I can see that same

I can see that same old attitude in most of you hey this isnt MY responsibility Oh but it is Whose country is it Yours Or the fascists This is how they win as Orwell and Arendt pointed out Denial and banality You guys are way too far in the direction of both

umairh london/paris/nyc I can see that same old attitude in most of you, hey this isn’t MY responsibility. Oh but it is. Whose country is it? Yours? Or the fascists? This is how they win, as Orwell and Arendt pointed out. Denial and banality. You guys are way too far in the direction of both Founder, Literary representation by @evewhiteagency. I like disco and the sunlight can kill me, but I repeat myself.
RepAdamSchiff Burbank, CA According to Trump: 30 minutes before attack was launched, he asked about casualties. 150 deaths. Not proportionate. Not authorized by Congress. Deeply escalatory. How is it possible this could have advanced so far WITHOUT Trump knowing the likelihood of so many casualties? Representing California's 28th Congressional District. Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee (@HouseIntel).
LauraMillanL Barcelona - Santiago Copper theft is so common in northern #Chile that the police have created a special force. So far, no one's been caught in the act, so how hard can it be? Give it a try by playing our little game via @BW 🕵️‍♀️🤖🚉 Copper, lithium, strikes, treasures and theft at @business in South America. La meva taula, un تحرير. Views my own, etc.
ivymerz Illinois, USA Smoked a blunt and started thinkin like yooo I'm pretty sure Trump uses his ouija board to summon the spirit of Hitler and asks for guidance on how to run a country. Like is it really that far fetched?
Derek74399105 Nigeria The case dragged too far ..how difficult it is to be organised as an embassy ..how difficult it is to pick your call all the time and respond to people like human being ..how difficult are all these stuff ?? Whatever makes u happy, Hide it, Lock it... Throw away the keys!
DeAndraBb1 Brooklyn, NY @BardOfTheMoon @breakfastclubam & yet, YOU (personally) still have a “creator”. as far as the universe is concerned, you tweet “as one who has authority” - pardon the biblical reference. 1) how do you know it’s eternal? 2) if it is, doesn’t that make it your “God” y’all don’t know nothin bout nothin
stanleyTrentBem why does Mr. trump apparently want children to be treated in an inhumane way? Is it just another effort on his part to see how far he can push the envelope?
NickLoutz Phoenix, AZ It's been a month-- but I legit saw a sloth in a tree, randomly, and it's been sticking with me. Lots of wildlife on that trip; but it's that sloth. Is he still there? How far has he moved? Is he happy? Got a sloth chick two trees down? Idk... Jaguars, crypto, politics, news, etc..-- that's what I thought my TL would be. Really, it's 50% cute fucking animals and I'm not even mad...
fanoonman Phoenix, AZ @Peppi1207 @FOYS75 @MMayerhoff @Piper71445545 @mighty_jar @wurzel260654 @johnfel202 @SoroorMohammad @hossein_hsh_naj @ToTellYouTheTr3 @jilaans @LunaSonataL36 @nangpa01 @dlsmith0817 @Sibrad2 @Rasputinish @ErezNeumark @dagfinnarne @Michael__Baskin @LollllllaJR @Vrouwe @PalestinoSimpre @BarryRosen1 @mariamtayob @fladjah @rashidgill5 @far_azar @mitsusumashi @BobGorovoi @AustenTayshus1 @vic2pal @Igroki @methuengena @JudgeFudge5 @PoliticsBloke @Ian_Flaming @AFreeAngel @mizrahi_b @drshahpk @Gobird51 @Bob12958595 @BDSAnglia @Eli00024263 @RAMPAGEONGOV @Bigfive16 @mrtylerjohansen @s4ad31 @Darkplumm911 @AlbLeonard @asifal19 I'm "focused" on replying to YOUR latest tweet (each one) as directly and logically as possible. When YOU post that interview and add, "Then you refuse to accept facts.", how is it an improper "focus" for me to ask you what facts I "refuse to accept" that this interview proves? Nutritional consultant/formulator, Parfarg analyst, polyrhythmic yodeler, cybercretin; 1996 Olympic Chortling team--Zoomboovia (bronze medalist); more to come!
PamudjiSlamet Jakarta This article investigates how far influencer marketing can go: right into the most intimate moments of people's lives. But is it ethical? Development Director - Indonesia. AccorHotels
capetownmag “How is everyone finding winter so far? It’s a chilly one ay. ❄️” What’s your top trick for staying warm? 🍂☕️ • • 📸/Featuring: @kaysvisuals ________________________ More Mother City discoveries await you: Add #capetownmag to your photos on Instagram. Always giving you that one thing you don't want to miss. Follow us on Instagram for a unique look at the Cape
arkofsnarkII @MikeTay92387214 @ArkEncounter How would you have seen it? Your head is so far up the rear of AiG that you can’t see anything.
how far is it
GabeNStudios Las Vegas, NV @PowerFuck It's crazy how far this has gone. BUT HONESTLY, IT'S TRUE! We shouldn't condone suicide, but the best route toward doing something about it is just simple understanding towards suicidal individuals and LISTENING TO THEM. CAN ANYBODY ACTUALLY DO THAT SHIT ANYMORE? FUCKIN A... Artist/Cartoonist. Creator of Clide & Leo. Also @gynkmusic. I draw sometimes, and give dumb thoughts and opinions other times. What's up, dudes?
