I dont think Sarri should

I dont think Sarri should drop Kepa For how long How is it really a punishment when everyone knows hell be back in the side soon Can he go as far as selling Kepa as a punishment I think dropping him will be a meaningless punishment

deejayfaremi On Twitter I don't think Sarri should drop Kepa. For how long? How is it really a punishment when everyone knows he'll be back in the side soon? Can he go as far as selling Kepa as a punishment? I think dropping him will be a meaningless 'punishment'. Grateful to God| I will not blow my trumpet, you will do it for me| RTs ≠ endorsement. @TreGong @thebusybuddies @tregongtv
Shadow_Official United Kingdom "So is it better than a regular PC? Based on my time with it so far I’d have to say yes." says @James_Jarvis of Shadow Ghost 👻 Full @GamesRadar review here 👉 The first high-end computer accessible from any device with Internet. Join us on Discord: #TeamShadow
BCGreens British Columbia, Canada Allegations of money laundering may not seem like it affects the lives of the average British Columbian. But when it puts the price of houses out of reach for many, it’s a problem. How far does this alleged corruption reach? You deserve answers. #bcpoli Authorized by BC Green Party (1-888-473-3686)
thatonebaker19 @lutchx22 Lets do a road trip! How far is it?? I bake. Lover of coffee. Book nerd.
How Far is it?
1Ladyinwhite40 West Coast, USA @TheRynheart @DonaldJTrumpJr OMG. He didn’t just say that. Didn’t he? What I want to know is who left to door open so the stupid could get out. I guess remembering something as long as two years ago is something to celebrate. For me, it is just a reminder of how far down the rabbit hole we are. RN Specialty Critical Care. Throw me to the wolves and I will come back leading the pack.
denlusional Purgatory @a_greekdemigod IVSVIACUSJVSVIDIVIVDBODBIDIBD KEITH IS SO BAFFLED BECAUSE HOW COULD LANCE SAY THAT?! “I have a dumb boyfriend huh.” “Nah, babe it was even hard for me to break your shell and agree to go out with me, it isn’t so far off you couldn’t read Shiro’s in love with Allura’s fancy cat.” den | somewhere in 🇨🇦 | finishing my doctorate degree in delusion | i love to doodle from time to time
SSavoie1 Portland Oregon @ABC @RepMarkMeadows how far is your head up @realDonaldTrump ass? Really? You didn’t even allow answers to questions. Remember this is History and you are a part of it.. Trump will be vilified.. Going down with him? Your Choice.. Caring Mom and Grandmother who wants a better World for all..
MrsGraham2k16 Barksdale AFB, LA My video is live go subscribe to my YT and watch the video. leave a comment on how you feel about this whole @MeTooMVMT #MeToo. Do you think that they are going to far by spray painting a national monument? Or do you think that they are complete right about it. Let me know. Instagram: MrsGraham2k16 YouNow: MrsGraham2k16 YouTube: the graham family and Xbox: Airforcefiance I'm a mother and a military wife.
OatmealSoggy Statesville, NC @Prophecy_YEC @DarthKiller2 @LavenderLady0 @AiG How so? Because it’s works? That’s evolution which is a far better answer than “yeah it’s structured horribly but it works even though an intelligent engineer wouldn’t do something so needless and stupid” Games anime and everything nerdy
bulkchart32 Mississippi, USA @BriannaWu @ght001 @GCustom @yamichi ok. a hunting rifle is far more powerful than an ar15/m16. so should those be banned? also, a 12 gauge with triple buckshot in it is also more deadly at close range. should that be banned? i'm wondering how far ur wanting to take this? Christian. Proud NRA member. Gamer. Sleep disorder, always tired/often sleepy. Radically Pro-life. Pro-Israel. Toxically Masculine. Ecclesiastes12 :13-14
analitikando Caracas Venezuela Abortion in any gestation period is a crime, and it is proven that the fetus feels pain very early. How far does the cruelty of the leftists go? 🤦😢 Comunicador Social: Mercadeo - Periodista - Publicista - Redes Sociales - Pensadora - Evaluadora. Buscando aportar soluciones...
