I know and believe its

I know and believe its the team who wins the match not just captain but We give lot of credit to many captains Soooo How about a CROWN for as far as Indian test cricket is concern

IrfanPathan Vadodra, Gujarat, India I know and believe it’s the team who wins the match not just captain but We give lot of credit to many captains, Soooo How about a CROWN for @imVkohli as far as Indian test cricket is concern???? #ViratKohli Professional Cricketer - Plays for the Indian Cricket Team, Baroda. Loves Driving, Biryani, Music,Little Reading:)

TheAJMendez Shadow Moses What’s the best workout hype song and why is it “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana? New York Times Bestselling author of #CrazyIsMySuperpower. Writer, speaker, mental health advocate, gamer. Co-Founder of @ScrappyHeartPro, IG: @TheAJMendez

bryanbehar Studio City, CA Every election cycle, we’re told that Texas is a Purple state, that’s its sizable demographic shifts show it rapidly trending Blue. So how can we have a gerrymandered system, so corrupt, that a slender GOP majority keeps imposing the nation’s most punitive Far Right agenda? Emmy-losing TV writer, Brown grad, Huffington Post blogger, Emotional eater. Bats right, tweets left.

johndrummond33 London, England @MithenZoe @awaisaftab I think the problem is far worse actually, psychiatrists have issues about informed consent. Regarding likelihood of recovery - how come we knew recovery would happen if we could just hang on? Simply because the depression had understandable roots and it was just an inner voice. Just a Dad whose son went through the MH system. Into consent, evidence & psycho social recovery. Believe in our kids.

pageofmylife_ His ... shirt ... exactly how far is it unbuttoned?!! 😳 “You’re my best song and best melody” - #DAY6 || BOOK WORM 📚 || INFP ||

iSecurity Global What is your usecase and how far should you go? #datascience #digitaltransformation #privacyprotection Cyber and Information Security Global Services. Get our "iSecurity Social" App from Apple App Store or Google Play

JeromeJerome01 North East Of London We can't have that no matter how far time expands!! Come on! you good people of Belgium erase this evil! You know you have to!! If only for the good name of Belgium? Evil is evil no matter what century it is!! Once you sign up and accept evil! It's Game Over for humanity! Jerome has spent almost 30years in Government as Council Leader, Mayor, Police Authority member & Parliamentry Candidate.

George_T_Truth @lbc If pulling down statues is "death to the left", how did Joe Biden get elected? Tony Blair strikes me as someone who sees a trend, but never dares challenge it The culture war stuff will only go so far for characters like Trump and Johnson Only blocked by people who have an overinflated sense of self importance. Don't give a toss about how many followers I have, I don't need self-validation.

Maleficus24 Michigan, USA @playnewworld @playnewworld character customization is extremely important in a game where people plan on putting in 100’s/1000’s of hours. How are you keeping it as is? This is by far the most limited character customization I’ve ever seen in an MMO. Any plans to broaden it? I don't think everyone is dumb, I just think 90% have really bad luck when it comes to thinking.

SmallFarmDairy Minnesota, USA @nytimes Now @nytimes how about defending right to health care, food, and education ONCE those children are born? Oh and it would be nice if writer advocated paying $10,000 to everyone who gave children food so they don't go to bed hungry. (Bounties on women is far from perfect-true dat.) Farmer/Cheesemaker Love Nature, animals, and all the people who love good food.

ernestdecugnac France @_EnglishRose_13 A lot of people say maths. Yuk. But *since* I left school I learnt to love it. ++ How far are you moving horizontally when you climb a hill? Trig will tell you. ++ What is binary except the base 2 number system? ++ Logarithms = the magic of exponents (of all powers). ❤️❤️❤️ Retired business psychologist, and economist. Free markets; limited government. #brexit. Detest animal cruelty. Non-militant vegetarian. INTP. (That's Helen ↑).