Cute_Idiot Woodland Hills, Los Angeles @Goldmario791 Oh, no LOL That's just how it is naturally xD Is it cuz of how it bends far? I love to laugh, smile, and just have fun (: Tododeku is life 🌸 I love Todoroki Shouto ❄🔥 BNHA | Nintendo | KH | Pokemon | Gamer | Baker
BryanCoxDev anyone get Samurai Showdown? How is it so far? I hear the netcode is a little wonky at the moment, anyone having luck with that? hacker man and shame designer working on Blue Omen with @inkuusan my opinions/views are my own. BUSSINESS CONTACT: blueomenx@gmail.com
TheBoldKe Kenya They have needed land for as far as I can remember, all this time it has been promise after promise, who does that to some old people? Is this how Kenya treats its heroes or is this just negligence by those on power? #MauMauLandDream I feel the need to speak out as a Kenyan /There is much more to being a patriot and a citizen than reciting the pledge or raising a flag/i'm a nationalist.
GaySavagery Cambridge, England Haha, love how you said 'so far'. Sounds like those thick twinks won't be doing it for you much longer. If you sa… — Bitch 👀😭 who is you???? it’s okay to be nice but it’s also okay to be shady. 🏳️‍🌈| 6ft2 | Ⓥ | 🔺| Windmills in The Grey Sky - Coming Soon - 2019
caslovespayno Y’all in just a couple days my “Dark Phoenix” is gonna change to “Far From Home” & it stays up until the next Marvel movie comes out & I see it so who knows how long it will stay up like 2 years???? im just happy to be here....
yunzeongs N-D. @tunghyeon Is what's up lame for you? But how's your day is still the lame out of lame though. LMAO. Answering it with a basic answer as well, eh? Produce going well so far, my friends and me are currently preparing for the concept evaluation though! [ RP. ] Have you ever seen a living meme that can turn out fierce when he's on stage?
shadow7591 A computer network How is Judgment so far? 10/10? — Too early to say but it's a lot of fun! El Salvador guy who loves to make videos really lol. Writer/Artist/Editor/ Voice Actor🎙️/Content Creator/ Animator. Business Email: S759animations@outlook.com
Onlyesskay @ajitbhinder @TarekFatah Whether the dead have to wait till the day of Judgement (Qayamat) for getting their quota of 72 Virgins, is a question which no body has answered so far. If that were so, wouldn't it mean that so far Allah has been relaxed on that front because no one knows how far is Qayamat?
_niyyyaaa1 somewhere listening to ATCQ @brinkIeyjoel Bruhhhh I forgot you are hours away LOLLLLLLL I’m sorry🤦🏾‍♀️😂 how far is it to fly? E'niya|CHS2019|MSU’23|music is the greatest|hip-hop is my favorite|jedi|ali|phifey|tip|janet|just know that @qtiptheabstract and @janetjackson are my ❤️|
simrob72 Melbourne How far is the big gorilla reaching here?🤦 How do you prove the rate wouldn't be SIX times without Folau's comments, dickhead? You can't. Stated without evidence, dismissed without any either. Correlation = causation is for simpletons. Probably why the pirate loves it so. Temporarily a musician and practising The Yarts, but I promise I'm not going lefty. Its time to Get Australia Back Again #LeftismIsCancer #GABA 🇦🇺
fanoonman Phoenix, AZ @Peppi1207 @FOYS75 @MMayerhoff @Piper71445545 @mighty_jar @wurzel260654 @johnfel202 @SoroorMohammad @hossein_hsh_naj @ToTellYouTheTr3 @jilaans @LunaSonataL36 @nangpa01 @dlsmith0817 @Sibrad2 @Rasputinish @ErezNeumark @dagfinnarne @Michael__Baskin @LollllllaJR @Vrouwe @PalestinoSimpre @BarryRosen1 @mariamtayob @fladjah @rashidgill5 @far_azar @mitsusumashi @BobGorovoi @AustenTayshus1 @vic2pal @Igroki @methuengena @JudgeFudge5 @PoliticsBloke @Ian_Flaming @AFreeAngel @mizrahi_b @drshahpk @Gobird51 @Bob12958595 @BDSAnglia @Eli00024263 @RAMPAGEONGOV @Bigfive16 @mrtylerjohansen @s4ad31 @Darkplumm911 @AlbLeonard @asifal19 What profound circular reasoning: Start with a specious premise, then when someone shows how illogical it is, claim that others really DO fall for it because they're brainwashed. How brainwashed would someone have to be to give up freedom for prison in order to get prison perks? Nutritional consultant/formulator, Parfarg analyst, polyrhythmic yodeler, cybercretin; 1996 Olympic Chortling team--Zoomboovia (bronze medalist); more to come!