cbunye Cleveland, OH It looks like that’s it for this week, but this game is far from over. I’ll be back. Will you? Besides, we’ve got to find out how this ends. Until next Wednesday. #DealOrNoDeal Web, Graphic, Interactive Media Designer, game player, sports fan, snappy dresser, and defender of peace, truth, and justice.
nebinois @TJSeraphim @mephjeff @pultuskpa @MikeMason830 @AOC Too funny. I definitely have read up about the Green New Deal. You may think that is a “good” thing she has brought about while I do not. Just because I do not agree does not mean I have my head buried in a hole. Far from it. Is that how you disagree with someone?
mrsyperkins10 Has anyone noticed or care that society is becoming more openly perverted? I don't think it is far fetched that we are approaching a time when to acknowledge that you... Mrs. Perkins is emerging as one of the most sought after gospel songwriter in the U.S. She has received numerous awards & recognitions for her songwriting.
hephaestiyum Otherwise? All that's happening is an innocent man is being mercilessly destroyed without any proof or charges and it's -REALLY- staggering how far this is being taken. kwon jiyong, bigbang // @BIGBANGperfs
SJD10304 San Diego Watching the #Celtics thus far tonight, it’s fascinating how inept their offense is right now. Tatum, Hayward, Brown, none of them have any aggression to score the ball. Transition? Laughable. Horford? Nada. Energy & Pace? Nothing. Fee Only RIA, Stats & Chart Lover, rambler, @seeitmarket contributor, Sports Fanatic *my tweets are not investment advice*
UCFKnightsown Endzone @ThomasPrettyman @ucf_problems Reading comprehension is hard for you. Did I say it was on campus? But yall are bragging about something that takes 2 minutes to get to in a car. How far away is the bucs stadium? UCF won the natty. 25 game win streak
DailyDoseOfLG Republic of Serbia I BEEN, I BEEN WORKING ALL NIGHT NOW I NEED TO HEAR YOU CALL MY NAME, WHERE YOU AT? ON THE WAY, HOW FAR? ON THE WAY, PUSSY POP IS ON THE WAY, HOW FAR WE TAKE IT? ALL THE WAY, YEAH, YEAH, YEAH... The biggest Serbian fansite dedicated to singer/songwriter/actress @LadyGaga 👑 buy the A Star Is Born soundtrack: 🎸
colesjourneyy ѕoυl land @SincerelyKahn How is it so far? I’ve been thinking about starting it. ♡ ι ғeed мy ѕoυl wнaт ιт craveѕ daιly... wнιcн ιѕ love ♡ мoммa ♡ wιғe ♡ ѕelғ care ιѕ тнe вeѕт love ♡ нealтн & ғιтneѕѕ nυт ♡ вlogger ♡ loc qυeen ♡
RainDripDrops Detroit, MI This is how far I got on watching Enchanted before the DVD died. I mean, it was scratched all to hell, so it was inevitable, but why now? Why? she/her | |Contact SH Sherlock is canon now.| |💗💜💙 ~ 🐝 pride|
NilouAchtland @MaskedSingerFOX #TheMaskedSinger ok, idk... here's to hoping you are wrong. I forgot I hoped 🦚was NPH... Not to be an ass but idk how monster made it this far... 3rd place is 🐝⁉️wtf⁉️ Ken so stupid🤣I 💖him... Ok, you are right... Now I'm worried about Tina
Naja_Hough columbia, sc on the season 1 finale of this is us and still no answers about the dad’s death so how tragically did he die for all three of these adults to be so horribly messed up from it and suppress it so far? 20 | sc: play4yourheart | UofSC ‘20 🐔 | broadcast journalism major | NABJ | BLM |
samshanmo Hong Kong What I’ve read via theoretical books insist the market economy is the best for eco-development, because ‘the history proved it is true’. But the history is a process and how it proves sth true when the other methodology has not been fully eliminated and successful so far? Try to understand China in the context of the world
patrick_david67 @BardownHockey @Buccigross That’s cool but not sure how you call that a pass? Why not just say this is how far a pick can travel on ice before it stops?
