I love this story because

I love this story because it starts with a super simple question -- how far away is that -- and leads to some extraordinary places even to the very end of the universe

B_resnick Washington, DC I love this story, because it starts with a super simple question -- "how far away is *that*? -- and leads to some extraordinary places, even to the very end of the universe. Science reporter @voxdotcom. Making Unexplainable, a new podcast on unanswered questions in science. Subscribe! Link below.

daddyhope World Citizen🇿🇼 “It is International Reggae Day, why are you bored today?” I asked Shabba and Buju. “How far in Swaziland?” Buju asked me. Well, the internet has been shut down and we know very little about what happened today. “What happened to the international media today?” Shabba asked. Award winning Journalist | Documentary Film Maker | CNN African Journalist of the year | Africa Leadership FellowI Nieman Fellow| hopewell2@post.harvard.edu

laurenarankin According to @Guttmacher, 2021 is now the worst year ever for abortion rights and access. How bad? 90 abortion restrictions have been enacted so far in 2021, more than in any other single year. And it's only July 1! Author of BODIES ON THE LINE (April 2022, @CounterpointLLC). lauren.a.rankin@gmail.com

therealvicz UK Shropshire @Reflexospuros Every time I see this crap I post the same question and so far no-one has been able to answer it. If this is true, how come the UK rate of positive tests, including false positives, has consistently remained at around 2-4% ? “Still a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest...”

SaltaireBrewery Dockfield Road, Shipley, West Yorkshire BD17 7AR Our Citra’s made it to Hong Kong! We export around 25 markets around the world, including Scandinavia, New Zealand and the Falkland Islands. How far from @SaltaireBrewery have you enjoyed our #beer? Fresh & zesty, Saltaire Citra is simply delicious #BeerDoneRight #ExportMarket We’re passionate about our beer. We don’t compromise on quality, we're truly independent & we’ve been making award-winning beer since 2006. #BeerDoneRight

hajoseppelt Berlin, Deutschland @JensWeinreich @Tokyo2020 @johnvolkers @hansvdw @ClaudioCatuogno @tariqpanja @martynziegler @RSF_inter @AIPSmedia @philippevw @Duncan_ITG It is shocking to see how the organizers in Japan ban crucial areas for camera shooting - even within the „Olympic bubble“. This has from my pov not much to do with serious anti corona measures. It looks like arbitrariness. And does IOC intervene? I hear nothing so far… TV, Radio, Online Journalist. Investigation of doping + corruption in sports. Head of production company working for ARD German TV

Shhaaka @ciikuu__ How is it so far? Kila mtu starehe zake.

NabateaRemnants @Choral_Mages She smiled. “How far along is it?” She moved cupped her belly and gasped. Several of the last of the Nabatean of Zanado... they gather in Fodlan once again.

ValoCkY Windy City/LA @RainTweet12 @FLAJOEB1 @BoardwalkVenice @alexanderpoe creative community is code word for communal living or how I refer to it as: Can I live for free bec on my own I'm worthless and dont want to have to put on my adult panties and take care of myself too much. Immigrants w far less came here and made it, what's your excuse? 🙄 Use ur brain before it rots away..I 💗horror, weird shit, food, tunes, travel, horses and quiet contemplation 🦄💀⚰🎃💎🛍✈🏇♫🍔🍹🐴🌭🍕

piratequeen_ya With Luffy/Sunny Go | Germany @PortgasDJennie Thanks Jennie, also for commenting under there 🥺💖 It’s a shame that this person is active and ignores the complaints. How can people be so be so thirsty for likes that they go as far to post stolen content?? My life essence is #ONEPIECE 🏴‍☠️ I love Luffy ❤️ 56 👒🍖 モンキー・D・ルフィ 👑 #ルフィ Ch. 1017 & Ep. 980 🔥 pfp: Luffy and me by @Raijin_75 #ONEPIECE1000LOGS #WT100

goc970 Jackson,MI @JimmyRandazzo How could Judge your most dangerous hitter not play Wednesday it is mind boggling .... unless he’s hurt ?? It’s preposterous This far behind Boston ... Judge should have demanded to be in !! 40 year sports and news broadcaster many years at legendary news/talk 970 WKHM many time MAB station of the year.

Horseguyman Korth Norea How is Yoshikage Kira's Killer Queen Stand considered fucking fair? This Stand is the most bullshit and unbalanced Stand I've seen so far in JoJo. And I wouldn't have it any other way. Perfect Why did the Horse cross the road? Tesco hired him

constan10101 Darwin, Northern Territory @katiebecker16 @liberty333333 To play the devil’s advocate , how to you know it is harmful? And many prefer to wait, really. As of today, 30 % of all Australians have received the first dose. With a running total of 7.8 million people of Australians, so far. I think it’s fair to say it’s going great guns. Retired..No PC crap here.. Love Australia 🇦🇺 .. Use common sense..Don’t bullshit me..Fishing / Traveling 🧳.. Opinions are my own. please follow.