SamuraiOfTheEnd @deathssacrifice And Yasu waited, however it was a bit hard not to notice what she was doing though his vision, even if she was far enough. All in all he knew she will get a big teddy bear, the thing is, how close would it be to his height? + Vigilant he stays, awaiting the opportunity. NSFW

TriTro29 @davesul98756609 @BRyvkin My "initial outbursts"? Listen I like when people play coy, like you just did, especially after the "bile" part, as much as anyone, but it's rather intersting that you so far have spoken about your "opinion" while confronted with actual facts. How is the Constitution of 1980 1/4 Straight facts fly straight. PPSH facts fly even straighter.

Sarayoga81 Sevilla @DrAseemMalhotra Why is Boris, now his health is better via diet/exercise, not making far bigger changes? The pandemic was the perfect time to get tough on this. It could have been his legacy. How much £ does govt receive from these multinationals which enable them to be blind to their damage? It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it. - Upton Sinclair

olivias_dream Evesham, England @BBCPolitics GP surgery rang to see if my 15 year old vulnerable daughter would like a vaccination. I said I would talk to her about it and come back to them. They told me there are far more vulnerable kids on the list than there is vaccine, so how are all kids going to be jabbed in a week?🙄 I am Liv and I LOVE Matt Cardle + Ben Phillips and Elliot Giles. We're trying to raise money to pay for treatment to help me to walk on my own :D

Michael03646040 @Janela_X If you’re looking for another word to replace one that is “not acceptable language”, then you are trying to say something that is unacceptable acceptable. Is this how it works from this side? Personal attacks and flippancy? I’m not sure you’ll get far with that. I once spoke to Michael Jackson but it wasn’t him. I also got a multi million pound payout after an horrific sudoku injury. There’s no money left. I ate it all.

hidy00 @wolfonaire @EpicHeroio It is far more profitable to launch projects during a bull market than it is to do so during a bear market. How will "EPICHERO" stand the test of time in a bear market where most projects fail and even vanish? What strategies does the project use to reduce the risk of losses? Simply waste

AaireVoltaire @TygerCrypto @Wiiinnie @TravisTParker @EdnStuff @IOHK_Charles well at least you're getting that it's the most decentralized now. sorry to inform you one man one vote is not how the world works. as to who holds the most? the community BY FAR. it isn't even close. btw Charles doesn't vote. just admit it... you are desperate to fud

manu_ush PRAYAGRAJ @DivyaSoti Pak is US creation why would they portray it as evil??? everything pak does is approved by them, if not for Umrika there wud not be any country named pakistan today, about time how far it goes..... Seeker A random human trying to figure out 'world weaven' around us

laraharper16 @SimOnTheBike Do not worry kind Sir... the kitchen is well under control. It’s all fine. Sounds far worse than it is. How are you btw? Love Lara xx 💋 Professional Illusionist, director, poet/writer all WORK IS MY OWN. Animal advocate and proudly Zaks Mummy @lovelylara241 WORDSMITH. World Angel 💚 #WeThe15

JustinGhattas Melbourne, Victoria @ABZand @SP_10 I just clicked what you posted - the underlined being what I referred to in my reply. Even supposing it is 1 in 100k (rather than 1000 aka 1%), it is still statistically very far away from the ~10%+ for C19. If I'm not reading it right, pls correct me, I'm just not sure how?

hana7reads @nabilah_smb Yup. As far as I remember, the reason he ended up in that house is because of his abusive parents right? But, why did he choose that house? How it ended up there? only twt about books 😆 reviews and recs 💖

subahanAllah09 @revolut20 @UNIMOONnetwork Is #UNIMOON wants to unlock the true potential of DeFi? Can you explain what the real potential is? How far will #UNIMOON go? Will it be just another platform for Lending and Farming? @ctx1997 @selina3r @bijoy_mamud CRYPTOCURRENCY

gelilil @SawyerN22 @TWeb_33 @BizzyBones11 No, I didn't. Who's the illiterate one now? I said it is ass getting to it because it's so far away and the security process is a damn joke. I said other cities know how to manage airports in centralized locations. Jesus, at least get it right. You've been wrong a lot. 🐕🐕 #Broncos Taking it one day at a time.