PirateSpitter Pacific Northwest @RichLowry @NBCNews To be fair, it's not really the first step in negotiations, is it? "Tell me where all your weapons are and how many you've got before we start talks". That position ain't gonna get you far. Friend or foe?
JodieNemec Grapevine, TX @DeepStateExpose These are people! It’s like their conscience has been seared!!! Dear God, this is unbelievable, literally like a horror show!!! We need to pray for our Nation. As our Nation continues to spiral downward! How far will it go!? It didn’t stop at first trimester, or full-term...
Hypo_Chan So since I got core for da I have been changing my page and I think I finally settled on a background. Just some pink watercolor thing I made. How does it look so far? Anyone have any suggestions? (I have been doing research on DeviantArt html, but there is a lot I don't know) :) I am a wannabe manga artist. |Commissions open DM me for details.|
BoqoradaMuna abdul aziz gate The more I watch the bachelor the more I notice how dull these folks are. They have no personality, there humor is dry asf, and how many times can someone say I like you, your amazing.. huh??! Besides the looks these girls are boring and it’s a shame some of them made it this far 🇸🇴 #BlackLivesMatter May Allah open the gates of heaven for you Ameen🕊
hausmuva Brooklyn, NY How is she preparing her children for the world that we’re inheriting as far the environment goes? I’ve been looking for good ways to be optimistic and still realistic when talking about it with younger people. “Show me someone not full of herself and I’ll show you a hungry person.” — Nikki Giovanni myles@afropunk.com
RandiSymonee * itty bitty city by the water @LeezyTv_ Omg yaaayy!! Yes it is! I’m happy for you boo. How far along are you? Follow my Hair Page on IG: Hair_ByRandi 💖
JSander05391181 Nashville, TN @dylanmsmitty The problem is it’s not just Trump. The cancer has spread so far how do we remove it all without killing the host? Ten million people insisting the world is flat does not make it flat. If truth was a popularity contest, we would all still be living in caves. (Family man.)
KRwriter Colorado Oma's eyes have that far away look, like she’s in another place or time. “How about a story, Kristi?” Her mind isn’t as sharp as it once was, but she always remembers her stories. “Yes,” I say, not bothering to tell her she’s confused, and my name is Helene. #1linewed #amwriting MG writer. Teen Librarian. Lover of all things creepy and fantastical. #PitchWars mentor '15-'17. Ravenclaw! Member of RMFW. She/Her.
cahulaan ÜT: 48.195723,-122.119899 How Big of a Deal Is It That the U.S. Shut Off the Russia Troll Farm’s Internet Access?: When it comes to cybersecurity, so far, the Trump administration’s bark appears to be worse than its byte. #ImpeachTrump #ImpeachKavanaugh #TheResistance IT Net Security 🌵🌞 The NEWS is the first rough draft of History! 🌊 #ImpeachTrump #TheResistance #MeToo #VoteBlue @TeamPelosi #FBR NO Lists!
arvinder8 Chandigarh,India How is it that one day I see a certain number of my tweets that i have done so far and on another day i find it decreased by 6-10 !! Does it happen often ?? totally confused ! Poet,author,translator,Professor, love hindi, urdu poetry, aspiring fiction writer. Love life.
WestCoastRogue From 'Naki Boy to Westie. NZ Hi @AklTransport can I ask a bus camera question? How far from a corner can you enter a bus lane? I thought it was 50m, but the guy who is often at the cnr of Gt North Rd & Motions Rd is less than 50m from the corner so is there some kind of exception here? If you leave that there, someone's gonna nick it.