Quant_111 Moon How easy it is for you to make a good amount of money in crypto on scale from 1- 10 so far ( 10 hardest ) ? $btc $eth $xrp $link $qnt

Saru191088 Somerville, MA The power is given to smaller kids my sister and cousins and relatives and friends using social media marketing tools but not to me and even recruiters talk to them not to me. How far it is fair ? WIP

asianhawk79 United Kingdom aka brexitland @carin__fischer @TalatHussain12 How is saying he wants 2 b a partner in peace and not a partner in war punching USA? R u that far up nawaz backside. I agree its not a wholehearted support 4 all USA policies but ur description of it makes me question ur hold of the English language

lvnalina she/her 21+ (n)sfw it's been kinda uneventful but listen to good music always lifts my mood ♥︎ how is yours going so far cutie? BA • CA — hi hi~ how are you? nice to meet you, im your resident *bratty* baby girl, or mommy whichever you prefer ;)! ♡ affiliated with @marvelves

KidwaiUsamah @iramizraja Don't think that's the way to do it as not each team plays regularly against each other so how will Steve Smith know that some one on the Zimbabwe side is far better bowler than Bumra? Just a thought

PereraSamdhan United Kingdom @LBC We are seeing #Trump theory now used by #GeorgeGalloway et al It was contested in a divisive nasty spirit that is far from 🇬🇧 values and how we do elections. What's his real game? @GCHQ @MI5official This is a Great Danger to Out Democracy Get Vaccinated & Save Lives. Don't take Democracy for Granted. Standard Disclaimer: Own views No endorsements.

bumbaclaat88 @aquemaniac @The3rdSingleton @therealJL41 @ESPNNBA @KendrickPerkins And how is that his fault they got injured? No one thought the suns would go that far beginning of the season it’s not like he joined a super team or hand picked his players like Lebron. Stop fuking hating Chris Paul deserves it.

lyricbotcrj waking up next to you every morning how did we get this far? it came without a warning and in the nighttime, you tell me your whole life you and me get too real but all i feel is alright The only robot to understand E*MO*TION Carly Rae Jepsen Lyric Bot

mapofthesou7 20+ she/her asian @MymanMymoon i've seen this recommended by people i know irl. how is it so far? #NAMJOON: lets stay young forever together | priv accs are blocked

aschilling Do you know how NVIDIA is distributing new versions of DLSS to games which are already using it @Dachsjaeger? As far as I can tell, that nvngx_dlss was never updated after the initial DLSS release for this game, which brings up the question: Was DLSS updated for any game yet? Editor at
olddirtycrayon Florida, USA If #GlobalWarming isn’t REAL, then how’s come it’s currently hotter in #alaska and #CanadaHeatWave than it is in #Florida right now?!?!!?? It’s an awful travesty that past administration let it get this far #ShameOnYou #Trump dadaist laptop danser in the dark... Bourbon legend...semi-profesional imaginary friend...used band aid collector...pretend professional clown...puzzled pretzel

Dr_Jon London, England @BBCLeisha It's tricky and perhaps depends on how far up the ladder you are. If the company is suffering a ransomware attack they probably want all the computer security guys/gals to get right on it... or if customer credit card details are being stolen. What about a furious major customer? (Not a TV presenter or in the Medical profession!) Opinions my own unless someone else has a better one. See my Panoramas:
CyanDippy England, United Kingdom So far this morning DWP refused a document because my signature isn't on it (there is no requirement for it to be on it!) and I've been kicked off the housing register! I'm in an inaccessible flat that costs more than my benefits cover - how am I ineligible?! She/Her, Thornback, Music Lover, AFOL, Model, Disabled and Chronically ill

caronastley Berwick-upon-Tweed, England How many songs do I have to listen to @jet2 ? It has been 17 minutes so far 😕All I want to know is how much the charge is to change names on a booking ! Please help me ...I am going crazy listening to the music ....

JosephEugeneFo1 New York, NY @handyman_neil Oh. I've heard about the city of London. There's a video. I will watch. So in a way holding btc is part of the resistance? Are they trying to tank btc to scare ppl, but they can only go so far? Some think china controls btc. How could they if it's decentralized? Following President Trump .... KAG 2020 🇺🇸

tapas321 @ActuaryByDay @Twitter @binocularity 2/ I guess it's down to people's view of what is acceptable but we were looking at 30k in hospital back in January? It's not particularly wonderful I agree but how far are we from HIT? Biggest push now needs to be final push to jab the most mobile in society. Trader, curves, trends, extrapolation, interpolation, linear, Newton, Lagrange, Runge, whatever, etc, etc, yawn!

IkeNamura @handyman_neil @AcountryAday What did the woke see coming? Who is the "mafia"? How do you reject the biggest trade bloc on our continent, whine about globalism (without knowing what it means) and still claim we aren't rejecting global trade? This guy is far far into fairy land ...wow.

TimusIlluminati West Hartford, CT @ProfMKay @PrakashJavdekar @PMOIndia I am so sorry Prof, had no intention of doing that but what clearly the highlight of my day, so far, was ur new DP. It's stoic & remarkable. It's more exciting that some stupid #innovation announcement that only the govt is excited about. How about rejig of children's education? Take control of your mind, the physical being will take it's own course. #Seeker #Technology #Drummer #Shinkyokushin #NationFirst #Strategy #UttarparaLegacy

Bitcointildeath @LTRN8ENDING “ Shedding”…. My worst fears and something the far out “ conspiracy” theorists were saying at the start. So, the vaxxed will be spreading their corona virus to the unvaxed. Is that how I’m reading it? It’s all getting very muddied #Bitcoin 🗝 Everyone is entitled to My Opinion. Live Free or Die. Perth WA.

MASTER_P97 @von_Bismack @ayemojubar @MaziNnamdiKanu Did I call him God? You are free to criticize Him , how far now what is the way forward you Mr know it all. Just me alone

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