I do not understand why

I do not understand why Vox is considered to be far right Its socially conservative soft-Euroskeptic nationalist and critical of immigration Catholic populists basically This is far right How is Vox meaningfully different from the US GOP

roddreher Baton Rouge, La., USA I do not understand why Vox is considered to be "far right." It's socially conservative, soft-Euroskeptic, nationalist, and critical of immigration. Catholic populists, basically. This is "far right"? How is Vox meaningfully different from the US GOP? Conservative journalist @amconmag, Orthodox Christian, Southerner, eclecticist. Author of 'The Benedict Option,' & "arch-reactionary" (The Grauniad)
garrytan San Francisco, CA Every time you hear the phrase “Everybody else is doing it” it should raise a huge red flag. Why would somebody offer such a rationale if there were a good reason available? Tell them to try using it with a reporter or a judge and see how far it gets them. —Warren Buffett Managing Partner, @Initialized. Earliest investor in @coinbase @instacart and 100+ great startups—$36B in market cap so far. Forbes Midas List 2019 #21 🚀
TmarTn Orlando, FL Tesla unveiled it's future full self driving update.. this is incredible. Traffic lights and stop signs? No problem. Crazy to see how far technology has progressed in our lifetime. Internetainerpreneur | @TmarTn & @TmarTn2 | Contact: tmartn.bizdev@gmail.com
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naberrjes Staten Island, NY Lmao. I used your own insult back at you to show you how ridiculous you sound. How is saying I’m a stupid cunt supposed to hurt me and have any meaning whatsoever? It’s so un creative and unfunny. You are so far up your own ass it’s amazing I like fast men. I like fast cars. And I like fast food
stretmediq @NYCEMSwatch This is the result of misplaced priorities. How about spending more on EMS since it is by far the busiest. What do they expect FD to do? Throw pts on top of the fire truck and take them to the hospital that way? Senior paramedic #impeachtrumpnow #countrybeforeparty #proudamerican
Sephiroth144 Beverly Hills Jon, DRAW YOUR FUCKING SWORD! Yes, Dracarys is great, but do you TRUST IT? DRAW YOUR FUCKING SWORD!!! (Wait, how far away was he? Maybe should include charge him...) Actor, Photographer, Writer & Founder of MizuSoft- Smart and a Smart Ass, with a mild case of batshit insanity
Nursing_Heretic Great State of Texas @MurseFanboy Through some awful luck I have had to take, and pass, statistics three times in my life.... so far... over 20 years. Every course was open book for the test... What good is math if you dont know how to apply it? ACNP intensivist, Was CCRN/CEN. 30 yr EMT-P, Personal views. Not a work account. Irreverent. snarky. Not a role model.🤠 🇺🇸Left of Center, still a patriot 🇺🇸
frasiercrane23 Heaven on Earth: AKA Iowa #The100 Unpopular opinion: I love Clarke's season 3 hair. Not the red, but the grounder style with dreads and braids. I don't like that it symbolizes how far removed she is from her people, but the aesthetic? I'm here for it. If you don't understand the correlation between my handle and my name, we can't be friends. Well, we can, it's just not as funny if I have to explain the joke.
ParisaMichelle Los Angeles, CA #gameofthrone spoiler alert: Stop reading!!!! I mean it. But if you got this far, seriously, how many times is Jon gonna get his ass saved by a woman?? He’s my favorite, but man, he can’t possibly be the chosen one? Just tonight, he should have been toast at least twice. Founder. Deal maker by day, celebrity photographer by night. I love God, the Bahai Faith & my ✭@dallascowboys✭ Snap/IG: @ParisaMichelle💙