it all before breaking? Well, I'm not far from my breaking point. pєrsσnαl вlσggєr • lιғєѕтчlє • ғαѕнισn • lιтєrαтυrє • вєαυтч • hσmє - wrιтєr🖊 wιғєч тσ @LaneVarsity σlιvια🐶 thumpєr🐇11/10/17-3/24/18 hαír єnthusíαst