MetalSlugFio @SebGorka @JavanSia The question is not who voted for this fossil, the question is how it has remained in power so far?! "Goodbye for a while" 🐥

thekarlneilson New Plymouth @TheEndIsNear66 @BoxJelly2007 C’mon, how do you still not understand why? By comparison to Influenza: Covid-19 is far more infectious. Far higher risk of death. It is far more likely to hospitalise people. Far more likely for patients to be in ICU. Deaths of hospitalised cases are far higher also. It’s a long story, and this is short. Tangata Whaitakiwātanga. Takiwātanga. Aroreretini. Tāmitanga Muri Pāmamae. Complex-PTSD.

FuckinDisgusted North Charleston, SC @PointClovis @DuhFeebz @TheChefsGardens @davenewworld_2 But it's not just the business involved. I'm wondering about our morality in situations like this, or if it's reversed and coming at us. How far is too far for our actions... got someone fired? What if he has a new job, do we get him fired again? For how long? Where do we stop? Unapologetically into Politics... & porn...😎 #DemocracyIsDead #EndTheDuopoly

SFSilentNoMore1 United States of America @BruerBrad @ej9118 @JackPosobiec That is a fact might be better to just let him release his info as he sees fit, how is he to know what we all know... WE know it, does everyone? At least this was the "narrative" they wanted us to believe. Oh look FBI dereliction really, something far more sinister went down Give Your Best Say this: It is My #RESPONSIBILITY #ElectionIntegrity so every #VOTE Counts Question everything Take Nothing for Granted Manipulation is a game

hqyoukaizine Hj! Is it okay to ask how many orders you've received thus far? Curious to know where we're at on the stretch go… — Currently we’re 8 orders away from reaching our first stretch goal! Thanks so much for the support 🤍 Welcome to Beyond Time, a SFW, Aoba Johsai centric, yōkai (Japanese folklore) themed zine supporting Doctors Without Borders.
PaulWhiteleyPhD UK @JoeMillerAS1 @Parker03815380 What's wrong with using just 'autism' or 'autistic'? Even Judy Singer has mentioned how her term 'neurodiversity' has been far expanded far beyond original intention: Neurodiversity is still in it's infancy e.g. Autism research. Ph.D. “If you try and take a cat apart to see how it works, the first thing you have on your hands is a non-working cat.”

DegenerateJay What are your thoughts so far on the new Spidey suit from #SpiderMan2PS5 ? I love that the suit is more red now. I really liked the design of the Advanced Suit from 1 but hated how it was more "orangey." YouTube creator - fan of video games, movies, comics, DC and Marvel and tons of other stuff. Business inquiries - degeneratejaybusiness@gmail.com

PieroPasset EUROPE @johnredwood How many times ?????? This tax is to get you out of the shithole created by YOUR Brexit!! How much has it cost so far again??? 🇪🇺🇪🇺 Art&interior design.- please don't mention fish, the daily shitmail or take back control! 🇪🇺🇪🇺proud member of several pro EU organisations!! FOM CU SM !!!!!

ThroughDeceit @moonsbane ∆ | I know, in a way this behavior actually is really interesting. Since it shows how far some people would go for validation that in the end doesn't really mean much ?? It is however amusing to see how shallow a person can be behind a mask of porcelain. 𝑲𝒐𝒓𝒐𝒔𝒆, 𝑲𝒂𝒎𝒊𝒔𝒉𝒊𝒏𝒊 𝒏𝒐 𝒀𝒂𝒓𝒊 ❧. 𝑷𝒆𝒏𝒏𝒆𝒅 𝒃𝒚 𝑵𝒊𝒙

lincsbirder2019 south linconshire @tedkravitz @SkySportsF1 Bloody rubbish ! The whole sprint idea. Why did Bottas even start when he knows he’s at the back anyway ? How come the all powerful Mercedes can’t pass two Mclarens on the fastest, widest circuit so far ? Hamilton has lost it. His time is up Bird life photographer. Likes Frampton Marsh. Sometimes a bit of football photography. All photos available to view on my Facebook page BLPhotos2020

lakesfilms she/her 17 @sallyrooneys ahhh how is it so far?? i should receive my copy next week! now you hang from my lips like the gardens of babylon

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