How many seasons far

How many seasons far

@jadeappeal How many seasons is it so far?

nickkib23 Where I'm Destine to Be
By far @TheFourOnFOX is the BEST music show on tv. I just love how the judges don’t play!!! It ain’t about style it’s about talent baby!!!

mjgon64 Westfield, MA
@GOP It doesn't, you out of touch ruling class sycophants. @DWStweets is a raging corporate loon but these words wh…

@Evan_McMullin It’s far worse with how Hannity is talking about it now.

@SpamuelJohnson I vibe with all of them but as far as music that can literally make me cry i wouldn’t think of any…

mariah_diaz7 Dallas, TX
@nyxjai How many season is it now 🙁 i just finished all the ones on Netflix how far am I behind

@JohnJHarwood Agreed. Oh how far he’s fallen. It’s what is required of him by his employer @FoxNews @rupertmurdoch

frank_wolfe3 Tulsa, OK
@concussionblog Proposing by a few is one thing. Passing it into law is another. Heck, Arkansas tried to rid itse…

concannock Virginia, USA
@jinsouleater like it is in fact not far off the mark but how did they know

Aye_Its_Leah23 United States
Honestly, Namjoon inspires me so much along with the rest of @BTS_twt Namjoon never fails to thank ARMY for how fa…

krisbear16 Washington
You guys, I’m crying, I think about how talented Johnny is and how far he’s come and it makes me so happy and proud of him 😭

joweluh Quod Erat Demonstrandum
Though my branch runs dry I reach for you with all my strength. No matter how far I reach for you it is just an empty dream~

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